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5 Beauty Tips for Busy Moms – Makeup Tips and Tricks

February 24, 2015 10:21 am Published by 1 Comment
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Hey Moms! Here we have some quick beauty tips for busy moms that will let your personality and proactive nature shine like a pearl, when you are at work. As the beauty is a state of mind, so just believe in yourself that you are beautiful.

I see my mom working day and night to keep my family active and healthy. She is so busy with kids and other household chores that she hardly gets time to groom her. That is how she goes all day..! In same regards, I question myself that all housewives might be able to take out time for the same but is it possible for working women to do simple makeup in between the daily household responsibilities?

makeup tips & tricks for moms

Especially when it’s about office time, you got to have a choosy makeup for a glowing and shining skin for the whole day. In such a hectic schedule, many makeup tips and tricks are found tough to follow as you need to cook early in the morning along with other household chores, then getting the kids ready for their school, preparing breakfast and lunch for kids and darling hubby, and lot more to be mentioned.

Time goes short for various beauty tips for busy moms which ultimately becomes challenging while you run around kids, work, breakfast, and foodstuffs. Due to this reason, many a times you feel that you are no more presentable. Hence, you don’t have time to get some glamorous makeup done in the parlor too.

makeup tips for busy moms - beauty tips

According to Glamorous Mom Shannon Lazovski, of Washington Township (a blogger, stylist, image consultant and social media maven) – “Looking good is the sum of many small decisions. It’s all about choices we make when we get ready for an event or just the day”.

It’s time to go for these beauty tips for the busy mom, which will strongly reflect your inner beauty and charming personality. Apart from all makeup tips and tricks, one thing to assure and must have is keep smiling and having a positive attitude towards life. This gives you some extra dose to take out time for yourself and make you look the best.

Check this out:

1. Moisturize Your Skin

Nourishing your skin with the moisturizer is equally important, wearing makeup for parties. For forever glowing skin, it is the must do beauty tip for busy moms. So, don’t forget to nurture your skin with moisturizer daily. Regular use of moisturizer will help you to get the perfect look instantly for hangouts or evening parties. Drink lots of water daily as it hydrates our body, rids us of toxins & brightens the skin. Keep a bottle with you wherever you go, so that you can keep a track. You can use olive oil or other fruit creams to moisturize your skin.

moisturizer for dry skin - beauty tips for moms

2. Go for Good Haircut

Ask the hair stylist to give you a haircut which is easy to maintain, takes less time to comb & enhance your personality. Make sure the length of the hairs should fall between chin & shoulder so that it is easy to make the pony & you can even keep them open too. Busy moms can get the fabulous look using these beauty tips instantly. Sassy haircut will add a twist to your style.

good haircut for moms- beauty tips

3. Have Fun With Eyes

Eye makeup adds a sparkling touch to the beauty. So, how can we forget them? Work on eyelashes. Long eyelashes enhance the beauty of eyes. Apply mascara finely on the eyelashes so that they look heavy & long. You can have fun with colorful eyeshadows to give the magical effect to your eyes. Spending some extra time for your eyes can make you more appealing. Curl your eyelashes to give your eyes a shining & healthy look.

Additionally, to hide the dark circle & to reduce the fines lines below your beautiful eyes, moms should go for the anti-aging eye cream known as eye concealer. As to look gorgeous and beautiful, it’s important to hide these dark circles. So, add these concealers in your makeup kit and they will surely help you achieve the flawless skin under your eyes.

eye makeup tips for busy moms

4. Get glossy by applying Lip Gloss or Lip Liner

I love to apply lip gloss. Actually it makes the lips appear more glossy, as the name suggests.

Give an inviting look all over by applying lip gloss or a lip color. Just carry a lip balm, lip color, lip liner or a lipstick in your makeup kit so that it helps to add glow to your face with ease and effectiveness. Many Indian and international cosmetic brands like L’oreal, Maybelline, Lakme, Artistry, or Attitude, etc have been introducing top class lip glosses for all day moisture and softness. Brighten up your lips by following one of these simplest beauty tips for busy moms.

lips makeup tips for moms

5. Take Bath before Sleep

The whole day spent in chores and kids activities. This generally keeps you away from getting a full-fledged body massage to relax and feel fresh. In fact, you might feel restless or trouble feeling asleep when you are in bed like something is missing…!

Hey there! I have an awesome idea that will not only work as an effective makeup tips and tricks, rather it will also make you feel charged up for a better sleep. Get your body down into a warm water tub just before going to bed. Warm baths simply raise your body temperature and gives you a perfect massage. This will gradually reduce the level of day’s stress and your body will shine like a pearl.

bath before sleep for healthy lifestyle

Moreover, depending upon weather conditions, you could opt for a face wash. Splash your half open eyes with water and you will feel the magic of relaxation.

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