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5 Amazing Alternative Uses of Toothpaste You’ve Ever Heard

March 24, 2015 10:45 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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Tell me.. What are the uses of toothpaste?

If anyone puts this question in front of you then I hope you know what to speak up. Toothpaste is used for cleaning and whitening of our teeth. We all brush our teeth daily so that we breathe fresh and get cavity free and shining teeth. Plus, every household uses it at least twice a day for achieving the same. Etc, etc, etc… this is what you know..!

amazing uses of toothpaste

But have you ever thought that this gel stuff in our toothpaste can actually do lot more things besides clean your teeth. It contains a chemical ingredient (named Triclosan) which has anti-bacterial properties too.

Friends, we all know that toothpaste is a great tool for maintaining a healthy mouth along with fresh breaths, but at the same time, you will be thrilled to know the other out of the box uses of toothpaste.

toothpaste to remove makeup

Discover the multiple household uses of toothpaste & control your money being spent on various cleaner and chemical solutions.

1. Cleans Silver Ring or Utensils

If you find any silver utensils or a ring getting black, then use your toothpaste for cleaning such things. Put some toothpaste on the ring or utensil & then scrub it with an unused toothbrush. Now, wash the utensil and then clean it with a soft cloth. Keep in mind that you rinse the utensil or the ring properly so that no traces of toothpaste are left behind. Trust me sweetheart! You will appreciate the shine you will find in the silverware.

Moreover, don’t do this activity repeatedly as it may cause damage to their finishing. This may happen because the chemical solutions used in your daily toothpaste might harm the silver shine. This is one of the most active uses of toothpaste these days which are largely followed by jewelers.

uses of toothpaste to clean silver

2. Shine Up Your Dirty Shoes

If you love to wear canvas shoes or sneakers, then we have interesting news for you. You can simply keep them clean and glowing by being a part of multiple uses of toothpaste. Actually, your teeth shine also works quite well to remove scuffs from your sneakers and make them look new as before.  Just rub some toothpaste on your dirty shoes or the rubber part of your sneakers. Now scrub it with the brush or scrubber and then clean it with fresh running water.

OMG! Have you got the shining shoes back?

toothpaste for cleaning shoes

3. Remove Stains of Marker Pen or Make-up Products

Do not lose hope if one of your favourite shirts gets an ink mark or a marker splash. Apart from other uses of toothpaste, it also certifies for cleaning tips for home and various other household chores. Be it your fingers, dressing table, lipstick mark on clothes, mascara, eye-liner or any other mark. You can any time try your toothpaste for stain removal.

Step ahead by rubbing non-gel toothpaste on the place of stain and the then rub the fabric thoroughly. Rinse with water and probably, you will see the positive results as it may sometimes depend on the fabric or the marker ink. Here, you can repeat the process again and again until you get the results.

removing wall stains from walls

4. Remove Watermarks from Wooden Furniture

Here comes one of the important uses of toothpaste defining some cheap cleaning tips for home. Many times we have seen that our tea cups and other beverages leave behind a shaped ring mark on home furniture. This can be easily work out by making use of toothpaste as the furniture cleaner. Simply apply non-gel toothpaste on these ring marks and wipe it gently with a soft cloth. Then later you need to wipe it again with a damp cloth so that you can leave it to get dry. Finally, apply the furniture polish to make your furniture shine as before.

This way, you can remove stains from wooden furniture also, without applying water that might damage its surface.

use toothpaste to get rid of stains

5. Clean your Cups and Coffee Mugs 

Would you believe the absolute genius uses of toothpaste which makes your household chores easier? Here’s one of the best we got for you.

Usually, we see that even after washing our coffee mugs and cups, there leave behind some stains or remains of tea & coffee. We see this mostly at the corners of the coffee mug, where our lips come in direct contact. Make use of toothpaste for cleaning such harsh stains by rubbing the toothpaste on the scrubber & rubbing it at the target area. You will get a neat & clean cups or mugs that you wished for.

toothpaste for cleaning utensils

6. Cleaning Bathrooms & Hand Pumps with Toothpaste

It has been tried and tested by one of my close friend that you can even shine up the taps in your bathroom, wash sinks & hand pumps very easily with the help of your toothpaste. Whenever you find such spots stick to these water running places, simply take toothpaste on a sponge and rub it on the hand pump. Finally, just wash them up with fresh water and you will get that lost shine of those taps back. Even such uses of toothpaste play an important role in the cleaning tips for home.

alternative uses of toothpaste

7. Helps to Put Photo Frame on the Wall

You must have noticed that when you try to create a photo collage on wall, then you face a big challenge. That is, all the photo frames are tough to be arranged in a row. Here comes the active participation of your teeth cleaner & this action will drive you through one of the genius uses of toothpaste that you could experience.

Just decide the places where you have to hang up those photo frames and stick some toothpaste at those places.  Now press these frames on the wall wherever pointed. You will found the toothpaste gets glued at your walls & you will easily come to know as to where they have to be hanged. You are now ready to pin up the hole for getting those photo frames hanged. Try your luck with this unique trick.

use of toothpaste to hang photo frames

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