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5 Best DIY Diwali Decoration Ideas for Home – Ezyshine

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“O My God! There is lot of home decorating work is still pending. Home cleaning and its makeover had to be re-touched within a short span of time. Moreover, Diwali shopping for home decoration has to be covered shortly.”

hanging lanterns - DIY diwali decor

This is what we generally feel during this festival of lights. Even, the work of renovation and painting starts a month before, but still the preparations come to an end just one day before Diwali. The housewives and other family members are always found concerned for new innovative Diwali decoration ideas for home. They always wish to change the way they use to decorate the home. They are now in search of other forms of Diwali decoration stuff by exploring new ideas. This is the level of joy and excitement to buy every item that will make their home shine like a pearl. (Read: 5 Easy Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Must Read) 

Hello, everyone! If you are concerned about using same boring lights every year, Or if you are loaded with the tension of a lot of cash flow in terms of decorative expenses, then I have a classic idea for your home.

Let’s DIY! (Do It Yourself)

diwali bandarwal - DIY diwali decoration ideas

See, I am born creative and I strongly believe that Diwali is an amazing occasion where one can explore the hidden power of imagination and the creative creature within. DIY is a fun activity too, that gives a meaning to the useless items scattered everywhere in house.

C’mon! It’s time to flow yourself with the air of festivity and celebrate this festival in an eco-friendly way. Just collect your complete list of Diwali Decorative Items and we will make them shine with ease in the Ezyshine way. (Read: 5 Scenic Contemporary Lights & Lamps for Home Decoration)

diya decoration - DIY diwali decor

Before we proceed further with these interesting DIY Diwali decoration ideas, we would like to gladly mention here that Ezyshine has always been an active in providing different home decoration ideas. We had already classified the various ideas about how to put your home out of the box. If you have a wish to retouch the leftover spaces at home on this Diwali, then we have amazing DIY Garden decorating ideas for small spaces on the board. If you wanna explore your imagination to the extreme level, then you can revisit the ideas to use Toilet paper rolls or the Old Unused Teacups  in an artistic way.

candle holder decoration

On this festival of lights, just chill my friends & transform your home into a modern powerhouse with the best DIY Diwali decoration ideas where, we will keep your bucks safe inside your pockets by varnishing your budget full of decorative items. With this, we assure you that this Diwali 2015, you will get a special attention & respect by your neighbours and relatives for such simple yet innovative DIY home decoration ideas. (Read: 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Must Go For)

Mouse it Up!

diy diwali decoration for home

1. Candle decoration with Lace

If you have got fed up with same boring candle decoration, then try these easy & classy DIY Diwali decoration ideas for home. Give the new look to the dull boring candles & candle holders. Just a hand of your creativity & the outcome will be Wowwwww……!! (Read: 5 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor)

candle holders - DIY diwali home decoration ideas

Take a look here:

  • Take a piece of lace and wrap it around the glass or mason jar.
  • Decorate it with coloured ribbons, buttons, yarn & many more decorative items.
  • Place the candle inside the jar.
  • Your cute lace candle holders are ready to lighten your home.

candle holder decoration with lace - DIY decor

2. Diya Decoration – Devotional feeling that fulfils the Diwali Decoration

As Sun is incomplete without light, the same way Diwali is incomplete without Diyas. Yes my friends! Colourful diyas make the environment colourful, sparky & full of worship. All you need to do is to peep into your imaginative mind and collect some thoughtful images in your thoughts. For instance, I could imagine how a diya made of half cut orange cover would look like! Cool Huhhh!! (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)diwali decoration ideas

Check these DIY Diwali decoration ideas that can make your Diwali budget friendly & glowy too. Just clean these creative diyas & then craft your thoughts into solutions the way you like. You can even decorate them with different stone & mirror work.

diwali decoration ideas - DIY decoration

3. Hanging Paper Lanterns – The Smart Choice

We have previously talked about such decorative hanging paper lanterns which are a perfect fit not only for Diwali celebration but also for outdoor or birthday party celebrations, or a themed party events too. Here are some more choices that you can opt for! (Read: 5 Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns | DIY Home Decor)

candle holder diwali decor

Truly, the Hanging paper lanterns are the best DIY Diwali decoration ideas for home sweet home. You can simply hang them & they will create an illumination effect on both the sides. Colourful wraps around the wireframe ball or paper flowers bunched together in the form of lantern form a perfect decorative item. The soft lights that come out from the paper lanterns, sets the romantic mood all around. You can use tissue paper, plastic cups or printed papers like floral prints or polka dots.

Ask your kids to help you out in these creative works. It will be learning with fun for them.

hanging paper lanterns

4. Centre Table Decoration – The Centre Attraction

Short on time? Looking for some easy & quick centre table decoration that can match the theme of your Diwali home decor? Then go for these cute mini lamps that will spruce up the dining table. (Read: Lighten your Home with these Decorative Candles)

For mini lampshades – You need vellum paper or printed sheets, wine glasses, glue & scissor. Make a lampshade out of paper by folding it. Fix the lampshade on the wine glass. Place the candle in it & lighten your dining environment.

candle holder - diy diwali decoration ideas

Wine glass as candle holders – This is also a great option to decorate your centre table. Place the wine glasses upside down & put the candles on them. You can even place the flower or flower petals in the wine glass.

candle holder diwali decor

5. Recyclable Rangoli – The Beauty of Diwali

Colourful rangoli on the floor has its own grace. But it is for the short time. What if, it gets permanent? It means no hustle bustle every year. Make it once & you can use it every time to make your floor colourful. (Read: 20 Beautiful Rangoli Designs and Patterns for Festive Occasions)

handmade rangoli - DIY diwali decoration ideas

You can use cardboard or wooden shape boards. Paint them, embellish with colourful stones, mirrors & Kundan. Try plastic shapes too to make the permanent rangoli.

Make use of the waste item at your home & come out with an amazing artwork.

rangoli decoration - DIY diwali decoration ideas for home

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