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10 Easy Indian Sweets Recipe for Diwali – Diwali Special Desserts

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I am kinda addicted to such special Indian sweets recipe that is joyfully distributed over major Indian festivals. Does your mouth start watering when you see Motichoor Laddoo or coconut Barfi? Take a look at Eyeshine’s curious collection of diverse Indian sweets recipe and I bet that cooking can’t get easier than this!


Summers are almost over and the coming winter season is all set to accompany you with some fingerlicious Indian sweets recipe on the occasion of Diwali! You all know that sweets (Mithai) and desserts are the lifelines of every Indian festival especially Diwali, Holi, Eid & Rakhi! Out of all these, Diwali (the festival of lights) is chosen because it is one of the most popular Indian festivals & is celebrated with great zeal across the globe!


Apart from home cleaning, lighting & firecrackers, the best part of Diwali celebration is the culture of preparing homemade Indian sweets recipe for guests and offerings.

In the recent history, we have covered some quick topics like home cleaning tips for Diwali, but this is the time for something sweet! Lolz..! There are a lot of Indian sweets recipe that can be prepared at home, rather than borrowing it from the market. You could test your expertise in making Gulab Jamun, Kalakand, Coconut Burfi, Gujiya, Boondi Ladoo, Paan Pista, etc and the list goes endless.


So, choose what you prefer from the list down below and come up with some out of the world Indian sweets recipe on the table!

1. Stuffed Coconut Laddoo

Coconut ladoos are the spanking traditional Indian dessert that is offered during the festivals and celebrations. But this Indian sweets recipe is the twist to the traditional coconut ladoos. These ladoos are stuffed with the pistachios and immersed in the rose flavor and color.

These stuffed ladoos looks so appetizing with their rose pink color and the flavorful pistachios. How can I forget the crunchiness and velvety touch of these coconut ladoos? The coconut crush gives these ladoos amazing texture.

Recipe Here


2. Gulab Jamun

When I surf the Google for “Indian Sweets Recipes”, most of the time, I stop at Gulab Jamun. And my mother is always like – “Can’t you try any other dessert?” LOL

I’m a die-hard fan of this Indian Dessert. Gulab Jamuns are the berry size balls or you can say Indian version of doughnut (donut) that is fried and then dipped in the rose flavored sugar syrup. These are the softballs made up of khoya and cottage cheese with some more added ingredients.

Trust me, these gulab jamuns are the perfect dessert to celebrate the festivals or any other occasions.

Recipe Here


3. Chocolate Barfi with Mawa

This Indian sweets recipe is the jackpot for chocolate lovers. As the name itself says, it is the bar loaded with rich chocolate. So, who want to dip their hand in the melted chocolate this Diwali and enjoy its richness?

It is the easiest Indian dessert that can be made in just 20 min. You can even pack it with nuts and almonds to make it healthy and crunchy.

It doesn’t need many ingredients. All you need is crumbled mawa, cocoa powder or melted chocolate and some flavors.

Recipe Here


4. Motichoor Ladoo

Knocking your head for some easy Indian sweets recipes? Try out this mouth melting indian dessert that can be made with all the available ingredients at your home. You don’t need to rush in the market for this sweet treat.

Motichoor ladoos are the small droplets of gram flour batter which are fried, then dunked in the sugar syrup till they become loaded with sweetness. These fried tiny balls are known as boondi. These balls are brought together to form large lemon sized ladoos and garnished with almond flakes and melon seeds.

Recipe Here


5. Malai Peda

When we hear of “Pedas” it gives us a thought of “Mathura ke pede”. No one can beat the taste of it. But these malai pede are equally soft and mouth melting. These are made of full-fat milk, saffron, sugar and crunchy dry fruits.

This Indian sweets recipe is easy to make and can be made only with the blend of few ingredients. The grainy texture of the peda & pillow effect makes it blockbuster among kiddos and adults.

Recipe Here


6. Chocolate Coconut Cream Truffles

The blend of coconut extract and flavors is what this chocolate coconut cream truffles all about. Luscious coconut cream and butter make these coconut balls super soft. If you don’t like plain coconut balls, mix white chocolate and some flavors in it.

Dip these coconut balls in the melted chocolate and freeze them. Soft, textured, chocolatey balls are ready to pamper your guests and kids in this festive season. You can keep these truffles in the fridge for many days.

Recipe Here


7. Chum Chum

Chum Chum is basically a Bengali sweet made up of chenna. It is an oval shape Indian dessert soaked in sugar syrup and stuffed with the mawa, coconut extract, and pistachios. To make it more delicious and palate, one can add lemon zest, orange zest, food color or saffron strands.

After they are stuffed and submerged with sweetness and richness, rolled over the coconut strands in the plate for its fluffy texture. And, here they are- Ready to definitely rock your festive season.

Recipe Here


8. Kalakand

Kalakand is a traditional Indian Sweet full of goodness and mellowness. It is most popular in the Alwar (Rajasthan). Talking about its richness, it is fully a fusion of milk and paneer with the inviting essence and dry fruits. Its grainy texture makes it more lip smacking. If you have some paneer in your fridge, try to turn it up into a mouth-watering treat for Diwali.

Recipe Here


9. Pista Paan

Are you fond of paan flavor? Then Why don’t you try this dainty Indian Sweets Recipe? Pistachio paan is a toothsome dessert shaped like a cone made up of pistachios and filled with the sweet gulkand flavor dry fruits. It looks so tempting like an  ice cream top up with nutty choco chips and wafers.

I was looking for some new Indian desserts for Diwali and found this easy recipe. It gave color and a new look to my dessert plate. You must try this Diwali special treat and spread sweetness all around.

Recipe Here


10. Beetroot and Coconut Burfi

Did you try this appetizing and eye pleasing red color beetroot coconut burfi? If not, then you must go for it this Diwali. A yummy sweet Indian dessert that can surely take the heart. This beetroot coconut burfi recipe is easy to make. Its same like making “gajar ka halwa” but doesn’t need that much time. Grated beetroot and crushed coconut with some milk and sugar make it finger licking.

Recipe Here


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