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5 Best Health Tricks to Boost Your Immune System – Ezyshine

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Whether it’s protecting you from invasive foreign organisms or getting rid of degenerating cells in your body, your immune system plays a vital role in keeping you healthy. Unfortunately, most people suffer from low defenses as a result of years of following unhealthy habits like smoking or eating junk foods. However, the good news is that you only need a to make a few tweaks to your lifestyle to get your immune system working at its best.

There are several strategies which have a proven track record for increasing the production of antibodies – which are organisms that can get rid of foreign pathogens, like viruses, before they have the time to settle down – but without having the secondary effects that many pharmaceutical products produce.

How to strengthen your immune system

Here are the easiest ways to boost your immune system and keep you healthy and fit. 

1. Eat Citrus Fruits

Eating oranges are a popular home remedy used to treat the flu and for a good reason. Oranges, lemons, tangerines, limes, and other types of citrus fruits are packed with vitamin C, which can build your immune system and boost your defenses during an infection. (Read: 5 Health Care Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter – Ezyshine)

Higher concentrations of vitamin C found in citrus fruits are thought to increase the production of white blood cells and phagocyte cells, which get rid of bacteria found in your bloodstream. However, since this vitamin is only stored in the body for short periods of time, you need to consume it every day to keep your defenses up.

Vitamin C is a vitamin that the body doesn’t produce and is only found in high concentrations in a limited set of foods, most of which, such as broccoli, are not a part of most people’s diet. But citrus fruits have the double advantage of having high concentrations of this vitamin and being easy to consume, which means that adding a few squeezes to your meals will do wonders for your health!

vitamin-boost-citrus-fruits to boost immune system

2. Maintain a Well Round Diet

A balanced, nutrient-packed diet is the basic building block for a strong immune system. Our bodies require a steady supply of organic compounds to do everything from balancing our digestion to getting rid of unhealthy byproducts. Which is why following a rich diet that includes proteins, carbs, fruits, and plenty of vegetables is the best way to keep your body protected. (Read: 5 Effective Ways to Beat the Sugar Addiction – Ezyshine)

Maintaining a healthy body also involves eliminating foods that are toxic from your menu. Picking organic products over those grown using pesticides, additives, and preservatives will reduce the strain they put on your immune system while also eliminating the negative effects that these chemicals can have on your body.

However, eating healthy doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun. Healthy fats and sugar play an important role in strengthening your defenses. So much, in fact, that studies proved that consuming moderate quantities of natural sweeteners and healthy fats help the body manufacture compounds like prostaglandins, which are used to kill invading pathogens and germs.


3. Get Moving

Exercise is more than just a way to look good on the beach. In fact, setting and achieving your fitness goals is known to strengthen the body’s immune system dramatically. That’s why people who live a sedentary lifestyle are more likely to catch an infectious disease than those who are constantly active.

When you are exercising, your body’s natural response is to produce more blood cells, which are used to attack foreign bacterial invaders. The more regularly you work out the more enduring the changes will be, as a study showed that people who did moderate exercise 5 or 6 days were only half as likely to catch a cold than those who didn’t. (Read: 5 Tricks to Choose the Right Kind of Workout Clothes – Ezyshine)

If you’re a sedentary person, changing your lifestyle and becoming more active can be a challenging task. But it doesn’t have to be a boring one! Instead of signing up for a gym and never go you could try recruiting a workout buddy, practicing a sport you like, joining a fitness class, or even learning some hot salsa. Anything that keeps you on your toes will do.

exercise to boost immune system - ezyshine

4. Eat Probiotic Foods

While eating plenty of vegetables and fruits is generally an excellent advice, there is one part of your body that has its own nutritional needs: your gut. Besides taking care of your digestion, the bacteria that inhabit your gut plays an important role in helping your body to deal with infections successfully.

Studies show that eating probiotic foods provides healthy active cultures that your gut needs to prevent harmful inflammatory conditions. This, in turn, prevents compromising your immune system, which would otherwise be seriously weakened by the effects of recurrent inflammatory episodes. (Read: 6 Secrets to Stay Healthy and Fit – Mental Health Tips)

The best probiotic products are those made fermenting natural foods and beverages, such as yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, kombucha, and tempeh. These not only contain the healthy bacteria your gut needs to prevent inflammations, but are also more potent than its pharmaceutical pill alternative – as a 2015 study done on mice showed that those fed with a milk-based probiotic were less prone to inflammation than those who took the pill version.

Probiotic foods to build immunity

5. Raise Your PH

The standard diet that most people eat is high in processed meats, high-fat dairy products, sugars, and cooked grains. All of these foods make the body more acidic, which in turn can off-balance your whole body and weaken your immune system. To keep your defenses in tip-top shape it is of primordial importance that you keep a high pH level on your body. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Sources of Calcium – Calcium Rich Foods)

Eating plenty of vegetables and fruits, while also avoiding eating large quantities of acidic foods, is the healthiest way to raise your pH level. However, you can also complement your diet with mineral supplements like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which will give you that extra boost that food alone can’t provide. (Read: Factual Brief about Need & Importance of WATER in our Body)

ph scale to boost immune system

The older you get, the more important your pH level is going to be. Studies show that aging relates to an increase of acidic content in our blood, which causes the body to break down your muscle in an effort to stabilize the pH balance in your blood. However, by following a healthy alkaline diet not only will you be able to keep most of your muscle mass as you age, but also to keep your immune system healthy and ward off disease.

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