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5 Active Ways to Prevent Cough and Cold | Natural Remedies

December 23, 2014 12:37 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Some wise men had rightly said “Prevention is always better than Cure.” So how many of you think that this agenda fits perfect when it comes to prevent cough and cold including other health challenges?

When we see that our body could not adjust according to the weather changes, then we find ourselves surrounded by various diseases. Eventually, our bodies get exposed to viruses that cause flu’s & other winter specific health challenges. These viruses get inside the body when someone sneezes or coughs into the air, while many of them could become infection for our nose or throat.

Girl blowing her nose

Due to this change, our body is not able to resist the environmental weather conditions & gets in contact with severe cough and cold. We certainly need to find some effective ways to prevent cough and cold. It could preferably be some natural remedies that could be taken care of; rather than some expensive medications. The reason to go for these preventive measures helps you in saving your pennies that you might have to give to some physician.

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In reference to the previous article by Ezyshine about Natural Remedies for Cold and Cough – Research and studies have shown that for the children below 6 years, the majority of the products that we use for treatment of cold and cough prove to be ineffective. Rather, they may result in serious problems under such a small age. Hence, it’s becomes tough to cure his cough and cold. Moreover, over the counter medication could probably help in relieving the symptoms of the same, but they come up with harmful side effects. My friends, the point is that why not to go for some active ways to prevent cough and cold, rather than going for expensive treatment later?

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Again, previously we discussed about the natural homemade remedies for cough and cold. This time will explore some effective and result oriented ways to prevent cough and cold so as to avoid further health challenges and treatments. Here we go:

1. Cover your Nose and Face

Whenever we go outside in open air, the chilling wind flow felt on our face seems like getting into our nerves. And willingly or unwillingly, we do not prefer covering our face or head covered with some scarf, cap or muffler. Guys, am I right about this stuff? Actually what happens is that we wrap ourselves nicely in a modern jacket and some trendy skinny jeans, but we leave our face and head open to air..!! This allows chilling air to enter your body.

My dear, that time you might enjoy the cold air, but later when you come back to bed, then you realize what damage that little fun has done to you. Hence, you need to keep yourself packed with some muffler or cap for sure.

cover from scarf to prevent cold

 2. Go for specific Liquid Diets

When it’s cold outside, you better opt for taking something hot inside to maintain the inner body heat. Also, you might have been advised from your parents or grannies to take a bowl full of hot soup. This soup could be a cabbage soup, mushroom soup or some chicken soup.

Actually, the reason being that the hot soup breaks the congestion that is associated with cough and cold. Especially, this soup works great to prevent cough and cold where you might get some complain about sour throat or a running nose..!


soup for sore throat

You can actively have a warm glass of water mixed with lemon and honey. This will boost up immune system by supplying abundant Vitamin C to your body. Similarly, Green Tea consumption on daily basis is a perfect option for filling your body with essential amino acids. Alternatively, you can opt for drinking boiled milk with dates (khajoor) in it.

honey & lemon water to avoid cold

3. Wash your hands Frequently

Just do this homework daily and no doctor will dare to scold you.

Simply wash your hands with warm running water using soap. Do this activity for 15 seconds for sure. In fact, washing hands multiple times a day keeps you protected from cold virus. Actually when your unwashed hands touch the face or your nose, then your chances of getting attacked by cough and cold rises high. The reason is that bacteria easily reach up to your nose when you touch your nose with those hands. So, washing your hands frequently will keep you away from bacteria to come in contact with your body and hence you can prevent yourself from cough and cold smartly

hand wash to prevent cold & cough

4. Use Ayurvedic Ways & Medications

The best part about Ayurveda is that it does not have any side effects and it’s the traditional & natural ways to prevent cough and cold.

You can take the best combination of ginger and honey. Simply mix 2 teaspoons of honey with equal quantity of ginger juice. This is gonna be a great preventive attack against the cough and cold.

Plus, you could opt for Laxmivilaas Rasavati with 2-2 tabs daily in morning and evening time. Also, Sitopalaadi Churan is again a great option to be taken with honey. But new born kids should be consulted a family doctor before giving them this churan.

ginger & honey for cough & cold

5. Keep these Things on your Fingertips

An important thing one should keep a note – Do not share your towel or Hanky with anyone, not even your family members. This way you can keep you and your family members away from getting infected by each other’s bacteria transmission. Make sure you use a hanky while you sneeze.avoid cold and cough - preventing measures

Additionally, when you wake up in the morning, do some gargling with some salt mixed with hot water. Either you can opt for vicks steam if you feel you might get caught up with cough or cold soon.

Lastly, avoid cold drinks my friends as its dangerous this time. You can use tea or hot coffee for your party venues this winter. Lolzzz..!


Apart from all these important points, how can I miss this one..? 

Do you prefer taking antibiotic to prevent yourself form cold and cough; and that too, without any guidance? If yes, then my dear friends.! Do not become your own doctor at home in such cases. Take advice from your family doctor or a health consultant and prefer taking medications that he or she recommends at particular point of symptoms. Don’t keep it in mind to take that medicine whenever it happens to you or anyone in the family.

Follow these ways to prevent cough and cold and take control of your health in a natural way.

Stay Healthy!


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Nutritional Health Consultant


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