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20 Cozy Bathroom Interior Design Ideas – Interior Trends

January 9, 2015 12:09 am Published by 2 Comments
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Dreaming of a lavish bath…?? Sliding in hot bath tub, or walk in shower in glass cabinet enjoying the artistic lovely and funny sayings glued on the walls or gazing yourself in beautifully designed mirrors.. Uffff.. Can’t stop dreaming of all these sparkling moments.

What you are waiting for lovely peeps? Turn out the dreams of lavish bathroom fulfilling all the basic amenities with these modern & stylish bathroom interior design ideas. These bathroom design trends will add splash of joy & happiness to your dull bathroom.

lovely bathroom decor - interior designs

During construction or at the time of renovation of houses, bathroom interior designs are of major focused area. In fact, same as their bedroom or drawing room, people nowadays are more thoughtful about having a stylish personalized bathroom so that the comfort zone & relaxation of privacy reaches another level of comfort ability. Also, some professional bathroom interior designers say that they have found one thing common in demands that they wish to get a bedroom size bathroom equipped with all modern amenities.


Looks like a Big Deal? No way my Friends! We have jot down the modern bathroom designs keeping in mind the latest trends of the time. Talk about classic bathroom interior styles, modern slider doors fashion, half between wall concepts with contemporary miniature styles, retro sentimental styles, and other bathroom designs… Every pattern and every choice of yours are bundled at Ezyshine. You could even use classic colors & textures in moderation of any part of your home and that applies to your bathroom interiors as well. It gives real calm and comfy feel with perfect standard combinations.


We will showcase that how you could dramatically change the looks of your spacious bathrooms with these lavishing bathroom interior designs.

In this era of innovation in home decor & lifestyle, you must enhance your imagination to your own very unique home decor. To give an idea about what and where to utilize this, and also keeping in mind your comfort zone, we invite you to check out these wonderful bathroom interior design ideas that will give you the perfect suggestion for privacy.Rain-Shower-Bathtub

1. Sliding doors – A Modern Touch

Now accentuate the look of your bathroom with the sliding door. Either use it as a separation between dressing room & bathroom or beautify the shower space with glass sliding door. As swinging door occupies more space, choosing the modern sliding door can save the space, enhancing the look of the interior. For shower cabins, you can go with crystal clear transparent glasses to create more space & feel airy inspite of small space.perfect-bathroom-sliding-door

marble bathroom design - glass sliders bathroom
sliding door between bedroom & bathroom

2. Old Styled Between Wall Pattern

Adding a partition wall in your bathroom gives you more privacy along with defined bathroom spaces. It could have a wall in between your bathroom and dressing room. Moreover, to groom your bathroom interior designs at higher class, you could choose one of the classic patterns such as ceramic partition wall between bathroom and toilet. You could make use of a wood material for the wall & even add some bathroom decoration pictures. You could further opt for a transparent glass wall along with a cute shower curtains that will add an elegant look your bathroom.

This style is basically some old day concept that was assumed to give a contemporary look to your interiors. Good thing is that it’s once again in fashion. In fact, this between wall styles has become one of the modern interior design trends.

wall partition - bathroom home decor interior design ideas

3. The Black Theme Concept – An Elegant Option Indeed 

Now we will talk about some of the absolute favs! As you all might Black and White are two colors that are evergreen & are very popular color themes these days. We suggest you to opt for a black color theme that will give an elegant look to your bathroom designs. You can paint your bathroom walls in dull black color and all the fittings could be done in white. Additionally, the tiling and furniture should go all in black to give a perfect black and white combo pack. Plus, finally adding light effects is definitely a great option. Friends, no matter that bathroom are small or large, but the smart bathroom is cool enough to keep your luxury bathroom in tune with the black color theme.elegant-bathroom-in-black-grey-and-white-interior-and-marble-floor


4. Wood Finishing Pattern – A Royal Impression

Wood finish pattern might affect your pockets, but they will really make you feel alive. In these bathroom interior design ideas, all the walls are made up of wood. You can additionally use some decorative design patterns such as flower designs made of solid marine ply or ceramic materials.

Plus, a wooden cabinets or wooden shelves hanging on the walls inside your bathroom can add on to form the best space saver designs. Lastly, you can get a wooden towel rack stitched just below the water sink or washbasins.

No doubt that these wood finishing patterns presents a royal impression to the viewer but it has high maintenance cost too. The reason is that continuous running water in such wet places causes damage to wood. So, check your budget also while opting for this thing.modern-bathroom-with-bench-againts-the-white-of-modern-bathtub-minimalist-room-a-relaxing-asian-feel-and-natural-teak-wood-wall-slats



5. Trendy Mirror Patterns for Bathroom

These mirror patterns are the lifeline of the conceptual and elegant interior designs in today’s home décor trend. For this thing, time and money both has to be given up. In this pattern, the walls of the lavishing bathroom are covered and simultaneously decorated with mirrors. Moreover, accessories like washbasin & bathtub are preferred to be made up of toughened mirror, oval belted mirrors, tinted or hallway mirrors. Adding onto it, the round mirror placed in bathroom can be given an illumination effect for stunning eye candy get up of your bathroom.attractive mirrors in bathroom interior

Come and experience the difference we create..!!

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