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10 Skin Care Tips for Men – Healthy & Glowing Skin

May 18, 2015 4:08 pm Published by 6 Comments
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Gone are the days when only women were conscious about their looks and skin care. In this world of modernization & western civilization, even men are focussed to groom their skin so that they can look handsome and attractive. After all, skin of men needs care and nourishment just as the ladies need it. To achieve a young and smart look, Men are usually found hunting in beauty salons and men’s parlours.

skin care tips for men - healthy skin

So Guys! As you have the right to take care of yourself, these simple skin care tips for men will make you look handsome with the improved skin complexion.

According to a recent study – “Approximately half of the men agrees to the fact that they would shave more often if the process were less irritating to their skin.” (By Readers Digest)

During summers, men come to know that their skin is losing their beauty and later when you rush out from home for workplaces, a thought reflects in mind that you are paying due attention to your skin. That time you realise that you are being unfair to the largest organ of your body – Skin.

skin care tips for men - shaving tips

Hence, the skin care tips for Men will help you protect from the harmful rays of the sun & will serve your skin at the best. For this summer season, consider these result oriented skin care tips for men who will work on all your queries containing Mens moisturiser, Men’s face wash, oily skin products, face cream for men & other best skin care products for Men.

male cosmetics - men grroming

To reveal the fact that there is a difference in the skin tone of men and women. Apparently, the way one should take care of the respective skin tone is also completely different. For instance, there are separate skin care products for men and women along with separate machines and tools to groom.

Moreover, the flow of testosterone hormones is high in men’s body, & hence the men’s skin is hard as compared to women. Similarly, men have to comparatively face some common problems such as fungal infection & acne. This way, by focussing on the skin care routine & simultaneously, following these skin care tips for men, will keep you safe from men’s related problems forever.

male grooming - mens skin care tips

Are you ready to know how you can improve your skin out of your busy schedule? Check out the bunch of skin care tips for men that will help it shine and look healthier than ever.

  1. Researchers have found that Men’s skin tone is 50% more oily than Women. Moreover, travelling out for work, getting more prone to dust, dirtiness, squalor & pollution makes their skin coarse, glassy and vapid. Here, you definitely need to use the cleanser, toner and Men’s moisturiser on the daily basis for a healthy skin. (You can use Attitude Cleanser, Toner & Moisturiser by Amway India for the best results).

    After doing cleansing and toning on your skin, you need to moisturise it to hold the wetness of your skin. This is one of the most important skin care tips for men that will enhance your looks & make you feel more confident. You can apply hydrating gel, aloe vera or even other Mens moisturiser available in the fashion streets.

    Artistry Men products - amway

  1. You know that germs and dust are present in the environment all the time & it’s not important that they could always be seen through the naked eyes. This is the reason why your parents suggest washing your hands before eating. So why not to wash your face even? Buddy! Go home and firstly wash you face with a mild face wash or soap-free face wash. Additionally, clean your face with a soap free cleanser. You can also use any specific Mens face wash and give a soothing look to your beauty.

  1. Apply an alcohol-free toner once you clean your face thoroughly. Toning helps to maintain the flexibility in your skin and tightens the pores and holes of your skin.

  2. To remove black spots from your face, mix 2-4 drops of lemon juice in the small quantity of yogurt and apply it gently on your face. You will observe that slowly the black spots lose their existence.

    lemon-and-yogurt for skin care

  3. To remove the dead cells from your face, apply gram flour (besan) on your face. Similarly, you can put the slices of potato or cucumber around your eyes to remove the dark circles. These small yet informative skin care tips for men will groom up the real men in you. Additionally, you can also apply the scrub on your face 2 times a week to remove dead cells & keep your skin shining.

  1. Whenever you move out from home, apply a sunscreen containing SPF 20. This will take care and protect your skin from side effects of harmful ultraviolet rays. Moreover, it does not allow your skin to get dry.

    sun screen cream spf20

  1. Shaving is the topic which needs a lot of skin care tips for men. Make use of twin blade razor for shaving. Plus, keep in mind that you apply a men’s moisturiser at least half an hour before shaving. Later when you finish with this, apply any antiseptic cream. If possible then apply only skin care product that contains Sandal.

  2. You can easily find various skin care products available. The market is even full of multi-type body wash products (such as G&H body shampoo by Amway India) for various body type. So, you should make use of them while having the shower. This helps in keeping your skin soft and pulpy.

  1. The agenda of providing you these skin care tips for men remains incomplete without a daily exercise plan. To achieve the young look, you have to keep yourself fit and active. Wake up in the morning and go for a walk or jogging in the fresh air. This will maintain a healthy blood circulation in your body and that will put a cheerful and shining look on your face.

    exercise for men for healthy and glowy skin

  1. Water is the lifeline for every creature on earth. Drink more and more water to keep the wetness in your skin tone. Avoid junk foods, fried and alcoholic stuff to remain active for a longer time.

Stay healthy and young.. !!

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