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21 Best Monsoon Health Care Tips – Monsoon Health Guide

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Do you chant “Rain Rain Go Away” nursery rhyme these days? Nahh… I just LOVE rain and the rainy season to the level of craziness. Yeah! There is another side of the story too other than the enjoyment and fun. It’s the health care!!

With the rain drops hitting your doorsteps, the health related problems also spreads their legs in the surroundings. This could not be sorted out just by sipping hot cup of tea to warm up yourself. Allergies, digestion problems, and infection are some of the major health challenges in this rainy season.

monsoon skin, hair and health care tips

Alter your lifestyle with these monsoon health care tips and follow this health guide to keep your family rejuvenated as always.

  1. Wash the fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking even if they were kept in freeze or any other covered space. Do not consume the already cut fruits and vegetables that are being sold in the open space. They have already been in exposure to the open environment and had been in contact of harmful bacteria.

wash vegetables before storing

  1. Eat hard, Eat smart! Monsoon comes with flowing bacteria in outside food items. So, just try to consume only fresh food all day and night. These fresh fruits and vegetables keeps your body hydrated and supports in weight loss process. Always go for packed juices as they are considered to be the safest.
  1. The refreshing monsoon health care tips by Ezyshine give prime importance to yoga and meditation in a daily routine. If rain stops you from a morning walk, then go for regular exercise at home itself. You will feel energetic and happy for the whole day.

yoga for improving eyesight

  1. The rain drops loudly says that enjoy me and my shower of love happily but after that, listen to your mom or other elder ones & take a shower with tap water on the counter part. Plus, take utmost care that you do not enter the AC room with wet clothes or hairs soon after enjoying rain bath. This could catch you with viral fever or severe cough and cold.
  1. In this heavy monsoon rush, consumption of products having access of water such as rice, yogurt (Dahi), or lassi could be harmful to health. You should consume eatables that are dry in nature such as macca, chola chana, brown rice, and oats. Also, haldi, onion, or pudina is quite advisable. These are some of the best suggestions for monsoon health care tips.


  1. Challenge the health challenges of the Monsoon season by adding garlic or garlic paste in your food intake. My friends, it’s not that garlic improvises the taste in your food, but it also good for your heart.
  1. Do you eat only when you feel hungry? The monsoon health care guide states that to keep yourself healthy in this season, just eat food only when you feel hungry. It could be problematic if you eat without feeling hungry.
  1. To stay healthy and fresh, a proven fact is that the water you drink should be clean & clear. For that, families are using the water purifiers at their home. Or, if they can’t afford purifiers then they could simply boil the water and then drink it at normal temperature.
    Doing this will kill the harmful bacteria present in water and the ball will be in your court. Due to humidity and moisture in the environment we generally drink less water which raise our body temperature and toxins. So to get rid of toxins, drink as much water as you can.

drink more water - monsoon health care tips

  1. If you generally have problems related to skin infection or other skin related problems, then control your tongue & do not consume much spicy foods. The reason is that spicy food accelerates the blood circulation & temperature of the body.
  1. If you face the problem of knees pain or pain in other joints, then monsoon season would humbly like to request you for consumption of Tulsi leaves and Cinnamon mixed in warm water. It works great my friends! Additionally, mix powder of Methi and Haldi with 1 teaspoon can be consumed once in a day for relaxation in joint pains.

tumeric health benefits

  1. Save yourself from consuming oily foods as it leaves a negative effect on your digestive system. Rather, you should prefer baked stuff on a contrary.
  1. Monsoon health care tips had an important thing to mention about liquid diet food. Yes my friends! Soup it is!! Once in a day, make sure you consume a cup of healthy vegetable soup in your diet plan.

vegetable soup - perfect food for rainy season

  1. Before storing the vegetables, wash them properly and dry them. If you can, then clean them with a cloth so that no moisture is left on them. Buy vegetables in less quantity.
  1. Choose the monsoon special fruits and vegetables in your diet to get the freshness of the seasonal taste. Consume them as much as possible but freshness & cleanliness should always be kept in mind. The required energy is received by consumption of seasonal fruits & hence, it helps in proper balancing of your immune system.
    As the monsoon season is the season of humidity and moisture, it needs extra care in the diet. You must focus on the balanced diet. Try to include bananas, cherries, apple, plum, litchi and pomegranate as these fruits are full with antioxidants, vitamin A, C,  and Vitamin E.

cheery and other fruits for monsoon

  1. Enjoy tea in the rainy weather for sure but to boost up your health at high rate, go for green tea or lemon tea (herbal tea) other than milk tea. To get the taste and perfection in health, you could add Ginger, Honey, or Tulsi in your sip of tea.

herbal tea in monsoon

  1. Avoid Using Potato, ladyfinger, sprouts, sem beans (sem phali) & cluster beans (gawar phali) & make sure you eat cooked food.
  1. Include mushroom and barley (jau) in the diet as they contains beta glucanase and antimicrobial qualities. These agents prevents from monsoon bacterial infections.
  1. Prefer to take curd and butter milk (chach) instead of Milk as curd is probiotic which helps in digestion of food.

masala chach - health benefits

  1. During the rainy season, we are more exposed to the infections and that too our tummy too. To build the immune system so that it can fight back the bacteria, use hing, coriander powder, turmeric, and black pepper.
  1. Say BIG NO to fish and meat as they are more unveiled to the moisture and the fungus. These foods are found more contaminated during this season. If you want to eat pani puri or bhel, then eat them without sauce and chutney.
  1. Eat less desserts or sweets in this showery weather as bacteria tend to grow very quickly.

Keep these monsoon health care tips in your mind and stay charged up like the rain water.

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