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5 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Football | Fitness Tips

June 28, 2014 11:21 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Football Fever has highly gripped the fans across the globe as the FIFA World Cup 2014 is approaching towards its goal..!!

Along with the game, we get thrilled by seeing the strength, fitness, stamina & mind blowing skills by these great football players. So, if you wanna be a football player or if you’re just a football crazy enthusiast or an athlete, then you got to know how these players master those skills, along with the health benefits of playing football.Health benefits of playing football - health care

Playing football is a fun sport with numerous health benefits. These benefits are far outweighing from the risk that is involved inside the game. You get physical fitness along with the protection from common diseases and various chronic diseases too. The best part about playing football or soccer is that it’s the cheapest and natural exercise, especially for those who are heavy weight. It’s better to play soccer than to go for a run or lifting weights. It’s the most ideal sport in terms of health, strength, building stamina, & even increasing concentration.

Swami Vivekananda said – ‘You will be nearer to heaven playing football than studying the Bhagvad Gita.’ With this,he meant that – “First of all, our young men must be strong. Religion will come afterwards.”Vivekananad urged to play football for healthy body

OMG Fact..!! Amazing Health benefit of playing Football..!!

In this 90 Minutes game plan, that is full of power & energy, each player burns approx. 600 calories which equals to about 8-10 km of distance traveled…!”

There are lot of things related to fitness & health that a football player needs to keep in mind…!! Take a tour about the fitness tips with Ezyshine to know these health benefits which might encourage you for playing football.Health benefits of playing football

Here are some amazing Health benefits you achieve by playing football:

1. Strong Muscles

As it is proved that physical activities keep you fit but playing football adds fun to your fitness.  Playing football have many health benefits. It not only keeps you fit but also makes the muscles of your thighs, chest, legs and stomach strong. It improves the performance of the athlete and helps in reducing the danger of getting injured potentially. It improves muscles tone and lowers body fat. Tackling and defensive moves, chasing your opponent builds flexibility, endurance and strength. Regular playing football puts pressure on bones, which helps in strengthening of the bones.sharp mental skills  health benefits of playing football

2. Burn Calories, Reduce Fat

Playing football is a kind of aerobic exercise through which you can make your fat cry. You can easily burn your calories and extra fat (mouse on know about Good Fats & Bad Fats). Playing football benefits health due to fast shifts between turn, twist, running, jogging and walking which are more than enough to tone your body in perfect shape.

Do you know guys.. It can burn 300-350 calories in just 40-45 min. It is a great way to have a sexy body.weight loss - health benefits of playing football

3. Improves Cardiovascular Health

Playing football for 90 min strengthens your cardiovascular system and reduces high blood pressure. It reduces the chances of heart diseases, diabetes and other chronic diseases. As playing football focus on continuous shifts between twists and turns, running which helps in functioning of the heart properly. It increases your stamina too which keeps you healthy and fit for longer time.
playing football lowers BP

4.  Reduces Stress

Football not only helps in getting a perfect toned body and also helps to live a stress free life. Endrophins, which controls the fluctuating mood, is also released by exercise. Exercise through playing football makes mood stable. It raises self- esteem and makes your dark mood lighter.

Guys who are suffering from state of depression or can’t sleep properly can start playing football and see the results themselves.stress free by playing football

5. Improves Co-ordination and other Social Benefits

One of the best health benefits about playing football is that you get good exercise being with friends and family. Moreover, the feeling of team work takes birth within you. Not necessary that you gotta play football in a bid ground only, you can start and enjoy the game in your spacious lawn, terrace, or at a beach..!!

Good for you socially and physically both..!!
teamwork - benefits of playing football

Researchers quote that football is a sport that is truly effective for controlling high BP as it involves active use of your head, chest & legs. Other than this, the sporty game helps to reduce cholesterol, obesity, improves heart functioning, Improves cardiovascular health, weight loss, etc, etc… Can’t even jot down all the benefits at once..!!

Avoid Playing Football If…

  • If you got your leg fractured sometime or have a rod inside your leg, then play after consulting your doctor.
  • If you are asthmatic,
  • If you ever got heart attack or you have a weak heart, and
  • If you suffer from high BP, then consult your doctor first..!!fitness by playing football

I’m pretty sure you guys remember the Shakira ‘Waka WakaWorld Cup song for FIFA World Cup 2010, and I still heard everybody hearing the music this summer too. By the way, this time, its Shakira’s song ‘Dare (La La La)’ & that’s the official song for the 2014 FIFA World Cup – Brazil.

Friends, let me tell you that there is no boundation of playing football in terms of sex, caste or religion. So, go out, hit the ball as hard as you can & keep yourself healthy and fit..!!

Let the Football Fever Rock..!!


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Shivam Agarwal
Nutritional Health Consultant

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