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5 Contemporary Wooden Staircase Designs for Home Interiors

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You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the First Step & you will fall in love with it. Such strong is the impact of these contemporary wooden staircase designs.

As the changes & updates in home interiors are speeding up, the new innovations in the market can also be seen simultaneously. For giving your home a modern look, each and every part is focused by architects and home lovers.ribbion stairs - modern staircase designs

Considering the above fact, contemporary wooden staircase designs are also found to be aligned in the beautiful era of home interiors. Actually, home lovers are opting for different styles for their contemporary wooden staircase designs. Interestingly, not only the staircase designs, but we have noticed the changes in the quality of material used for these wooden staircase designs.

modern staircase designsJust talk about any staircase designs with us..! Be it wooden Spiral staircase designs, elegant tree staircase designs, eye catchy flower petal staircase designs, trendy space saving staircase designs, or hanging staircase designs..!!

All at one place, giving you a clear picture about what to go for while searching about contemporary wooden staircase designs for home interiors. Apart from this, we have also kept in mind about the staircase designs according to the location of your house. That is, whether the staircase is for your living room or drawing room, behind the lawn, in your garden area, or at the corners of the entrance.

modern-staircase-design-ideas-with-no-handler-modern-stairs-designs - contemporary staircase

Ezyshine has pictured some creative contemporary wooden staircase designs for home interiors. The best about these staircase designs is that you can change their interiors according to your taste and creativity.

1. Flower Petals Staircase Designs

Guys.. Do you really want to see the creativity beyond the limits?

Just have a look at these flower petals contemporary wooden staircase designs. These designs are the great example of creativity starting a new era to give magnificent looks to the home interiors. These beautiful contemporary wooden staircase designs not only give your interior a creative and an elegant look but also utilizes the space. It doesn’t need more space, but can be well structured in small area also.flower petal staircase design

Talking about style, Stairs are shaped in flower petals style so that when you see them from above, it looks like a flower with blooming petals. Mainly, these contemporary wooden staircase designs are made up in round structure, to give perfect floral look. Additionally, Standing iron pillars are used to give them support and safety turn.


2. Space-Saving Wooden Staircase Designs

Space saving staircase designs are in high demand these days because as its name itself says – “space saving” means perfect for small homes. As you can see, that time has gone, when people used to have large mansions. Nowadays, even prices of small houses are running high. So man can’t think of investing in big house. As small houses have less space, these space saving contemporary wooden staircase designs will surely sort out one’s problems.space saving staircase designs

Guys.. you might have seen the trend of ” Shelf with stairs” as this is common these days. In this type of staircase design, the space under the stairs is filled with shelve. But now give a dump to these old staircase designs and add a smart look to your home interior.

Stairs with boxes are in hit list these days for small houses. Small and big drawers are fitted in stairs and the space below the stairs to make it more useful and can be utilized to put all the stuffs to reduce the mess.space saving staircase designs - modern look

3. Incredible Hanging or Floating Stairs

Its the time to add little suspense and thrill to your daily ups and downs… Jokes apart.. LOL

When gazing at them, it seems like they are dropped from sky, step by step, floating in air. Stepping up and down on these floating stairs is fun in itself. These trendy stairs not only gives a modern look to the home decor, but also makes the living area spacious. When the area is less, iron or steel wires are hanged to give support to these trendy stairs.

floating staircase designs

Designs of the floating staircase can be modified according to the space. When additional space is there, you can even ask your architect to turn out the wood in the creative hanging stairs, so that you can feel the comfort when sitting there.

floating staircase designs -  wooden staircase

4. Wooden Staircase Designs with Slides

What if you could give a fun add on to your staircases that may turn out to be a safe & playful space for your kids?

Yes my friends, why to limit ourselves and stick to staircase part only when we can utilize the space by maximizing its functionality. You could simply add a slide rider into the side of your staircase. This way, your kids could have a great fun on the slider as an indoor activity and that too, in front of your eyes. I hope this seems to be a homely design idea for your guys.

stairs with slide

5. Enthralling Tree Staircase Designs

Tree shaped staircase design is the unique idea or style that can add sculptural style to your home.  In this, staircase railings are designed as tree and its stems grows in creative way as steps move upwards. Not only railings, stairs are also structured as tree, spreading its vibrant and elegant shine with added colors and different quality wood materials. These wooden tree staircase designs give the home a contemporary look.modern tree contemporary wooden staircase designs

Guys, staircase adds the beauty of your interiors and shows that how you are in love with every corner of your dream home. Remember that these contemporary wooden staircase designs are important part of your interiors. Collect all the ideas and inspirations that will help you to get what you deserve for your sweet homez…!!

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