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10 Fashionable Indian Sarees for Enthralling Office Look – Ezyshine

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If you haven’t yet worn saree at your workplace, you are missing the glam. It’s time to come out of monotonous western look to every day of office and reinvent your style statement with ravishing Indian sarees. Being the oldest and perhaps the only existing weave from past, saree has always been the ultimate fave of every woman regardless of their age, body shape and size. The long nine-yard weave is the best traditional outfit to show flawless features and curvaceous body of women. (Read: 4 Easy Makeup tips for Working Women | Beauty Tips & Tricks)

indian sarees - ezyshine

Moreover, apart from being the most elegant and sophisticated women wear, saree also talks about wearer’s bold and captivating appeal. Keeping the fact in mind that nowadays women are the crazy workaholic and fashion lovers, they are not in the place to compromise with their sassy style and fashion statement at any point of time. 

Be it home or office, they love to stay fashionable and trendy without making a hole in their valuable pockets. So, saree falls in the picture to make the contemporary women’s wish come true. Be it cotton or light weighted chiffon sarees; shop them all to refresh your wardrobe and office look instantly. Hurry up!!!

indian sarees for office look

Check out 10 beautiful types of Indian sarees to revamp your office look and make heads turn around.

1. Alluring Cotton Sarees

It’s time to flaunt your classic ethnic avatar to workplace!!!

There is no other fabric that can match the crisp and fuller appeal of cotton. Known to be the best formal wear and exceptionally feminine, cotton sarees are the ideal pick to make an everlasting impression on onlookers and become the fashion icon of your workplace. Also, these exquisite Indian sarees are extremely affordable and easy to manage. Make sure that you pick the most charming and eye-pleasing shades to get the desired appeal. Pair these ethnic drapes with light jewelry and accessories to look more stunning.
Alluring Cotton Sarees

2. Khadi for Raw Appeal

Let’s revive the best silhouette of Indian culture.

Khadi is vividly known for its phenomenal raw and rustic appeal. The ethereal Indian handloom sarees can do wonders to your overall personality and bring you into the spotlight of any occasion. Make sure that you keep the ethnicity of these gorgeous Indian sarees alive by pairing it with right kind of jewelry and fashion accessories. Also, khadi sarees can be worn for any occasion, be it an important meeting or casual office day. Get ready to make a statement with stunning khadi sarees at your office and grab eyeballs.

Khadi for Raw Appeal - office look indian sarees

3. Classy Linen Sarees

If you are planning to skip linen for your office wardrobe, you are making a big mistake.

Being highly comfortable and great absorbent, the linen fabric is the best pick to bring the best out of your gorgeous personality. The fabric was not that popular earlier but thanks to some great fashion designers who discovered this beautiful Indian fabric in ethnic clothing and made it one of the most favored choices of fashion loving women. Linen staples are more refreshing than cotton sarees due to their highly soft and cool property. It’s time to buy these magical sarees to strut like a diva. (Read: Top Fashion Trends for Festive Season – Ethnic Wear)

Classy Linen Sarees - indian sarees - ezyshine

4. Chiffon for Style

Women who love being fashionable and stylish without negotiating with their valuable comfort should fall for dazzling chiffon sarees. Being extremely light in weight and soft fabric, chiffon sarees are most popular among young women to stay pristine with their comfort and sassy style. These sarees can be worn at any point of time without any hassle or difficulty as they are very easy to manage and carry. Reinvent your beautiful ethnic wardrobe with stunning chiffon sarees and get ready to flare your office dressing instantly. It’s time to shine!!!

Chiffon for Style - indian sarees

5. Stunning Silk Sarees

You must be thinking that what silk is doing in office fashion??? Well, you have some myths about this finest Indian fabric. We all are well aware of the fact that silk is the most royal and rich material Of Indian culture and is mostly worn during wedding celebrations and other festivities. Apart from being glistening and Royal, silk also provides matchless glamor and class which can bring any woman into the limelight of the event. Try Baluchari silk or Chanderi silk sarees for office dress up and bring people to their knees to address your incredible fashion sense. Bundle up, gorgeous!!!

Stunning Silk Sarees

6. Georgette for Glamour

Glam up your look with ravishing georgette in a snap!!!

Georgette is absolutely the best fabric to match the style statement and fashion spree of contemporary women. The material is best known for its easy manageability and dull finish crafted from intricately twisted yarns. Why you should choose georgette saree for your office dressing??? Because you don’t want to wear something distressing just to look beautiful and fashionable. These Indian sarees are extremely skin friendly and can be worn for any season or occasion depending on your personal mood and taste. Let’s shop them & unfold the ethnic fashion fad in the best possible way!!! (Read: 4 Seasonal Indian Ethnic Wear for Women – Ezyshine)

Georgette for Glamour - indian sarees for office

7. Printed Tussar Sarees

The tussar printed sarees are the perfect choice for working women to flaunt their bold and forever endearing appeal. The best features about these exquisite traditional sarees are the beautiful blend of raw hues and simple enchanting designs. It goes perfectly with the office vibes and professional environment. If you want to make the most of your office dressing style, slip into luxurious tussar printed sarees and get ready to walk with sass. Available in the variety of shades and captivating prints, these sarees can make you the fashion icon of your office clan. Plus, the fabric is extremely comfortable and pleasing to the skin.

Printed Tussar Sarees

8. Soft Tissue Sarees

It’s time to magnify your glamor and charm with scintillating tissue sarees. These sarees should definitely be a part of your office closet to bring the best out of your Indian style and make you the fashion icon of your clan. The best known of their durability and lustrous appeal, you can pick these traditional wears for office parties and other cultural events. Pair them with light traditional jewelry to get all eyes rolling and ceasing on you. You go, stunner!!! (Read: 5 Secret Fashion Tips for Women to Look More Fashionable)

Soft Tissue Sarees - indian sarees for office

9. Ravishing Crepe Silk

If you want to look beautifully royal and glowing, buy lavish crepe silk sarees to make your wish come true. The fabric is known to be one of the most comfortable and lightweight forms of silk. Being stuffed with hectic work schedule and other responsibilities, women are just not in a position to carry more load or weight on their elegant bodies. Get ready to stay stunning and refreshing with these traditional Indian sarees and give your best shot at your workplace.

Be it crepe silk or cotton sarees, you just not miss an opportunity to look like million dollars during office hours. Gear up!!!

Ravishing Crepe Silk - must have indian sarees

10. Bengali Sarees

Who is not in terms with these gorgeous Indian staples???

Bengali sarees are simply the best to call it vogue at any occasion or point of time. Being extremely crisp in texture and striking in appeal, these ravishing regional drapes can make you the most desired diva of your office and you can easily bag the title of sassiest fashionista of the town. Be it tantbaluchari or bomkai, pick any of the beautiful Bengali sarees and flaunt your breathtaking ‘desi’ appeal in a jiff. They are definitely one of the best choices for the magnificent office look.

Bengali Sarees - indian sarees

Fashion experts always stay in their shoes irrespective of the place. Get ready to spruce up your office dressing with enchanting Indian sarees. 

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