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11 Powerful Health Benefits of Chanting OM – Ezyshine

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We have always been told that Meditation is good for health, but we receive the combined psychological, therapeutic & spiritual health benefits of chanting OM (Or ‘Aum’) while persuading the meditation exercise. Chanting OM daily while performing Meditation or Yoga activities creates positive vibrations around you and fulfils the soul with self-healing power. Let’s accept the universal truth and improve the art of healthy living in a much better way!

We will surely come back to discuss the powerful health benefits of chanting OM but lets us first know the origin & significance of the divine word.


OM (the symbol ) is the divine humming energy having a rhythmic pronunciation that represents all the sounds in the Universe! In short, any voice has you hear like the sound of tyres running on the road, the sound of bat smashing a ball, the drumsticks, the bow and arrow making sounds, etc., all these vibrating sounds heard had a primal sound known as OM. Scientifically, OM vibrates at the frequency of 430 Hz in the nature that contains everything surrounding you. Chanting OM will help you calm down the mind & removes the harmful toxins from your body.

In Sanskrit, OM is pronounced as AUM where all three letters have unique principal meanings:-

A – (Tamas), that signifies waking state or Creation period,
U – (Rajas), that signifies progress, dream state or the Preservation period,
M – (Sattva), that signifies the state of deep sleep or the Liberation period.

This way, OM is the symbol of the birth of the whole universe that acts as a lifeline for physical and mental health issues.

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Yoga and Meditation Promoting the Health Benefits of Chanting OM

According to an expert Yoga teacher Adrian Cox, – “When you chant OM with the right knowledge and pronunciation, it becomes a solid yoga practice in its own style. When I talk about health benefits of Chanting OM, it creates detachment and energises all mental & spiritual processes. It can take you all the way to deep states of yoga provided that you have a good concentration!”meditation - om meaning - ezyshine

The Udgeeth Pranayama is a yoga practice that involves chanting of OM (AUM) when you exhale out. According to Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev led Patanjali Yoga Sutra, this common Pranayama practice is the easiest breathing exercise among all the Pranayama. This also acts as a medicine for the healthy brain, depression and lack of concentration!

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Let us build ourselves by knowing the health benefits of chanting OM and experience the supreme energy of God!

1. Improvising Vocal cords

When you chant the magical word OM on a regular basis, a thundering is produced in the body that affects your vocal cords and sinus. The muscles of the neck and the vocal cords get strengthen especially for the people who are close to their 40’s and growing!

2. Stable Blood Circulation

The health benefits of chanting OM includes the proper blood circulation in the body. Chanting of OM will act as the power booster to the activities that we do in daily routine.

3. Toxins Removal

OM is the universal medication that removes all the unnecessary toxins from your body & hence, participates in keeping you healthy!

4. Helpful in Weight Loss

Most of the people are keen followers of OM mantra. They gladly accept the truth and tells us that weight loss is also one of the precious health benefits of chanting OM. A commonly known fitness expert says that by chanting OM, their weight uses to be in control because of the vibrations produced in the whole body.


5. Provides Positivity towards Life

OM is not only considered a holy word, but it is a common practice in the name of receiving positive energy and positive thinking. Chanting OM will clean up the aura & will destroy the negative energy inside you!

6. Controlled Feelings & Emotions

Health benefits of chanting OM are always surprising and realistic. It helps you in controlling your feeling and emotions in a better way. Om mantra makes you a stronger person in terms of expressing your feelings.

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7. Heart Care

The vibrations produced during the chanting of AUM affects surprisingly on your heart! Chanting OM controls your heart rhythm and hence, it acts a Sanjeevani Booti for your Healthy Heart.

8. Yoga for Energy and Tiredness

Yoga has always been an important part of life for the healthy living. According to a Yoga expert, the chanting of OM while performing Yoga is the purified combination of healthy results. Some specific Yoga postures including chanting of OM recharges you by eliminating your tiredness. Additionally, it gives strength to your lungs & puts you in good sleep.

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9. Improves Digestion

Digestion system of your body gets improved when you chant OM in a routine manner. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from hereditary or severe digestion problem. Such people must consult the doctor or a Yoga expert for the right postures.

10. Improvise Bone Strength

Bone strength has a solid relationship with the health benefits of chanting OM. The reason behind this is the vibrations produced in the body generate a kind of frequency that is very helpful in the strengthening of bones. While in a Yoga pose, our back bone also gets strength with the vibrations of OM mantra!

11. Helps in Healing Thyroid

Chanting OM helps in controlling thyroid with the best possible way! All this makes us understand that health benefits of chanting OM are a proven fact according to science.

Improve your lifestyle and build up the mental peace by knowing the real health benefits of chanting OM at least 20 min daily!

Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!

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