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5 Creative Recycling Ideas for Home Decoration – Ezyshine

December 11, 2015 10:26 am Published by 2 Comments
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Do you know the best way to utilise any unattended or old household furniture or accessories? Yes! You know about it for sure! That’s “Recycling”!! After all, near about everything on this planet is said to be reusable in some way.

Now, how could you co-relate the recycling with home decoration? Here’s what we have got for you in this regards!

glass bottle jars - DIY home decoration ideas

My friends! When we talk about buying something, the stylish & expensive are the two words we receive in synergy. It means that the accessories or items would be stylish & updated only if they are expensive. But this theory does not apply all the time. It’s the time to explore the creativity in yourself and carve your thoughts into amazing solutions. No extra pocket charge required to beautify your home, only your small amount of sincere efforts will change the game. (Read: What Does Your Home Interior Design Say About You?)

repurpose old furniture - DIY home decoration ideas

You can give a fantastic look to your furniture and other accessories with the slight expense. This is not only easy rather, it is even fun to do! You simply need to go through the ingenious recycling ideas for home decoration & your one click will do the rest. Enrich your home by choosing these DIY home decoration ideas. Additionally, Pinterest could also be of great guide as it provides one of the most abundant DIY home decor ideas as of whole. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

creative recycling ideas for home decoration

Ezyshine has always been proactive in enlightening the creative and cost effective recycling ideas for home decoration. We moved beside you to provide the DIY ideas or various other creative recycling projects. In the recent history, you came to know about the modern way to decorate your home with contemporary light lamps, unused tea cups & even Jute items for eye-catchy interiors.

jute recycling ideas - DIY home decor

A creative DIY toilet paper roll art is one of the besties that we put up on paper to save your pockets. Whether you asked to fill up the empty spaces of your home sweet home, or you wished for some clever home makeovers with stylish modern home decorating ideas, you always got what you need.

Well, there was an article that outlined the way to recycle old woollen sweaters that were no longer in use. With respect to this, we feel honoured to present another duo that’s overall agenda is cost effective home decoration.

upcycle sweaters - DIY home decor

It’s time to revamp our creativity to the next generation by retouching our furniture & other home accessories to create a luxury and rich ambience. Check out these creative recycling ideas for home decoration that tells you how you can convert old in gold!

bathroom decoration using log

1. Ladder – Stepping it in style

Tired of placing the old ladder here and there or setting your mind to sell it? If so, then take a pause. You can easily turn out this old ladder into an amazing item for home decor. Ya friends, there are many creative recycling ideas for home decoration that can add a lovely twist in some pennies.

ladder DIY ideas - Creative recycling ideas for home decoration

An old ladder can be your new bookshelf, rod for hanging indoor plants or clothes. It can also step up the room corners. Old ladders are the best things to repurpose, to add the vintage look to the home. Paint the ladder with the matching or contrast colors of your room & lean it at the corner. Set the wooden boards on each step of the ladder & then place the decorative items or pots on them.

ladder recycling ideas in garden as bird houses

You can even wrap the ladder with the plant vines (bel) & set it in the balcony or garden. It will act as one of the best eye catchy garden decorative item that will add glitter to your mini garden. (Read: 5 Amazing DIY Garden Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces)

If the ladder is too large, cut it into 2-3 parts. Arrange the parts in your garden or hang them through the ceiling in the balcony or room. Tuck the hooks in the ladder and use it as the hanger for tucking your clothes or for hanging small pots.

creative ladder recycling ideas

2. Teacups & Saucers

“Nothing can go waste”- this is what creative minds says. Creativity can flick anything into a new thing. I have a pile of teacup set that I don’t use now & while looking at them, I was thinking to reuse them, but not on my coffee table. So, while rushing through some creative recycling ideas for home decoration, I found a couple of new tricks that done miracles to my old teacup sets. (Read: 7 DIY Home Decorating Ideas Using Teacups – Home Decor)

teacup gardens - home decoration ideas

Even if you are bored of using old teacups, give new avatars to them. Stick the cup on the saucer & hang it in your mini garden or balcony. Fill them with the bird food & they be your new bird feeders. You can even use the teacup set for planting indoor plants. Keep them on the side tables, dining table, bathroom racks or in the kitchen. Teacups can also be used as cute pin holders and beautiful candle holders.

teacup lamp - DIY home decor ideas

3. Reuse Old Windows

Black & white photos behind the window frames look vintage & amazing. Isn’t it friends? This is what we can do with the unused or old window frames. Paint the window frame in prime style & fit it on the wall of your living room. Fix your family photos behind the window frame or some lovely memories.

home decoration ideas - recycling projects

You can even twirl these old window frames into a new coffee table. Take the help of the carpenter & these window frames will be your new partner to enjoy with your friends & family. (Read: Decorate the walls with latest picture frame designs…)

Recycling window frames for home decoration is a smart option to decorate your empty walls. Cover the glasses of the window frame with the beautiful pattern paper from the back side & fit it on the wall. Different colourful papers will make the wall colourful & bright.

windows recycling projects - DIY home decor

4. Glass Bottles & Mason Jars

We generally find the empty wine bottles and food mason jars in our basement or storeroom. It’s the time to give new life to them. Mason jars and glass bottles are the great home decorative items that will bath your home into new colors.

glass bottles - DIY home decoration ideas

Paint the bottles with the acrylic colors & dust them with glitters. Arrange them on the dining table with glittering candles & they will set the romantic and party theme without pinching your pockets. (Read: 5 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor)

Use these painted glass bottles as flower vases and let your home enjoy the fragrance of fresh flowers. Mason jars will be perfect to act as candle holders. Decorate them with jute, laces, coloured tapes or dip them in your favourite colors. Place the candle inside the decorative mason jar and delight yourself with candle light dinner or the festive environment.

mason jar decoration ideas

5. Repurpose Old furniture Into New

Creative recycling ideas for home decoration doesn’t stop here. Repurpose your old furniture into something chic & dainty to pamper your home sweet home in low budget. Your creativity can add the fabulous artwork to the modern interior.

repurpose old furniture into new

A simple ottoman tray can be converted into a modern coffee table or additional sitting space with some moderation and colourful wraps. You can paint your old furniture with vibrant colour & even change their fabrics. It will add luster to your dull furniture. If you have old chairs, hang them in the garden & enjoy the swings reading your favourite book. Your old dresser can be your colourful shelf with your magical touch. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor)

pallet recycling ideas for home decoration

Expand your creativity & keep doing. Sometimes the waste will be the waste again but most of the time it will your new unique artwork that will make you satisfied & will gather lots of praise for you.

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