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15 Best Counseling for Abusive Relationship Secrets to Know

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Waiting for some expert Guru to give you a secret counseling for abusive relationship that would help you out in solving your relationship problems? Would you like to take a relationship quiz for the same? Ezyshine has clutched up some key issues revealing the secrets of abusive relationship.abusive relationship

What is an abusive relationship?

It’s true that many times in life, in the flow of love and affection; we keep on ignoring the starting indications & proceeds further. As falling in love and converting the love into relationship is the best possible thing that can make one happy.

But later after few years, we realize that that relation is build up on cruelty & toughness, where we decided to spend life with the person for whom we left all our favorite things back. Sadly, this gives birth to an abusive relationship.

A happy & healthy relationship is one where partners respect and believe each other. Every relation does not have this quality, and hence, such relation gets molded into abusive relationships. People in relationships can be abused physically, emotionally or verbally. If you see such indications at initial stage, then smartness would be to quit the relationship sooner.counseling for abusive relationship

Mouse over to this relationship quiz where we will do your counseling for abusive relationship & then let you know the relationship score at the end. Be true to yourself..!! NO CHEATING PLEASE..!!

  1. Does your partner always blame you for his/her bad behavior?  Does he/she reacts in bad manner and blame you saying that “You made me angry” instead of “I am angry”?
  2. If you say that you wanna finish the relationship or don’t want to continue with the relationship, then Does he/she threatens you about disclosing your secrets to the family members or to the outside world?
  3. Does he/she generally get angry if you talks to others (obviously the person of opposite sex)?
  4. Does he/she say that no one can love you more than I do?
  5. You must busy somewhere at outdoor or may in an important meeting or busy with some work. Does your partner gets angry & rude if you do not receive his/her phone or do not call him/her back instantly and have a word?stop voilance -  abusive unhealthy relationship
  6. Situations may get worse sometimes. If you say that you are going to leave home, does your partner tries to hurt him-self/her-self or hurt something that you love a lot?
  7. Did you fear or feel afraid from any of his/her behavior towards you or may be your family?
  8. Does he/she know everything about where you are right now, who you are with & what you are doing? Kinda uncertain and distrustful in nature huhh..?
  9. Many a times, you find that your friends have gone away from you since the day you are in relationship. My next question arises here..!! Does your partner feel jealous of your friends? Does he/she decides that with whom you should go out and whom with not?
  10. When you two are together, does your partner wishes that no one else should be there other than you guys?unhealthy relationship - domestic voilance
  11. Many things go wrong in life. Sometimes due to luck and other may be due to your own mistakes or wrong decisions. So, does your partner always blame you for every conversation or whatever goes wrong in life?
  12. Sexual closeness or sex is a very sensitive and important part of any relationship which needs to be handled with care. Do you notice that your partner tries to make a forceful relation with you or forces you to have an inter-course whether you wish or not?
  13. When you answer your partner’s question, then does he/she always asks you the same question again and again?
  14. Does he/she wants to spend their time 24*7 with you & does not wish that your time is being spent with someone else? Not even for an hour?
  15. Most importantly, does not partner has thrashed you or beaten you out of anger? Has he/she pushed you away rudely? abusive relationship solving secrets

Judgment Time for Counseling..!!

  • If your answer to any of the above questions is ‘YES’, then it’s important for you to share your situation with someone whom you admire or thinks who can better advise you about all this. Even, start looking at your relationship with different perspective.
  • If you get a ‘YES’ to majority of the answers, then friends you need to think seriously about your future relationship. It would be advisable to free yourself from such a relationship as soon as possible & make your future safe and steady.

Sit with cool mind and think of the situations deeply that you are going through. Think that where this abusive relationship is leading you. Friends, always keep in mind that the way of abusing could be verbal, emotional, mental, or may be sexual. For your goodness, it would be strictly suggestible to identify such signs at early stage & save yourself from getting into any trouble.

  • At last, if you get your answer as ‘NO’ for all of them, then my friends need not worry! You are in a healthy relationship. Lucky You! are you in abusive relationship

But keep in mind that with the passage of time, people do change in behavior. So, always keep an eye on your partner’s behavior. Even, keep in mind your mental and physical security at priority. Moreover, if you find any further change in the behavior of your partner, then interrupt him/her then & there. Probably your partner wouldn’t repeat it again.

Friends, abuse has simply no place in Love. Being harsh at times is the call of circumstances. It may be due to office pressure or any family tension, but getting addicted of doing that regularly is not done. After all, being in a relationship is to feel loved, cared, safe, free, and respected..!! What’s the meaning of being in a relationship without all this?

You need to do some counseling for abusive relationship like this to live freely & safely in a healthy relationship.

Take Care..!!

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