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10 Refreshing Fashion Jewelry For Women You Need In 2018- Ezyshine

February 5, 2018 10:04 pm Published by 2 Comments
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If anything you need in 2018 in terms of fashion, jewelry bags the first spot. A fancy piece of trinket can do wonders to the personality of any wearer and is the ideal thing to come into the limelight of any event. But this time, instead of opting for regular jewels and accessories, go beyond the bars and make a statement with some exclusive fashion jewelry pieces.

Architectural jewelry for women

Women and fashion travel hand-in-hand. No one can break this bond ever and get women out of fashion is simply impossible. Get ready to snowball your style statement in 2018 by getting in touch with 10 refreshing and stunning types of fashion jewelry and make heads turn around. (Read:  5 Best Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe )

Make sure to wear these pretty little things with matching outfit and other essentials to achieve the desired appeal and call it vogue. Whether you are going to party, office, shopping, date or any casual place, these eye-catching fashion jewelry for women will never let you down and are must-have for every gala.

oxidised jewelry - ezyshine

To ease up your hassle, stick to online shopping to find easy availability and versatile range of these trending women accessories.

Let’s first discover these beauty enhancers.

ezyshine fashion jewelry for woman

1. Tassel Earrings

We are already well familiar with the never-ending allure of these, but 2018 has got a lot more to unwind in this segment. Tassel earrings are beautiful, trendy and forever going.

Be it a formal event or semi-formal party or a special occasion, a pair of this fashion jewelry is all you need to bring the best out of your gorgeous personality and grab eyeball. These women earrings go with every kind of attire and hairdo, making it the most preferred choice of fashion experts.

Start jewelry shopping in India with these pleasing fancies and get ready to strut like a diva. (Read:  10 best online shopping stores..)

Tassel Earrings - fashion jewellery for women

2. Oxidised Anklets

Nothing can match the enthralling capacity and enduring charm of oxidized jewelry. But this time, what you need is a sassy pair of oxidized anklets to exhibit your fabulous style statement and fashion sense. The raw and rustic appeal of oxidized fashion jewelry is simply matchless and forever unbeatable.

Pairing these with trendy cropped jeans or flared pants would be the best thing a woman can do to flare her overall personality and fashion sense.

Oxidised Anklets for women

3. Choker Bands

2018 is all about going one step ahead while keeping the best of 2017 in the hood. Everyone knows about the ever-increasing trend and popularity of choker bands in the past year. So, missing them would not be a great choice in any way.

Get hold of dainty metallic choker bands and neck pieces to upgrade your style statement and fashion quotient at any time and make an everlasting impression on onlookers. These fashion jewelry pieces can be adorned with both traditional and western dresses, depending on your personal taste and style. (Read:  7 Splashy Monsoon Fashion Trends You Must Have – Ezyshine)

choker - fashion jewelry

4. Chunky Rings

Being bold and beautiful is what 2018 fashion is all about. Check out latest online shopping sites for women’s fashion jewelry to discover giant chunky rings and start shopping to come to the league of the current fashion runway.

Pick bold statement rings in gold and silver tones to stay in trend with the modern era and become the fashion icon of the season in a jiffy. Such ravishing trinkets can spark any dull outfit or simple dress while staying pristine to your individual self.

 Chunky Rings - ezyshine jewelry

5. Beaded Jewellery

Beaded jewelry is simply must-have for every young chic and fashionista in 2018. These multi-strand or single-stranded colorful fashion jewelry sets are the all-time fave of street fashion lovers and can never disappoint with any kind of outfit.

Wear such eclectic and striking jewelry pieces with western dresses and floral gowns and accentuate your simple outfit in the best possible way. Holidays can be more fun-filled with such beautiful essentials.

Beaded Jewellery - fashion trends for women

6. Cuff Bracelets

If you want to own the fashion runway of 2018, cuff bracelets are wardrobe essentials. Such classic fashion jewelry pieces would never turn you down and can be paired with both casual and formal staples.

A sparkling golden toned bracelet chain embellished with precious solitaire or gemstone is all you need to top this year’s fashion run and bring people on knees to address your incredible fashion sense. Such edgy cuff bracelets are far better than dull, shabby bracelet chains. What you think???

Cuff Bracelets - fashion jewelry for woman

7. Layered Necklaces

Layering is the hottest trend of the current fashion scene and has caused sensation almost everywhere. Instead of slipping into single strand neck piece, go for multiple necklaces aligned in a symmetrical way and wear it like a pro.

It also allows the wearer to ditch any other additional jewel and give her best shot in this layered jewelry style. Pick either an attached layered necklace or separate chains as per your choice and add immense charm to a drab looking outfit.

Discover latest online jewelry to lend yourself a helping hand.

Layered Necklaces - ezyshine fashion trends

8. Pom Pom Jewellery

I personally love pompom, be it in an outfit or jewelry This is because the quirkiness and pleasing appeal they add to anything is beyond words and any explanation.

Try trendy pompom inspired fashion jewelry such as earrings, necklaces, bangles, head chain or bracelet and wear these lightweight fancies with classic traditional silhouettes to add an oomph factor to your personality in an instant. Make the best of 2018 by strutting with pretty pompoms and become the true fashionista of the town.

Pom Pom Jewelry

9. Art Inspired Fashion Jewelry

There is always an extra door for art lovers. Whether we talk about fashion, lifestyle or travel, art lovers know how to find their way. Get ready to adorn art inspired fashion jewelry for women in 2018 and enhance your natural charm in a magnificent way.

These jewelry types blend with every kind of attire and can be worn for every occasion and season. Bundle up, you stunner!!!

Art Inspired fashion jewelry

10. Bling Love

Bling can never go out of fashion and woman’s wardrobe as well. Wearing precious stones and diamonds is something every woman desires of, irrespective of their style statement and dressing sense.

Whether in the form of ear cuffs, rings, head accessories or pendant, these dainty solitaires can add plenty of charm and sass to any woman’s personality without making it fussy.

Bling Love - jewelry for women - ezyshine

Own these revitalizing jewellery pieces in 2018 and glam-up your style quotient like never before. You go, girl!

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