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5 Brain Foods to Improve your Memory and Concentration

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I still remember those days of exams when mom use to gives me the bunch of almonds to eat so that it would fuel up my brain circuit and energize my power to memorize what I read. Exams are on my Friends! I hope your parents must be searching for best tips & brain foods to improve your memory and concentration. Sharpen your brain like a needle so that you can prick it at the right place.

brain foods for boosting brains

In a survey report by Kings College (London) & Rochester University (New York), it has been concluded that iron deficiency in our food intake results in reduction of our IQ level. This is because of the fact that iron deficiency reduces the level of hemoglobin and hence, it adversely affects the supply of oxygen to the brain. So Brainies! If you really wish to super charge your mood, or improve your memory and concentration, then feed yourself with lots of iron drinks by eating the right brain foods.

Know the Connection between Brain and Food Intake

Brain is undoubtedly the precious organ of our body, which is solely responsible for healthy functioning and fruitful execution as a whole. In fact, the memory we preserve inside this little piece of excellence, is all about know how in our daily lives. Trust me, we would not be able to handle these know abouts without our brain. Now have you ever wondered the impact of your food intake on functioning of your brain? No Worries!

brain foods to improve your memory and concentration

Actually, good nutritious food is equally important for mental growth and stability as it is highly recommended for physical fitness. In fact, the food you consume has a positive effect on your brain that will improve your memory at a faster pace. Moreover, if the message is flowing freely between the brain cells, then the power of concentration goes high. Also, the anti-oxidants that we receive for the brain foods, improves the flow of oxygen to the brain and hence you can think much better and clear.

Only thing you have do to improve your memory and concentration, is that select the food smartly that is filled with ample nutrients in the diet. Enjoy these selective foods which will improve your memory and keep your mind alert & active. (Read: 10 Tips to improve your memory and increase concentration)

memory boosting foods - almonds

When it comes to educate about such brain foods, you can start with almonds and nuts which will boost up your memory power at higher rate. Additionally, you can improve your memory and concentration by including brain foods like walnuts, blueberries, cinnamon and carrots too. Likewise, salmon fish is great thing to consume & even eggs are some of the best foods to improve your memory and concentration. These foods certainly improve your ability to focus and will reduce the chances of developing a brain disease known as Alzheimer’s disease.

There are multiple tips and tricks to keep your mind healthy & active so that your brain shows good presence of knowledge and hence, you score quite good marks.

studying during exams - brain foods

Here are those top brain foods to improve your memory and concentration along with overall physical strength.

1. Consume Coffee in Balanced Proportion

It is true that drinking coffee in routine will improve your memory and brain power. It also reduces the mental tiredness or stress you gather up daily. In fact, it has also been found that consumption of coffee accelerates the memorizing power. Always keep in mind that its usage does not exceed the level of consumption. It has to be in balanced proportion as addiction to anything is harmful. It would be justifiable enough if children does not consume more than one cup of coffee as a whole. (Read: Myths & Facts about caffeine addiction and health side effects)

coffee to improve concentration

2. Consuming Soya Milk or Soya Foods

Great Indian and forensic researchers have strongly believed that our brain desperately needs oestrogen, & soya foods are rich in oestrogen. Moreover, consumption of high soya diet helps to improve your memory along with your mind sharpness. That is the reason why such natural soya been, soya proteins, milk tofu, or other soya milk food products are always suggested. Trust me guys! It works..! (Read: Calcium Health Benefits for Women – Women’s Health Guide)

soya foods to increase your memory

3. Consuming Rosemary Oil

It has been specified that the scent of Rosemary Oil could provide extra boost to your brain power. Even the smell of the Rosemary could improve your memory and enhance the ability of your mind to work and prosper. Moreover, some psychologists of Northabria University took up a test where they found that the rosemary oil works cool enough to keep the mind & mood in cheerful mode.

You can even give rosemary to your child in form of herbs. You can add it in salad food of your child.

rosemary oil for improving memory

4. Consuming Omega-3 Fatty Acids

There are two types of fatty acids in our body – Omega-3 & Omega-6. Our body has the capability to make omega-6 fatty acids but we have to receive omega-3 fatty acids for our food only. Health experts have strongly believed that foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids can improve your memory and brain.  Similarly, oily fish has an abundant omega-3. Even, pregnant ladies are suggested to take omega-3 acids in their diet so that their child is born with sharp mind.

Omega-3 not only keeps the nervous system healthy, but it also accelerates the efficiency to learn. ‘Alsi’ is known for high omega-3 acid food. (Read: Do you consume good fats OR the bad fats.? Know the “Facts about Fats”)

omega 3 fatty acids - increase your memory

5. Consume Foods rich in Vitamin B

Vitamin B plays a vital role in supplying oxygen to brain and even protects your brain form free radicals. It also improves memory power at a faster rate. If your body gets enough Vitamin B12, then it can help to improve your memory drastically. In fact, low level of B12 results in memory loss.

Try to give your child this vitamin in natural form such as cereals, fish & poultry. (Read: 10 Ways to Stay Healthy and Fit – Healthy Lifestyle Tips)

vitamin b brain foods for increasing memory & concetration

Apart from food intake, proper mental and physical exercises are equally important for sharp mind. Meditation and yoga improves your power of imagination. Without regular exercise, plaque may slowly build up in arteries & blood vessels might begin to lose the ability pump blood effectively.  (Read: 7 Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Fitness Tips)

Exercise extends the efficiency of your heart, which in return, properly pumps the blood supply within the body. Additionally, go for some dance or swimming classes & even develop the habit of crossword puzzles. Gradually, sufficient amount of blood reaches to brain which improves your memory and makes your mind sharp and healthy.

Stay Healthy..!!!

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