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5 Best Fruity Colors for Summer – Summer Fashion Trend

July 2, 2015 5:50 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Do you wanna cool down the burning temperature of these summer days? Then you need to get inspired by fruit colors clothing that will keep you cool all day long. After all, you have to set up a summer fashion trend for others too.

fruity fashion - dsummer trends

Cool colors are always entertained in the summer season & fashion loving ladies have a great attraction towards it. They believe that the hot temperature outside does not allow them to dress freely but, apparently, these elegant & colourful dresses have made it possible for them to have an urge to go shop and put the heat down on streets; even more than the summer heat.! (Read: 5 Amazing Summer Fashion Trends 2015 – Geometric Prints)

watermelon shorts - summer fashion trends

Ladies! The summer fashion is all about having fun with wearing bright colors. Pack up all your extra dark color clothes collection & flood up your wardrobe with the summer fashion trend. Give a twist to your fashion statement with these fruit color dresses for summers.

fruity nailpaint - summer fashion

As we know that this is the season of fruits and a sunny weather too, the fruity colors are largely being chosen by fashion freaks. Yellowish Mango (Aam), shiny red Watermelon (Tarbooza), light green Melon (Kharbooza), orangy orange, white creamy Litchi, and many more common summer fruit colors are being largely experimented in the fashion world to influence the summer fashion trend. (Read: Summer/ Spring Fashion trends 2015 – Floral Fashion)

This isn’t it friends! Fruits are no more used for eating; they are being used for wearing too.

summer fruity colors fashion blog - ezyshine

You can even find the fruit splash on every clothes (from casual wear to nightwears, from kids wear to ladies wear) which give a cool feeling all day long. The cool prints of watermelon, mango, or other summer fruits on your shorts, lightweight jersey, leggings or tops are just perfect for warmer weather.

Additionally, it feels delightful to mention that fruity fashion accessories like bracelets, shoes, purse, jewelry, watches, etc. have jumped into the fruit prints race & luckily, they look great when paired with mix match pattern. The fruit-inspired fashion accessories are highly available on fashion radar & I must admit that this summer fashion trend is hotter than the pricking heat outside! (Read: Fashionable Rompers & Jumpsuits for Women | Sexy Outfits)

orange wedding dress - wedding fashion

Brighten up your wardrobe with some these hottest summer fashion trend collection and discover the cool babe in you!

1. Off White/Ivory Litchi (Lychee) Coloured Outfit

The ivory or off-white color of Litchi is quite an important summer special color for dresses and outfits. Litchi colored dresses look delicious & sweet as the taste of the fruit. You can wear the fresh litchi fruits for the whole of the summers and spring season. This color easily goes with different color outfits which make you look good magically. (Read: Cool Tropical & Palm Prints | Monsoon fashion trends)

ivory hat - summer fashion trend - weddings

Moreover, a variety of fashion designers have been focussing on the white and ivory dresses for bridal gowns and outfits. So, if you are going to get married or looking to get a fairy look for your baby girl, then This Is It! Just go with this summer fashion trendy color & show off your figure the best!

ivory color - litchi themed fashion

Litchi Coloured Accessories Ideas – You can find a reusable grocery bag with Litchi fruit patches on it. Plus, a fashionable white Litchi printed leather shoes could be a good option.

lychee earrings

lace shoes - summer fashion

2. Creative Orange Coloured Outfit

Orange is a vitamin C rich food and the orange pulpy color shades on your summer outfits give a soothing feeling to your eyes. It has been found that orange color goes in trend with the blue color. The combination of both the colors gives a cool look to the complete makeover. (Read: Summer Fashion Shorts for Women | Sexy Hot Pants)

orange fashion - summer fashion trends


The bright shades of orangy color suit perfectly to the girls of all age group. Crisp combos of khaki and orange are also found fantastic. Especially, summers and monsoon seasons are a boom when these color outfits are carried over, just like the summer favorite orange fruit.

orange summer fashion dress - fashion trends

Orange Coloured Accessories Ideas – Go for designer earrings with orange fruit glittery clip or silver slice stud earrings to give you a modern look. (Read: Classy Metallic Fashion Accessories | Summer Fashion Trends)

orange jewelry for weddings

3. Fresh Watermelon

Imagine the time when you come home tired from a long day work & when you consume watermelon at home, you feel fresh& energized completely. Hence, as the name suggests, it’s a fruit full of 85-90% water and the watermelon colored outfit keeps you charged and fresh as the fruit does.

watermelon inspired dress - fashion trends

These colored splashes on your dress work greatly in contributing to the summer fashion trend. Plus, the combination of the white color top along with the watermelon colored skirt or shorts will leave behind a magnetic look in you. In this hot pricking weather, even hot girls love this red hot color so far. (Read: Cool Canvas Shoes for Men & Women | Fashion Trends)

watermelon dress - summer fashion trends

Watermelon Coloured Accessories Ideas – You could go for long style nail stickers with watermelon patterns. Even watermelon scarfs and watermelon socks are seen in fashion streets. (Read: Neon Colored Footwear – Latest Fashion Trend)

watermelon pendent - accessories fashion

4. Yellow Mango (Aam) Coloured Outfit

Mango being my all time summer favorite fruit, I just love the splash of yellow color on the lovely outfits. That’s why this is the best color I always recommend to the beauties around me.

yellow mango color fashion - summer trends 2015

The charm and popularity of seasonal Mango fruit can also be seen in the collections of various fashion designers & in the wardrobe of many Bollywood actresses. Mango color turns out to be the irresistible summer dress that is also an essential fruit color series of summers and spring season. (Read: Sexy High low prom dresses for women | Latest fashion trend)

Keeping in mind the summer fashion trend, the expert designers have been regularly experimenting with this mango yellow color.

summer fashion trends - yellow footwear

Be sure that carrying this bright yet elegant color will make guys fall on their knees for your one look. You could have tops, jumpsuits, and even short or long skirts to go with this mango color. You could also go for a pleated long dress or you can choose the one piece outfit with mango color flowers designed at the lower bottom. (Read: Classy One Shoulder Dresses | Latest Fashion Trend)

yellow jeans - fashion trends summer 2015

Mango Coloured Accessories Ideas – The best suggestion for this part would be the Mango fruit fashion jewelry sets that also contains party wear & trendy necklace and earring set.

mango earring - jewelry fashion

5. Soft & Green Melon (Kharbooza) Coloured Outfit

Melon (Kharbooza) is a low-calorie fruit for summers which tremendously helps to boost your energy even in hot afternoons. Melon color could be simply green like honeydew. Moreover, you must have noticed that light green color of Melon does not prick to our eyes. (Read: 4 Seasonal Indian Ethnic Wear for Women)

honeydew fashion - summer trends 2015


The splash of melon shades makes your outfit applicable to the flow of latest summer fashion trend. In this season, everyone loves to have this fruit, & so it’s color too has its own importance in the fashion world. Moreover, young girls are choosing this color dress more affectionately than other trendy outfits for daily use purpose. The fabrication work and elegant work of crystals make the dress more party wear and attractive too.

honeydew hair accessories

Melon Coloured Accessories Ideas – Go crazy with the melon color funky snickers for ladies and hot chicks that can be easily carried with a pair top and lights colored shorts.

honeydew melon footwear - summer fashion

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