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5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration

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Market is completely flooded with the Eco-friendly Jute decorative items for interiors. Hence, it’s your turn now to give a unique & gorgeous look to your Interiors.jute lamps for bedroom

Jute is one of the finest parts of unique Indian Handicraft. Jute is a natural fiber with golden and silky shine & is used to make sacks bags, yarn, and fabric. In rugs, Jute items are always appreciated as they are fancy and long lasting. But with the growth in creativity of artisans and interior designers of our decoration industry, there is a huge demand for Jute decorative items.

Likewise, many Indian handicraft artisans are focusing on manufacturing such home decorative items to transform your home like never before. In fact, our artisans believe that not only home lovers, even the corporate organizations are demanding for Jute decorative items.

jute cushion covers

Ezyshine has showcased some exclusive Jute decorative items for interiors that will drastically modernize your environment.

1. Jute Furniture for Cozy Look

If you are looking for some contemporary look for your living space, then Jute sofa sets, chairs, stools & center table will add sleek look to the interiors. Earlier, Jute was only used for rugs or bags, but now as they are eco-friendly, people are using these jute decorative items for home decoration purpose.

jute furniture for home decoration

You can even renovate your old furniture with the help of these jute ropes & soft jute fabrics. Jute strands can be woven for back seat of sofa set or for side holders. There is no issue of colors. Moreover, Jute is available in all the shades of cream & brown. So now, give a cozy look to the home interiors with these sleek & sophisticated jute designs. Plus, usage of jute in furniture makes them more durable.

Living Room Jute  furniture

2. Jute Hanging Lamps for Chic Look

Captivate the eyes the people on the ceilings of your home interior with these lovely jute lamps. Now you can find the collection of attractive jute lamps not only as table lamps, but also as hanging lamps.

jute lamps for home decopration

Give royal look to the balcony or living area with these eye catchy jute lamps. When light will pass through these designer hanging lamps, it will fill your home with artistic effects. Trust me guys! Add these hanging lamps in your home decoration & let others utter ‘WOW’ & give salute to your choice. (Read: DIY Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns)

jute hanging lamps for interior design

3. Designer Jute Rugs & Curtains

Friends, home decoration is incomplete without furnishing the floor. A dull & lifeless floor can overlook the charm of your home interior. Now add some fascinating look to the floor with these designer jute rugs. As they are available in different shapes & sizes, fits perfectly in the home decor. Simple rugs can be used to adorn the look of sofa, whereas designer netted rugs all over the home will outspread their beauty in home decoration.

jute decorative ideas - home decoration

Want to give modern accent to the home decoration? Artistic creation of jute curtains allows you to intensify the accent of the interiors. Instead of soft jute fabric, artisans are using hard jute to cover up the windows. Jute blends are very popular nowadays to enhance the beauty of the home interior.

jute curtains - jute decorative ideas

4. Cushion Covers for High-Toned look

Bed, sofa or any other sitting space looks cursory without cushion covers. If you can’t afford other jute decorative items, but wish to get high toned look, then usage of jute cushion covers is the smart choice. Use of Jute fabrics in the cushion covers gives alluring look to the sitting space.

jute pillow covers

One can get the full jute fabric cushions or other fabric covers with jute artistic designs. Now curl up the pillows with soft & comfortable cushion covers & pop up with inviting colors. (Read: Classy Digital Printed Fabrics for Home Decoration).

jute designer cushion covers

5. Attractive Jute Decorative Items for Interiors

If you are not in a mood to pinch your pockets, then you can recycle the old unusable things & can give rustic look to your home. You might have some empty bottles which you are about to throw, then stop it.! Wrap them with jute rope to enhance its look. You can even add some designs to it. (ReadDIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget)

jute jar decoration

Just wrap the unusable cans, bottles, pen holders with jute strands or fabrics & prettify them with buttons, beads, jute flowers or any other decorative items. Or, you can place these decorative items anywhere on shelves, center tables, side tables etc. Not only this, you can decorate the CD’s, wire frames, balls, fuse bulbs & hang them in the balcony or in your living area to garland the look of ceiling.

Aahh…!! I’m in love with these jute decorations, as they sooth the eyes & maintains the elegant charm of the interior without pinching the pockets.

jute decoration ideas for home decor

Some More Jute Interior Decorating Ideas

There are multiple Jute interior decoration ideas that you could opt for. Start up with Jute wall hangings that will bring the luxurious look to your home interiors. You could make use of Jute items to decorate your wall background for framed items. Or, choose to have a lamp shade with Jute rope for soothing pendant light.

beautiful jute hanging lamps

Showcase a globe shaped lantern with rope handle made of Jute to give a natural light to your home interiors.  Additionally, put those boring plain pattern clocks aside and get some Jute plated wall clocks for perfect time.

Jute interior decoration ideas also cover up the table, chair & sofa covers. You can now see the glam of jute in doormats & other fabrics too. They do fill your interiors with natural looks using retro style rugs. To add the beauty to your home interiors, place a Jute floor lamp at some corner of your drawing room or master bedroom.

jute table covers - home decoration

Further moving onto Jute decorative items for interiors, you could go for decorating the planters with Jute rope. This will add a class to your garden area. Or, Jute baskets could prove to be the perfect storage material for multi-purpose items. (Read : DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget)

This proves that the demand of its production is growing at a faster rate. And why they shouldn’t be..!! After all, Jute is known for it’s versatility and strength. Moreover, these smart Jute items give the natural light while keeping in mind your comfortability at the same time.

Enlighten your home interiors with these Jute decorative items & we assure to put up some more Jute works in our next session.


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