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10 Major Health Hazards of Sitting For Long Hours in Office

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Are you feeling tensed during work hours? Or some bug is bothering you while you are stuck your computer desk?

Don’t worry my Friends! Just start walking around! It will seriously help you to reduce the tension & will calm you down. Follow the healthy lifestyle tips below & overcome the real-life health challenges as never before!

sitting habits - health care tips and tricks

The health care tips & tricks provided here are dedicated to guide you through a better living. We at Ezyshine is going to provide you the key points to keep yourself healthy and fit even at your workplace. Now you will be able to take care of yourself than ever before. Apart from these health care tips & tricks, you should equally focus on important or the right selections of ingredients where, proper cooking techniques are also being take care.

Make these tips your New Year resolution to think differently and start taking care of yourself too. Plus, make sure that you are not bluffing your inner self by making fake resolutions and promises to yourself. Moreover, you have to execute the plan for the sake of your better living standards!

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Pump this healthy lifestyle patterns in your blood & go for it!

Health Care Tips for Office Going People

It has become the major concern for a person who has a routine office job. They have to undergo many health hazards of sitting for long hours in office & hence, it acts as a silent killer in the long run! According to a survey, approx 45% guys who are office based are facing fat & hypertension problems. Here are some helpful health care tips & tricks to keep you fit and healthy.

  • If your office job is purely to sit in front of the computer the whole day, then you need to think it in a different way. Plan your office schedule and distribute your work in various postures. You can decide to walk when you are on the call. On the other hand, you can remain standing while you interact or discuss things with your colleagues

  • Giving a timely movement to your back and your legs keeps the oxygen supply & blood circulation proper. Stretch your hands or legs at times & pamper your muscles with relaxation. I know it might feel odd, but you have to do it, my friends! After all, it’s your health, right?

  • Do not sit a single position for a long time or else, you will have to face health challenges in a long run like back pain, neck pain, numbness, etc! At least, keep calm and chillax for few seconds on your adjustable chair itself (If you have one).

  • Do not keep your legs crossed for a longer time, it might give you a severe backache or knee pain. In fact, involve yourself in some hip exercise early morning which is a power booster for your back.

  • You have to spend some minutes in natural light. This will give you new ideas with the fresh mood to start your work all over again. An expert always includes this in their every health care tips & tricks.

  • Keep your morning breakfast diet balanced & light foodie. Avoid doing breakfast on your work table in the office.

sitting for long hours - health tips and tricks

Keep your Mind Healthy

According to a survey, approx 15-25 minutes of concentration on the daily basis can reduce the level of mental illness by 50%.

Check out these health care tips for a healthy mind!

  1. Increase your social activities and participation in recreational activities. This will improve your mental support system.

  2. My friends, you are the one who is responsible for your happiness. Say no to what you feel like doing & keep yourself happy & cheerful. To construct a better future, plan and execute is the key to success.

  3. Take out time to go out somewhere at times, this will keep you refreshing and charged.

  4. If you notice regular changes in your behaviour, then it would be suggestible to meet some talk or behavioural therapy as a substitute. I am sure that you will find the changes.

  5. Take part in activities that utilize brain power. This way you would know your capability & hence, you can work on to build your future in a better way.

  6. Start and end your day with the balanced positive thoughts in mind. I am sure this will help your out in achieving a healthy mind.

    sitting affects the health for long - healthy living

Focus on Nutrients Intake in your daily Diet

Eventually, we involve ourselves in unhealthy diet intake due to less time or busy schedule or simply by the slip of the tongue! But in between all this, our basic need of nutrients suffers a lot. This is what we can do about it.

  1. I have seen my friends who have regular & healthy breakfast habit, has a good health balance in their day to day life. Even you are in a hurry for office, make sure you had your breakfast before leaving. Yes! I am serious, you must do that.

  2. You need to detox your body at every now and then by reducing the quantity of sugar or salt in your diet. In fact, do not go for spicy food items in your dinner.

  3. Look for food substitutes which are filed with soluble fibres, good calories, vitamins, minerals, & antioxidants. This process will reform your health to a higher level.

  4. Keep yourself away from drinking alcohol or smoking. I know, it always seems like a lecture to youngsters but the fact is fact. A health expert always says that “the youngsters who smoke, gives the dangerous inherited gift of Cancer to his coming children”.

  5. Drink more and water. Know the Importance of Water from the article that we have shared previously.

  6. Avoid consuming Caffeine or caffeine based products regularly. Moreover, they could be replaced Tulsi Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea or any other such healthy tea.

    exercise tips in office - Healthy living

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