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5 Decorative Hanging Paper Lanterns | DIY Home Decor

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Opt for these decorative hanging paper lanterns while searching for DIY home decorating ideas for a themed party event, outdoor or birthday party celebrations, or for festivals. I am sure you got the best DIY home decorating ideas on a budget.

The best part about these decorative hanging paper lanterns is their illumination effects. Just imagine how a reception tent or party lawn would look like with hanging paper lantern globes..!! Friends, these creative paper lanterns will surely enhance the beauty of your home.DIY decorative hanging paper lanterns for home decorations - party decoration

In fact, more popular than ever, these fabulous decorative hanging paper lanterns have become a main decor item in various wedding celebrations. After all, the budget of a wedding ceremony is always at peak. So, it would be good to try these globospheres as they are in budget.

For Embellishing these creative & decorative hanging paper lanterns in your home sweet home, firstly, you need to define a perfect space for hanging them such as edges & corners of walls, above centre wall tiles, from fall ceilings, etc. The point is that they should cover the light source.
home decorating ideas on a budget - paper lanterns

Talking about some design ideas for the same, you can go for designs like Frilli tissue paper decoration, Sparkling glitter to shine the paper lanterns, Paper lantern with ruffle look, creation of plastic cup on paper lantern, & many more.

Colourful and trending decorative hanging paper lanterns can be seen in various different designs these days. Moreover, keeping in mind the interest of people in these colourful paper lanterns for home decoration, experts are even doing experiments to give a royal look to your home décor. Various funky patterns are being used rather than mere simple paper cutting.Beautiful paper lantern decoration

Check out the various trendy designs bunched by Ezyshine for your home sweet home:

1. Magic of Dots on Hanging Paper Lanterns

Are you looking for some fun & eye- catching home decorating ideas? Magic of dots goes perfect with your imagination. These decorative hanging paper lanterns will not only adorn your kids room but can dazzle up your party. Just hang these polka dots paper lanterns from the ceiling or trees and it will change the ambiance of your interior or outside party. You can involve your kids in this activity as it will be a fun game for them.

Its a fun to jazz up your old paper lantern. Some ideas are:

  • Idea 1 – Bring some circle shape stickers of different sizes & colors. Stick them on the old lantern randomly. Polka dots hanging paper lantern is ready to rock your party theme.

DIY decorative hanging paper lantern

  • Idea 2 – Cut out some circles from coloured tissue papers of uneven sizes and glue them on the hanging paper lantern as shown.

DIY Circle paper lantern for home decoration

2.   Frilli tissue paper Lantern decoration

Resembling Frilli tissue paper lantern over the floor hanging from the tent or trees will create a fairytale scene to the party. Adding hanging or dropping florals will leave a wow factor feel to your decoration. Creative use of frilli tissue paper can change the shape of your hanging paper lantern.

Follow up these decorative hanging paper lantern ideas:

  • Idea 1 – Take a frilli tissue paper and fold them in strips. Now glue it on the lantern. Cover the whole lantern like this.

DIY Creative paper lanterns for home decoration

  • Idea 2 – Cover the whole lantern with the tissue paper. Now Make some frills with the tissue paper by crushing it in uneven manner and stick it to the bottom of the lantern. Hang some crushed tissue paper strips to it to give it a jellyfish look.

beautiful paper lanterns for home decoration

  • Idea 3 – Make some roses of the tissue paper and cover the hanging paper lantern. Pretty floral decorative hanging paper lantern is ready to bloom your festive decoration.

DIY Creative paper lanterns for home decoration

3. Plastic cup and spoon creation

Using plastic cups & spoons is the most creative way for decorating paper lanterns. Transform your unused plastic cups to make modern decorative hanging paper lanterns.

  • Idea 1 – Cut different shapes from the cup and paste it on the lantern. Its light effect will gloom up your party.

Creative DIY cup paper lantern

  • Idea 2 – Break the upper part of the spoons and stick them on the paper lanterns to give it a honey comb effect.

Spoon DIY paper lantern decoration

  • Idea 3 – Make flower shape with the upper part of the spoons & glue them on the paper lantern.

DIY floral spoon paper lantern decoration

4.  Ruffle or Scaled Paper lantern

Usage of ruffle paper in decoration will give your lanterns an unique effect.  These are easy to make.

For ruffle look

  • Cover your lantern with 2-3 layers and suspend them from above to create a lovely ambiance. These colourful lanterns will pop up your interior and make your guests feel light and cheerful.raffle paper lantern - DIY home decorations

For scaled pattern

  • Cut circle shapes out of the tissue papers and stick from one side of the circle on the paper lanterns. cover the whole lantern like this with colourful circles making fish scales.DIY scale Tissue Petal Paper Lantern

5. The Magic of Glitter Paper Lantern

Glitter paper lanterns are a cheap & easy way to add sparkle and shine to any event. This festive season, add a glow to your home by covering a round paper lantern with glitter.

These glitters are absolutely stunning. Trust me guys, it’s very easy to make these decorative hanging paper lanterns. The best part is that you can feel yourself under the stars while sitting inside your home.

Moreover, if it’s a party time, then you are surely going to fall in love with the shine on your walls through these lights.DIY glitter paper lantern decoration

Keeping in mind the budget , these creative paper lanterns are designed and groomed according to your rooms. So this festive, why not scatter the light in your home sweet home through these colorful hanging paper lanterns?

Interesting fact about these decorative hanging paper lanterns is that they give a spark to your home interiors with its lighting effects. They can simply change the environment of your home.

Friends, Festive season is On..!! Explore these decorative hanging paper lanterns and accent your home décor like never before.

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