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10 Best Holiday & Christmas Cookie Recipes You Must Try

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Let this Christmas be full of utterly buttery delicious cookies flooded with butter or chocolates. Put your upcoming holiday celebrations in 5th gear by trying these Christmas cookie recipes at your home. This time, the food lovers and the expert chefs put their best cooking recipes on the table for spreading their recipes in every house.

dark chocolate cookies - holiday cookie recipes

Now, for your convenience & better serving, Ezyshine has collected such wide range of classic cookie recipes on a single platform so that you need not rush here and there. Simply choose from here, the taste you would like to bake for your relatives and guests.

Hello my friends! It’s the seasonal time for Christmas holidays and New Year celebrations where, we get a chance to spend time with our besties on a great panel. We all gather altogether to welcome Santa by decorating our homes & Christmas tree with lightning or strings all around. One such common thing practiced during this time is baking cookies. It has been in tradition for many people from past.

christmas cookie recipes - holiday cookies

The festive eve is said to be incomplete until you have big bites of freshly baked cookies from oven. The belly cookies, the starry-eyed cookies with the crunchy & salty taste, the melted snowman cookies, the peppermint flavour cookies in cup shapes, coconut snowballs, or the cookies dipped in hot chocolate, or many more! All such Christmas cookie recipes are the way to the world of taste.

dark chocolate cookies - holiday cookie recipes

Now, is it necessary to order them online or bring them home from some shop? Can’t you make it by yourself at home? Yes, You Can!!

They are easy to make at home, only keep in mind the process as to how they are made.

I bet that these sweet and tasty cookie recipes will make you fall in love with these holidays.

Happy Baking!

white chocolate oatmeal cookies - chritmas & holiday cookies

1. Lemon Curd Macrons

These are the perfect cookies to start the holidays & Christmas parties. The spread of curd and lemon give it unique taste & texture. The richness of almonds and the pink peppercorns serve as a royal treatment. Garnish these macarons with some rose petals or pomegranate. You can even go for lemon zest. From the day I had it in wedding function, I become fan of this delicious Christmas cookie & was searching for the recipe. Finally tried this recipe and the result was beyond expectations.

Get the recipe here

lemon curd macrons - christmas cookies

2. Santa Belly Cookies

As the Christmas party is incomplete without Santa Claus, there is a way to celebrate with Santa on your dining table. Welcome Santa in your Christmas party in the form of Santa belly cookies. They edible cute Christmas cookies will make you fall in love with them again and again. Not only the kids will jump on these cute cookies but your other guests will also not be able to stop themselves from eating them.

Get the recipe here

santa belly cookies - christmas cookie recipes

3. Hot Chocolate Cookies

A chocolate blast for chocolate lovers. The chocolate itself acts as the best dessert for any party or celebration. But adding marshmallows to these rich hot chocolate cookies give it a new twist. Soft chocolaty Christmas cookies are the best to complete your Christmas or holidays. It won’t take much time of yours. Dip your fingers in the hot chocolate & get lost in its richness.

Get the recipe here

hot chocolate cookies - best holiday & christmas cookie recipes

4. Gingerbread Men

Flavors of cinnamon and ginger make this Christmas cookie tempting. Mix the spices in the flour and make the soft dough. Spread it thin so that they turn out crispy & crunchy. Cut the cute shapes out of dough, bake them & decorate with hot chocolate & colored sugar balls. These holiday & Christmas cookies will set the theme of your party.

Get the recipe here

gingerbread men - christmas cookies

5. Mini Peppermint-Meringue Cups With Ganache

If you love peppermint flavor, then these beautiful cookies will make your day. These are one of my favorite cookies that I usually prefer during festivals. Super cute cups filled with chocolate ganache can make anyone slip on its looks and taste. You can even make the edible red color lines on these cookies to make them more presentable.

Get the recipe here

mini peppermint - christmas cookies

6. No-Bake Christmas Wreath Cookies

It could be one of the favourite items that your kids might love to eat. Even when they grow up, they would surely ask for the no-bake Christmas wreath cookies all the time. The whole grains are the real thing that boosts up the taste of cookies and makes your Christmas more crispy and sweet. We have a link below that provides the Christmas cookie recipes you can opt to bake at your home.

Get the recipe here

no bake wreths - christmas cookies

7. Lollipop Cookies

No mess less time – If you don’t have much time & don’t want to lots of efforts, then go for these Christmas & holiday cookies. Cut out the amazing shapes & make the thumbprint on them. Colourful jelly or lollipops are filled in these cookies. These cookies make great party favors.

Get the recipe here

lolipop cookies - holiday cookies

8. Cherry-Coconut Snowballs

The flavour is one thing that everyone is searching for! And this is the reason these cookies come up with your favourite ingredients added in it, so that you can make up your taste. Here is again something delicious that will excite your tongue with the taste of cherry and coconut coating along with butter & peanuts too.

Get ready for the self-defining Christmas cookie recipes here that are easy for make. These snowballs will surely make you feel like you have come to Antarctica region with breezy weather all around!

Get the recipe here

cherry coconut snowball - christmas cookies

9. Red Velvet Cream Cheese Thumbprint Cookies

Before I open up the delicious recipe behind these cookies, I am not sure how much you can consume at a time. Yes, it’s because of the fingerlicious taste that red velvet cream cheese had! These little thumbprints like images are enough to make your mouth watery.

Believe me guys! The Christmas eve celebration at your home is going to be doubled with these Christmas cookie recipes.

Get the recipe here

10. Cream Cheese Cookie Recipe

This Christmas cookie recipe is all about cream cheese and butter. The delicate delicious cookies are fun to eat and share all the time within your close ones. They would appreciate your sincere efforts on the occasion of this divine festival & bless you with lots of happiness in the upcoming New Year. May Santa give you buckets full of sweets & chocolates this Christmas!

Get the recipe here

cream cheese cookies - holiday & christmas cookie recipes

Merry Christmas & a Very Happy New Year..!!!

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