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5 Amazing Outdoor Dinner Party Decoration Ideas for Summers – Ezyshine

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It’s too hot inside. Are you thinking the same what I have in my mind? Yeah! The classy & elegant outdoor dinner party will be enough to chill everyone right here to kick off the summer and relish with the loved ones.

Keep the Ice Cubes ready for the mash-up !! Lolzz..!!

outdoor dinner party ligting ideas

Working in the kitchen, sweating, and then having dinner on the same table watching tv seems sometimes boring. But an outdoor dinner party can set your mood and make you relax from whole day weariness and stinker summer. It is the best way to make memories and spend time with your friends and family. Adding to this, no matter how small your outdoor is, you just need a smart mind with creative thinking.

lightening ideas for backyard party

Guys, you don’t need to stampede to do all the arrangements, just relax a bit and add these given details to your outdoor dinner party decoration. Like, add cushions with covers to all tables & chairs to give a comfortable environment to the guests. (Read: 5 Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns | DIY Home Decor)

From flower arrangement to dinner set, and from lightning to the drinks… all have to be kept in synchronization to achieve what you actually want. Trust me lovely peeps, you gonna feel light and blandish while touching up the outdoor.

outdoor dinner party ideas for summers

Before starting the summer decoration, be organized.

  • Pick a paper and pen, make your guest list and send an invitation to them.
  • Set the theme of your outdoor dinner party decoration, so that things don’t get mess up.

These outdoor dinner party ideas will make you rock n roll as it will not pinch your pockets and make you run hither and thither.

summer outdoor dinner parties

1. Fancy Lanterns

Lightning is the key that can downright your half job of an outdoor dinner party. And when talking about the outdoor dinner party ideas, how can you leave your guests in dark? For that, handmade lanterns or fancy lanterns can add glitters to your theme party. Just hang them on the trees and illuminate your surroundings. If you are not surrounded by large trees, place them around your sitting space.

string lights for backyard dinner party

I usually prefer string lights for the party vibe. Dangle the string of lights on the tree branches, or the fence.  Try to pick the bulbs or led lights as they will keep your party elegant and soothing. You can even create a backdrop with string light. This will serve both the purpose – Lighting around you and whim decoration.

outdoor dinner party lightening ideas

2. Bohemian Sitting

The Bohemian theme is best for the outdoor dinner party. When you have a handful of guests, just pick this theme without giving a thought. A low table sitting theme full of colors and chic props. You don’t need to spend money on the furniture. Put your indoors outside and give cozy look to your outdoor dinner party.

chic outdoor dinner party - ezyshine

Collect all the glaring rugs and cushions. Set the table and throw the splash of colors all around with proper groupings and mix match of rugs, carpets, and mantles. Squashy cushions and pillows are perfect to make your guests and family comfortable.

boho chic backyard party ideas

3. Chic Table Decoration

Tabletop is incomplete without floral decoration. Flowers count up luster to any party decoration, be it indoor parties, weddings, outdoor or any other occasion and festival. It brings a peaceful accent to the party.

While decorating tabletop, don’t forget to put some best collection of vases you have adorned with real flowers. You can even pair them with the aromatic candles or some fancy decorative ornaments. Moroccan puffs go excellent with the outdoor dinner parties especially bohemian theme.

summer outdoor party decoration

Wrap the table with the neat tablecloth. Throwing small popping tablecloths on the table in a perfect alignment will lace your dining table like anything. Order the plates, knives, spoons, and napkins properly on the table. Avoid using paper plates as it will spoil the taste of your outdoor dinner party decoration.

outdoor dinner party decoration - Ezyshine

Try to replace the paper plates with the designer crockery or dinnerware set. It will add class to the party. If you don’t want to spend much on the outdoor dinner party decoration, pick the things from the shops that give these things on rent.

If you don’t want to spend much on the outdoor dinner party decoration, pick the things from the shops that give these things on rent.

table decoration for outdoor dinner party

4. Keep the Food Simple with Proper Balance

Welcome your guests with your signature welcome drink. It can be a refreshing cocktail, sangria, some fruit juice or shakes. Cocktail is a great option as it keeps you away from setting a separate drink bar.

Moving onto the food, keep it simple. Don’t try to make everything. Limit the menu and prepare the best you can make. Keep 1-2 starters that you can keep ready before time. Same with the main course, keep the elements ready and microwave them when you need them. (Read: 7 Best Non Alcoholic Drinks & Mocktail Recipes|Ezyshine)

backyard dinner party decoration

Salsa, chutneys, and dips will not take much time of yours. Make them a day before and refrigerate them. It will not keep you engaged in the kitchen and you will be able to make memories with your guests and family.

How can a summer dinner party be complete without some chilled and lip smacking dessert? Pick ice creams, faloodas, cheesecakes or brownies to set everyone’s mood. (Read: 4 Easy Homemade Ice Cream Recipes Without an Ice Cream Maker)

dessert bar - ezyshine - outdoor dinner party ideas

5. Proper Arrangement of Outdoor Fans

Thinking of outdoor dinner party and that too bugs free, is a big task. Opt for some mosquito repellant candle sticks or coils that you can set all around your picnic space. Outdoor fans will be the great choice to set the mood of the outdoor dinner party as it will keep the bugs away from your guests and create an airflow during warm summer days.

mosquito repellent essential oil diffuser - outddor party ideas

Impress your friend circle and other guests by attractive outdoor fans to leave a lasting impression. Check out the pic collection of Ezyshine and let you be the master of your party planning.

patio-mosquito-repellent-lantern - ezyshine

Still not satisfied? You can search through the Internet giants for further knowledge. Or, simply leave us a message if you need more collections or any additional information this way round. We will revert back with utmost importance!

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