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5 Beauty Benefits of Curd | Skin and Hair Care Tips

June 22, 2014 11:30 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Every one of you wishes to have a smooth and glowing skin. Naturally, as summers are at their heights, you must be little worried about your skin. You must be out for shopping and buying various branded cosmetic products which can take care of your Skin and Hairs in this chilling summer season. You even might be planning for some skin treatment which would keep the balance of our beauty.

Now what if I say that I have a homely solution that could be of great help in enhancing your beauty and taking care of your skin naturally..??

Yes my friends, you are right..!! Yogurt (curd) it is..!!curd for skin and hair care

Yogurt has been used since ancient times as a skin and hair treatment agent. It may sound surprising but there are numerous beauty benefits of curd that can prove to be a complete package for your skin and hair care treatments. Curd protects your skin by leaving it glowing and smooth. It’s a cow product and available easily at home or nearby grocery shops.

Beauty benefits could be – Facial Moisturizer, Scrub agent, Hair treatments, Sunburn or Whitening teeth.

Curd (Or Dahi) has multiple benefits in terms of beauty that is considered to be the great meal in breakfast. This great digestive aid is a rich source of Vitamin C, Zinc and calcium, which are some of the most essential nutrients required by body for healthy skin.beauty benefits of curd masks

Below are some selective yet most effective beauty benefits of curd for your skin and hair care:

1. Facial Moisturizer

Curd is considered as a miracle for skin problems. It can give a natural glow to your skin. Not only this.. If you are tired of vanishing your dark circles, then trust me lovely ladies.. Curd can surely help you out of this. I too was tired of using cosmetics and other products for dark circles, but all in vain. Finally i have tried this.. and got the marvel effect. There are many beauty benefits of curd. It keeps you away from fine lines, and all the worries regarding your skin. It fights with acne and pimples.  beauty benifits of curd

You can make many types of face packs with curd/yogurt and can even apply it simple also  for your smooth and glowing skin. Its the perfect solution for skin care.

  • Mix Curd with oats and honey and apply it on your face for supple and nourished skin.
  • Mix curd with Turmeric and play it on your face and keep it for 15 min. It will deep cleanse your face.
  • Ladies.. If you will apply the mixture of orange peel powder and curd on your face and keep it for 10-15 min at-least twice a weak… It will add golden complexion to your skin.curd-for-skin-care

2. Curd as Scrub

Curd is a natural scrubber for the whole body. No soap and other products can nourish your skin as the curd will do. Combination of Curd with gram flour or dry orange peel work as a beauty benefit for your body. Apply this mask to your body by moving your fingers in circular motion. Don’t rub it hard. Apply with gentle hands. Keep it for 5 min. Then wash your body with Lukewarm or cold water. This natural scrub will nourish your skin and keep it healthy and moisturized.curd for glowing skin

3. Curd for Hairs

Curd works best for Hairs and scalp. It tame frizzy hairs and add shine to the hairs. You can use curd as hair mask and conditioner. Hairs add to the beauty of the women and every women wants beautiful soft silky hairs. People having curly hairs can use curd to soften their hairs and to give shiny effect to their locks. Curd not only benefits the beauty but also used for hair care. If you have lots of dandruff and wan to get rid of it.. Then, just add a pinch of black pepper in a bowl of curd and apply that curd all over your hairs. Wash your hairs after 30 min. It will reduce hair fall and split ends.curd for hairs

4. Curd cures sunburn

Sun exposure can tan your skin which cannot be cured in one go. But curd have zinc which relax you from scald and itching.  To get rid of itching and skin tan apply double layer of curd on the affected area. You can also add some scent drops into it. Wash it off after 15-20 min. You will feel relaxed. Zinc helps in reducing the acne and pimples. It smooth the skin and prevent rashes and swelling.curd for sunburn skin

5. Curd for Whitening teeth

If you are searching for some natural remedies for whitening the teeth, then choosing curd is the best option. Curd not only have beauty benefits but also have health benefits. If you’ll go to the clinic for same purpose, then you’ll have to bear high expenses. To whiten your teeth take 1-2 spoon curd and rub it on your teeth daily. Within some weeks you’ll yourself some your sparkling white teeth. It is due to calcium and phosphorus which is present in curd/yogurt. Curd helps in reducing attacks from harmful acids to prevent cavities.curd for whitening teeth

These beauty benefits of curds could be experienced in the way above. Apart from that, curd is used to reduce tanning, under eye dark circles, & in fighting Pimples and Acne too..!! So, Keep your skin fresh and young with these tips & make others Jealous with your naturally glowing skin.

Experience the beauty benefits of curd by applying these tips along with consuming curd in your meals on daily basis.

Stay Healthy & Keep Glowing..!!

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