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4 outstanding ways to Live a Stress free life..!!

August 2, 2013 8:49 am Published by 5 Comments
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“Life is very short. If you are Stressed, Worried, Eating unhealthy Diet or Focusing on the Negative stuff, then your Life will end up being even more Shorter.”

Want to live stress free life..???

We people are so engaged in our day to day life & work that we are unable to manage time for even our-self.  We come across financial, work, personal, or emotional pressure & even panic attack. This is what causes depression.

As a result, we ends up facing lots of responsibilities altogether, stepping towards an unhealthy and stressful life.
Now this Excessive stress causes abundance of free radicals to grow slowly and gradually in the body resulting in depression and anxiety.stress free life

To brief you about free radicals in short, according to Scientific and Medical theory-

Free radicals are basically the active free oxygen radicals in the body which multiplies very fast in numbers, creating damage to proteins, cell membrane and even nucleus of the cell.

Know It– “Chocolates” are known as very good stress relievers.

4 Ways to stay stress free and healthy life :-

Proper Exercise – Get up early in the morning, plan for a walk with your friends or your partner (so that morning walk would not be boring for you). That fresh morning air will help you relieve from stress.

Meditation – It is one of the  relaxation techniques.  Plus, no need to worry if you don’t know the proper way of meditation. Just open up your early morning, search some religious channels or like those, and learn & inculcate that art free of cost.:)

Balanced & Healthy Diet – “Balance is the key to conquer over this Ongoing war.” 

For dealing with depression,  include healthy fruits, vegetables, almonds or sometimes, food supplements in your diet which fulfills your body requirement of various minerals & vitamins.

Be Positive – THIS IS SOMETHING which inculcates in one’s blood depending upon the people by which you are surrounded. You become only what you want to be. Try keeping away people who give negative thought or advice at their first encounter with you.


In the end, once you got to understand the harmful effects of those increasing free radicals by any sort of stress, you will start taking care of yourself for sure.

Stay stress free and Healthy..!!


Contributed by :-
Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant
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  • Guido Secco says:

    knows a lot about health. I too know some about health since I was twice the South American Squash Champion and need to know about nutrition and health but after reading his blogs I am shocked about some things of staying healthier and 4 ways of Stress free and Healthier!
    For sure I will be asking him about nutrition and health since he has become a good friend of mine. I suggest his blogs to everyone, not only to sports people but people who want to be healthier.THANKS!!!!

  • Guido Secco says:

    Excelent information!!!!!!!! I will share this great blog with my friends

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