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5 Contemporary Bookshelves Design Ideas for your Home

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Decorating home is my one of the favourite hobby that keeps me fresh and energetic all the time. I can easily spend my whole day googling for the some amazing home decoration ideas. As I am a designer, I love doing creative things & make something startling.

geometric bookshelves design ideas

Talking about home, there are marvellous infinite home decoration items that can make you fall in love with your home again & again. Designer hanging chandeliers, contemporary cabinets & furniture, artistic traditional handicrafts & modern art pieces, all can contribute to your dream home. But what about blank walls?

Utilize the walls of your home sweet home to bloom it. It doesn’t need extra space. Even if you are falling short of space, decorating walls can add shine to your dull home. You can add charm to the walls by using rattling wall stickers, decorative glass plates, 3D texture paint or even with family photo frames. (Read: 5 Uttermost Mirror Wall Art Stickers for Wall Decoration)

contemporary bookshelves designs for the living room

But this time we will bring the books in the limelight to formalize the home. Books and that too creative..? Seems interesting. Right?

Contemporary bookshelves design can meet your demands easily. Now, forget the days when you used to put the books stack on the table or drawers. Ezyshine has bought the creative contemporary bookshelves design ideas that can fit on the walls, save the space & can give a sleek look to the home interior. (Read: Wall Decoration | Decorate the Walls with Classy Wall Stickers)

creative bookshelves for home decor

Go for zig zag patterns, quote written in a smart way that can hold your books, chair cum bookshelves design, hanging bookshelves design & corner shelves that will not only act as knowledge bucket for your books but reflect the contemporary art on the walls. These contemporary bookshelves design ideas are the best for the book lovers.

Gaze in the kids room & you’ll find the books all around. Managing the books like this sometimes become difficult & boring. Then, why not give your kids a helping hand & some bubbly fun. Designer bookshelves make it easy to arrange the books. Even kids will find it interesting to arrange their books in designer shapes. (Read: Luxury interior swings /jhula to give modern look..)

bookshelves in sofa

These contemporary bookshelves design can make your home colourful & scenic.

1. Flower Pattern Bookshelves design

In the world of contemporary home designs and decor, Ezyshine has always been a knowledge provider with multiple designs and patterns that can make your home a better place to live in! One such idea has been taken up again in respect to the contemporary bookshelves designs.

flower pattern bookshelves design ideas

Here, you will notice the bookshelves in flower patterns on a high note. This idea will give your shelf the shape of a classic flower. You could make up the small-small wooden boxes and then the whole has been covered with those boxes in a flower pattern. You can fill the empty spaces in the box easily with books and magazines. Moreover, you can pump up its look and feel by keeping some decorative pieces on it with proper spacing. (Read: Modern False Ceiling Designs | Home decoration Ideas)

Feel free to select such bookshelf design in your drawing room or in the master bedroom. Put it up wherever necessary any place in your home. Kids would love to have such pattern in their room for sure.

floral pattern bookshelves design ideas

2. Tree shape bookshelves

The home decoration ideas are given by experts always had a fine place for tree shaped contemporary bookshelves design. They are the key players to electrify the interior looks. It is simple and perfect freestyle whenever you choose to decorate the wall along with bookshelf. They could either be chosen on the wall or even on fabrics, you will receive the beauty you wanted. The colourful lightened books will also add a glow to their beauty. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor)

tree shape bookshelve design ideas for kids room

The tree branches or the free bushes style are also trending hot in these patterns. This may be commonly found in the photo frames pattern but branches of a tree scattered on the wall as a bookshelf is a unique concept. You can mix-match the colours and patterns of such an artistic style & make it according to you.

tree bookshelves design ideas

3. Corner shelves

Do you find the corner spaces of your home empty or humdrum? Looking for some riveting ways to shine them? Then, these contemporary bookshelves design ideas can solve your problems on fingertips. You can go for metal, glass, plastic or wooden bookshelves to place your books. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

floating pattern bookshelves designs

Utilize the space with floating bookshelves that not only look elegant but give a visual impact to the place. Negative & Positive corner bookshelves design also match the interior design without making you feel overfull.

corner bookshelves

Angle bookcase design around the bend is another best option to make your home interior astonishing. Set the big reading sofa in the corner with a large round lamp & get ready to enjoy the peaceful time. If you are a music lover too, then a piano can add lustrous effect to the corner space.

corner bookshelves designs - home interiors

4. Alphabetic bookshelves

A great piece of wall art can be crafted with the books. Yes my friends, Finalize a word or a phrase & ask the carpenter to make the bookshelves that highlight your message or word. (Read: 7 Stylish & Modern Home Decorating Ideas – Home Decor)

wooden bookshelves design ideas

Store your books in these letters & enjoy the fabulous wall art too. Expanded polypropylene material can also be used to make such contemporary bookshelves design as it is light weight but very strong.

read-bookshelf designs

Hussle bustle of letters too looks amazing on the wall. Letters are arranged in such a way, they feel like falling on each other.

Not only alphabets but pulse rate design, piano shape or wavy flow of words looks mottled on the walls.

alphabetic contemporary bookshelves design ideas

5. Bookshelves with light effects

Light gives the life to everything, be it human or any non-living being. Believe it or not! It is so damn true even in the case of contemporary bookshelves design with light effects in it. The wall or the area with such a set up looks like breathing! (Read: 5 Scenic Contemporary Lights & Lamps for Home Decoration)

bookshelves with lightning effect

To give a completely modern look to the shelves, various multicolor focus lights and tube lights are being used. You can go get them easily in the market in countless colours. Moreover, the light effect gives a unique look to the shape of the bookshelf. I have seen a sofa set in which, the corners of the sofa have an In-built bookshelf with lightning effects. Oh My God! What an outstanding work to see!

light effects in bookshelves designs

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