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5 Creative DIY Toilet Paper Roll Art – Home Decor

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You know that the unused or waste materials lying around at home can be utilised in one or the other way. You just need to explore the creativity within you & rest we will guide you to execute the plan. So, today we are gonna talk about the DIY toilet paper rolls art that we can work upon.

Recycled Toilet paper

Now, you must be thinking that how can we use toilet roll papers for something?

I know it might feel kinda odd but the fact is that everything and every material on this earth is made to be used or re-used in one or the other way. As soon as your Toilet paper roll or the aluminium paper foil roll goes empty, they are been casually dumped into the dustbin. But you could make lot many of DIY home decorating items & other useful home accessories with them.

DIY toilet paper roll craft  ideas

Just imagine a curtain build with leafy wrinkles tied along with the plastic thread! It gives a soothing feel to your eyes when sunlight comes from those tiny leaf styled wrinkles. Moreover, the holiday calendar could also be a perfect make over which will take your DIY toilet paper roll art style above your imagination.



However, making pen and pencil organizer set form these toilet paper roll art could be common idea, but one has to ask his creative thought to make it look more natural and breathtaking.

Apart from these, you can go for LED candle holders, use this toilet paper roll as a gift box, fixing images on the top of their mouth and attaching these rolls on the wall, can prepare a wreath, & can even join them in a star like pattern to create a DIY wall décor.

paper wall art - DIY toilet paper roll

Here are some of the fantastic ideas & creative images that will inspire you to work on DIY toilet paper roll art.

1. Napkin Holder

Napkins placed on the dining table are found rarely arranged. Flowing napkins all over the table create a mess and leaves an untidy impression. To keep the dinning table shipshape, empty toilet paper rolls or aluminium rolls are the perfect options. It will give a fancy look to your dinning without tiring you. Just go through this DIY toilet paper roll art and trickle your creativity on the table.

napkin holder - DIY toilet paper roll art


  • Cut the roll into small rings.
  • Wrap the ring with any decorative paper and lace.
  • Embellish it with beautiful ornaments, ribbons and other paper crafts.

DIY toilet paper roll art - Napkin holder

2. Make out a Birds Feeder

Most of the times, you put some rice or grains on the corner of the floor or on the roof top so that birds could get their tummy full. But are you sure that no other animal or insects are consuming them there?

Enhance your thought and feed the birds hanging in your garden area by wrapping sticking these food grains on the toilet paper roll. Then hang these rolls in the garden or somewhere on the stems of the tree. This way, birds could have their food with ease & you will feel like tapping your back by having such a creative presence of mind.

toilet paper as bird feeder


  • Take a toilet paper roll and apply peanut butter all over the roll with the help of a brush or spoon.
  • Now roll it over the plate full of food grains.
  • Food grains will stick on the toilet paper roll.
  • Hang it carefully on the tree branches.

bird feeder - DIY paper roll art ideas

3. Louder the Voice of your Speakers

If you love loud voice, then it’s quite interesting to choose this DIY toilet paper roll art in the gadget world too. You can make your smart phone speakers with these rolls. Cut the toilet paper roll in a proportionate manner. Then, simply keep your smart phone speakers in between these rolls so that the voice of the speaker gets loud automatically. Use the craft paper or different art style to cover the surface of the roll so as to give it a new look & feel.

toilet paper roll as speaker

4. Wrapping Extension Cords around Toilet Paper Rolls

Do you feel trouble about how to manage the scattered extension cords while they are not in use? Come On Guys! These DIY Toilet paper roll art is a perfect fit to be used as a cold holder. You could simply fold your extension cord and put it inside the roll.

toilet paper roll art - wrapping wires


On the other way round, you could also roll the cords around these empty toilet paper rolls so as to keep them safe at a place. Later, you can cover these rolls with designer tapes or wrapping papers to enhance the show frame of your creativity.

This way, you will be able to discover the clean and clear management of your room corners or near the switch boards.

extension chords in toilet paper roll

5. Amazing Wall Art

Modify your bare walls into an alluring piece of art. Recycle the empty toilet paper rolls and embrace your creativity in your bedroom or living area. We generally get bore from the same colours and interior, so plan for texturing the wall or repainting it, but it costs too high.

toilet paper roll art - DIY ideas


But you know instead of jumping on the paint and textures, we can add the splash of colours and uniqueness to the wall with our creativity without pinching our pockets. Toilet paper rolls can turn out to be an inspiration to add personality to your home.

making leaf pattern from toilet paper

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