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5 Corporate Dressing for Men | Men’s Formal Fashion

March 10, 2015 10:32 am Published by 2 Comments
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When we talk about men’s fashion, we conclude that both, the casual or formal wear fashion trends, are in transformation. Most importantly, the corporate dressing for men has also been rising with the flow. There are no rules in the world of fashion & this has been wisely observed in the corporate scenario.

corporate fashion for men - business attire 2015

The old concept of business attire & corporate dressing has various changes in 21st century. Many corporate offices and business organizations do allow casual dress philosophy for at least once in a week.  However, a professional dress code is cultured for motivation and inspiration amongst the professionals. Over all, you have quite a good freedom for undergoing experiments with your clothing. (Read: Trendilicious Indian Ethnic Wear for Men to Adore Yourself)

mens fashion - corporate style

Get excited for holding perfect tips for corporate dressing for men & feel the difference through our expert channel known as Ezyshine.

1. Shirt and Tie Combination

In the world of corporate dressing for men, the trend of matching shirts and trousers has come to an end. With keeping in mind the above concern, if you wear a bold contrasting tie, then it will deliver a solid statement about your business attire.

mens formal wear - corporate fashion for mens

Believe it or not!!

This combo of shirt along with a bold and eye catchy tie will become a focus point of your professional dress up. Moreover, everyone in your professional presence will appraise your signature style. However, for a sophisticated Men’s business fashion, your corporate wardrobe should different pattern ties along with the solid colors. This way, if you wish to opt for any light shade shirt, then you could sensibly go for a bright pink tie for a flawless corporate guy. If you do not like pink, then you have various other light shade ranges open for your formal wear fashion.

necktie colors 2015 - men's business attire

2. Jackets and Shirt Combination

Now here comes the real choosy combination in the regards to corporate dressing for men. In this combo, there is a lot of space available for men’s fashion experiments. Jackets could be of any color and pattern with shades even. It will go fluently with most of the shirt patterns like funky shirts, floral or check shirts, polka dots, & strips pattern shirts too.

business fashion - corporate dressing for men

In contrast to above business attire, let’s take an example of a polka dot shirt and a white color pant, which goes in perfect combination with a black jacket. If you have chosen the light color for shirt, then match it up with a dark jacket for sure. Guys! ‘Primary color of cloth’ is the key aspect of combination of shirt and jacket. This idea of men’s fashion really works in winters my dear. So keep in mind about the same. (Read: What your shoes say about you…??)

business attire for men - corporate fashion 2015

3. Trendy Waist Coat in Formals

In the fashion world, waist coat has been noticed and accepted as a supporting accessory stuff. But when talk about corporate dressing for men, these waist coats reflects a different style statement (apart from not carrying without jackets). It appears quite unique and stylish when you carry it in your corporate gatherings. Moreover, if you really believe in bold clothing, then try the waist coat that matches the color pattern of your trouser along with the light color shirt. You will feel the difference you will receive in your formal wear fashion as it will give a completely different look. (Read: 10 perfect Gift ideas For MEN)

waistcoat fashion for men - corporate fashion for men

trendy waistcoat fashion for men 2015 - corporate dressing

4. Gingham Style Dress Up

A right dress code is considered to be the most important thing in terms of corporate dressing for men. Introducing about more formal wear fashion, gingham style shirt is itself a statement. The best part is that you can experiment in your formal wears with this style. When you will wear it with matching trousers and a complimenting jacket, then it will give a unique corporate look with a class you that are definitely going to appreciate. These coming summers, you will find it more comfortable and weather friendly according to your office.

gimgham style - men fashion trends

men's fashion - business attire- formal wear 2015

5. Go Style Dressing

Business formals mean different things at different companies. Some have a proper dress code with no funky and stylish over thing & some have a free of mind pattern for a corporate dressing for men. Have you ever tried some professional dress up without a tie?


business dressing for men

The great thing that men’s loving about the business attire is that tie is no more a necessity. It’s true that tie is an evergreen style statement in the professional world, but many times you can muster up a classy look in you, specially, when you carry cufflings within your formals. With this, it is important that your business attire holds up a dark shade jacket and a long collar styled formal shirt. This will definitely groom your standard amongst your colleagues.

spring fashion for men - business attire

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