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5 Best Ways to Organise Your Wardrobe – Ezyshine

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Does it take you ages to get dressed in the morning because you can’t find what you want to wear? And when you finally find something, is it wrinkled or creased? We’ve all been there. A messy wardrobe can be stressful, especially when we don’t have much time to get ready in the morning.

Don’t panic guys, Just follow these easy steps to organise your wardrobe and get rid of the pressure. 

wardrobe management - organise your wardrobe

1. Declutter your Wardrobe

The most important step to organise your wardrobe is taking stock of what you have and get rid of old clothes. The fewer clothes you have, the fewer clothes you need to manage. It just so happens that having less is the biggest fashion trend to hit the cloth industry. The art of decluttering has gone through a renaissance over the past few years and wardrobe management is a huge part of it.

declutter your wardrobe - ezyshine

One of the most popular writers in the movement is Marie Kondo. She recommends going through every item you own and keeping anything that sparks joy. If a piece of clothing doesn’t spark joy, thank it for teaching you something about yourself (for example, the colour yellow does not look good on you) and then place it in the discard pile.

Otherwise, use your own judgment or method. For example, you may want to get rid of clothes you’ve not worn for over three years or are heavily damaged. Some stains are easy to remove, so give your stained clothes the last treatment before you decide to bin them. Resources are available online with handy tips, such as how to remove ink stains from clothes, office attire, and school uniform.

Many swear by the benefits of decluttering, claiming that you’ll feel free, more in control and calmer. Give it a go.

organize your wardrobe - ezyshine

2. Storage Solutions to Organise Your Wardrobe

Look at what storage is available to you after decluttering and work with what you have. As a minimum, you probably want:

  • An area for hanging clothes such as dresses, shirts, jackets, smart trousers and occasion wear.
  • 1-2 drawers for storing folded underwear, socks and tights.
  • 2-3 shelves for folded items such as T-shirts, jeans.
  • Areas designated for shoes e.g. have shoe rack by the door or at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Basic wardrobe territory right? You don’t need expensive and bespoke storage solutions to organise your wardrobe. What matters is you come up with a system that works for you and stick to it.

You may find the following guidelines helpful: 

1. Make clothing accessible and visible: Avoid storing clothes in a way that you cannot see them e.g. stacking clothes behind other piles of clothes. Store clothes vertically instead of horizontally in drawers. That way you save on space and can check the availability of clothes.

2. Categorise your clothes according to type: Group similar clothes together such as trousers with trousers, and dresses in dresses.

3. Hang common outfit combinations together: If you wear an outfit combination regularly, hang it up in your wardrobe on one hanger for easy access.

4. Shoe boxes: Use shoe box in drawers to group and separate socks, bras, tights and undergarments.

wardrobe arrangement

3. Hide what you don’t need

When it’s high summer and sweltering outside, there is a good chance you won’t need your woolly jumpers and coats anytime soon. If your wardrobe is tight on space, store off-season clothes in cupboards or suitcases. When winters roll around, you can greet your comforting warm clothes like an old friend and give them pride of place in your wardrobe.

The same goes for other clothes that you only wear occasionally. For example, if you have a particular sari that you wear at weddings, store it away until you need it. The only exception to this rule are clothes that need to be hung up like suits or gowns that would be damaged by being folded. The fewer items you store in your wardrobe, the easier it is to organise your wardrobe and access what you need on a daily basis.

wardrobe management - organise your wardrobe

4. Look after your clothes

Knowing how to organise your wardrobe goes hand-in-hand with knowing how to look after your clothes. If you want to have a pristine, stain free shirt prepped for Monday morning, that means you want a routine for washing, ironing and mending clothes.

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Here are some guidelines to work into your routine:

1. Follow laundry labels: Washing and tumble drying fades, damages and shrinks your clothes faster than anything else. That’s why it’s vital to understand laundry labels and air dry clothes when possible.

2. How to remove stains from clothes: Some spills are difficult to remove and tackle such as ink, grease and food. So you’ll need to know how to remove ink stains from clothes or remove food spills by hand.

3. Ironing: Iron clothes before you store them in your wardrobe so you don’t have to worry about last minute wrinkles when you’re in a rush to get dressed.

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5. Take time to appreciate your clothes during your cleaning routine

We often rush through chores such as folding and cleaning clothes as if they are obstacles in our lives. But that approach to our clothes is what leads to damaged fabric and a wardrobe full of wrinkled clothes. When cleaning day comes around, slow down and use it to appreciate your clothes by reminding yourself why you bought them in the first place. For example, if you are figuring out how to remove ink stains from clothes, enjoy the texture and colour of them while you’re gently scrubbing the fabric.

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Folding can be therapeutic too. If you are usually reluctant to tackle the mountain of freshly cleaned clothes that are sitting in your laundry basket, break the task into smaller chunks. Create a pile for socks, a pile of tops, a stack of trousers etc. Once sorted, fold them one at a time. Enjoy the way the fabric feels on your fingertips. Before throwing them in your cupboard, think about where you are going to put them first and how you are going to order them in your wardrobe.

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Organising your wardrobe goes far beyond how you store your clothes. It requires developing a relationship with your clothes that makes you value and care about them. Clearing out your wardrobe can be fun and liberating too. Your wardrobe will be under control and you will feel like you are too.

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