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10 Popping DIY Home Decoration Ideas for New Year Party – Ezyshine

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Planning a New Year party at your villa? Get the perfect party bash on the street and let your home be the center of attraction! Let’s sparkle this New Year 2017 & enlighten your house like never before! Allow us to be the brain behind your home decoration and simply watch the Year 2016 ending from your naked eyes! After all, it’s about decoration and planning that you do to treat the best for your friends and close ones. Rest, we will get it done for you, no worries about it!


A writer has wisely said that “Youth is when you are allowed to stay up late on New Year Eve. Middle age is when you are forced to!” I would rather say that New Year party means the time when you START living, the time when you STOP worrying, the time when you STOP hating!


Sometimes, it feels like there are so many things happening on our mother Earth like floods, earthquakes, and reality checks, etc., that we can’t control. But important is to remember the things that we can! We can have hope, forgive, another chance, and start all over again with love. It is the real hope that we all can do with New Year!


Spend a few moments with Ezyshine here & get the most exciting and eye-popping DIY home decoration ideas for New Year party! (Read: 10 Bonzer Non-Alcoholic Holidays & Christmas Party Drinks – Ezyshine)

Make your day memorable with traditional outfits and decoration along with foods and beverages. Take at least one New Year resolution at last for the betterment of your well-being & enjoy the holiday festive eve till the sunrise!


1. Decoration With Candle

Enlighten your home with the sheen candles and make your new year party more aesthetic and winsome. These easy DIY home decoration ideas for new year party will rock your eve. You can transform the candles in lovely ways. Just wrap them in glitter and adorn the empty areas of your home. If you are not willing to revamp the candles, make the artistic candle holders and place candles inside them. (Read: Lighten your Home with these Decorative Candles)

Not only for new year party, these can be used to illume any house party or wedding decoration.



2. Balloon Decoration

Burst your new year party decoration with floating balloons. Yes, Friends, every party is incomplete without balloons especially New year and birthday parties. Blowout some balloons and attach the colorful frills. Stick them to the walls and enjoy the vibrant backdrop. You can even pair the balloons with other decorative ornaments like flowers, frills, and ribbons.

If you have the plain balloons, paint them with pretty colors or spray liquid glitters on them. Clutching all the balloons together on the wall in an artistic manner can break your party.




3. Creative New Year Party Hats

Aww.. This one is most interesting new year party decoration idea that you must try. Remember the hats we used to wear on our birthdays? Pretty colorful hats with a pom-pom on top spread so much fun and bring out the inner kid out of us. Now it’s the time to twist the fun of your childhood. Show your creativity and add punches to the new year party hats. Throw some glitter and splashes of colors on the hats & make them wow. (Read: 5 Smart DIY crafts to Reuse Gift Wrapping Paper | Ezyshine)

Girls can try cute DIY headbands with popping party words on them. Small cute hats on top of the headbands can also make you go crazy in your night parties.





4. New Year Fun Balls

Hanging shiny balls can lift the New year party decoration of your home. If you have useless balls at your home, then its the high time to spruce them for the new year party decoration. These DIY home decoration ideas will not pinch your pockets too.

Break the cd into pieces and then stick them on the balls. You can make use of large football or basketballs to bedeck your home. Embellish them with various decorative items and hang them where you wish to. Laces, frills, gift wrapping papers and glitters can make your work easy.





5. Festive Drink Stirrers

Festive drink stirrers are the interesting ways to dress your party drinks. Being a host, one needs to arrange the best cookies and drinks, but just placing them nude on the table can make your party outstanding? I think “No”.

This is an innovative DIY home decoration idea that can add stars to your dinner and buffet table. Tie small balloon matching to your party theme to the stirrer or stick small pom-poms on top of the stirrer. Go for stacking some berries or cherries on the stirrer or some flowing funny tags. All looks so fabulous that no one will be able to stop themselves from tasting the drinks.





6. Decorative Garlands

Who don’t like the rattling garlands hanging everywhere in the home. It is considered one of the important decorative item that is used in any party decoration. Its not necessory to have real flower garlands, you can have your own handmade garlands to decorate your home sweet home.

Have a look at the pictures below and start creating. A bunch of colorful papers and dips of colors are enough to create a miracle for your new year party. It won’t need more efforts, just cut out some shapes and hang them together to form a garland.




7. Shimmering Bottles

New Year party without champagne – looks bare, Right? Then why not turn them into classy piece of art. Take out some time of yours and throw your creativity on the dull boring champagne bottles. Use the leftover dry glitters, apply the glue on the bottle and roll the bottle in the glitter. You’ll get the fine glitter decorated bottle ready for your new year party. (Read: 5 Smart DIY crafts to Reuse Gift Wrapping Paper | Ezyshine)

If you don’t have glitter, no need to worry, tie the decorative laces or ribbons around the bottle and affix some handmade paper tags or other chic stuff.




8. Confetti

Blend your ideas and pour it out on the confetti table. Make it look elegant or vibrant, matching to your theme party. You can make use of small table that can be set near your bang on wall or convert the top of fireplace mental into a discerning art. (Read: 5 Creative Recycling Ideas for Home Decoration – Ezyshine)

Set a lovely piece of table cloth on the table and arrange the stuff you have, on it. Glam it with the balloons, eye soothing candles, and some spangle crafts.





9. Popping Props

Add more fun and giggles to the new year party with these witty party props. Think of the moments you want to enjoy with your buddies and craft them. Create different props like hats, kiss me, lips, mustaches, beer glass, champagne bottles, eyewears, bows, geometric shapes with flirting texts, photo shoot frames and many other.

Try to maintain the color theme of your party and decorate these props beautifully.


10. Wall Decoration Ornaments

A wall shouting “HAPPY NEW YEAR” is the most scenic decoration of the party. The text is enfold with lovely decorative ornaments like garlands, paper flowers, glittery shapes, a large shining board with the highlighted upcoming year and other art pieces. (Read: Wall Decoration | Decorate the Walls with Classy Wall Stickers)

Don’t overcrowd the wall with decorative items, otherwise it can spoil your whole new year party decoration. Keep in mind the color combos, and the balance of space between different items. (Read: 5 Uttermost Mirror Wall Art Stickers for Wall Decoration


new-year-party-decoration-ideas-backdrop-ideas new-year-party-wall-decoration-diy-ideas-ezyshine

May the upcoming year may ache your cheeks with smile.

Happy New Year!!

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