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5 Amazing DIY Garden Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

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Have you dreamt of a small garden in the porch area or the veranda of your lovely home? Or the tight and limited budget stops your hands to go for it? Here at Ezyshine, we have revealed all these answers at one place with amazing DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget.

garden accessories for miniature garden

A small garden in some corner gives life to your home with greenery. But this garden space is shrinking in the jungle of concrete trend. Nowadays, our creative designers are creating such gardens which consume less space. They actually make every inch of your home count even with small spaces. This is the reason why the concept of small and miniature gardens is on fast track. (Read: 5 DIY Garden Decorating Ideas on a Budget)

gardening ideas for home decor

People are also entertaining these concepts in the form of home decorating ideas or garden decorating ideas. You can see the market flooded with classic miniature garden accessories that can work on any spot you need to renovate in your ‘home sweet home’. These multiple garden decorating ideas not only gives a trendy & creative look to your home, rather, it also gives an eco-friendly touch to your home décor.

recycled gardening - DIY garden decoration

You can also enjoy the variety of miniature gardens at your home by choosing the design and style you prefer. Check out the empty spaces of your home and then the better place to experience the difference. It could be more fun when you grab the idea and then do it yourself! We assure you that you will discover the creative person in you with these DIY garden decorating ideas for small space. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

Space could be chosen in the form of indoor plants, veranda, porches, or balcony decoration. Moreover, be it your small bedrooms set, kitchen space, kids playing corridors space, or even rooftops corner spaces, etc…

gardening ideas - home decor ideas

You will find these DIY garden decorating ideas very inspiring & eye-catchy for small-small spaces at your home.

1. Magical Glass bowls for home decoration

Have u ever thought that your old or unused glass containers can give a sparkling effect to your home? Ya.. its true..!! Gaze out in the market and you’ll find the market full of classy glass vases, bowls and jars for decorating your interior and outdoor.

glass bowls gardening for home decoration


All you need is to take an unused glass container and plant in it. You can also use pebbles and coloured stones to enhance the beauty. Plant some beautiful and colourful flowers or small plants that can hang down from the container. (Read: 7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas Using Teacups – Home Decor)

These DIY garden decorating ideas are perfect for small spaces as they need less water and care. They can make your home alive with their charming & cute essence.

glass balls planting - DIY garden decorating ideas

2. Hanging Planters

Friends, Close your eyes and imagine the empty corner areas of your home reflecting the artistic look because of lovely hanging planters. Roam around the home & find the cute and designer planters hanging from the ceiling or beam. (Read: What Does Your Home Interior Design Say About You?)

Isn’t it lovely..??

It seems like a fairyland. Hanging planters are the amazing garden decorating ideas for small spaces. It is a chic way to invite nature to our home. Just show your creativity and glam up your home sweet home.

hanging planters for decorating home and garden


You can find many creative pots & hanging planters in the market of different shapes and designs like bulbs, shells, mugs, iron tins etc and can give your home a different look. Plant the money plant, asparagus, and other plants & Hang them in the balcony or porch to make the outdoor more eco-friendly.

cute hanging planters for miniature garden

3. Container Gardening

Turn out your balconies, patios, porches or small outdoor living space into a small and creative garden with the inspiring and artistic containers. You can make your living space more cosy and inviting with these astounding DIY garden decorating ideas for small spaces. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

container gardening ideas - home decoration

Spread the fragrance of the flowers and make your surroundings healthy through gardening. Don’t worry it won’t pinch your pockets, just need little efforts and your creativity. The container gardening concept is in trend these days as it needs less space. Container gardening includes gardening in different shape containers like boxes and pots which can jazz up the look of your home.

container gardening decorating ideas

4. Add glow to your spaces with Small Plants

If you are crazy for garden accessories, then you can decorate the miniature garden in an easy & attractive way. The market is full of artistic stone fountains and many other modern garden designs where you can grow plants in a decorative way. (Read: Want to give new look to your interior?? Try these indoor plants…)

small plants decoration - garden decoration ideas


Apart from this, you can also choose some unused designer things to make it shine in your miniature garden with greenery all around it. This way, small plants will fill the small spaces of your home by transforming it into a leafy paradise.

This will be the superb idea for garden decorating projects on a budget exclusively according to what your pocket can allow. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

glass bowls garden decoration ideas

5. Recycle the waste or Unused items

Recycling is the best way to make use of broken or unworthy household things that can be helpful in shaping up the extraordinary decorative material for your garden area. Your DIY garden decorating ideas will groom up instantly with these modern recycling projects.

recycled gardening

Many times the broken flower pots become a matter of waste. But you can decorate an eye catchy miniature garden by placing accessories in these broken pots. You can experiment with remaining portion of broken pot & even the portion of pot that is broken. You can decorate such pots with rose, lily, sandel, or many other flowers full of fragrance. They will give a new life to your creativity. (Read: 5 Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns | DIY Home Decor)

recycled garden ideas - garden decoration for small space

Happy Gardening…!!!

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