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5 DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor

December 19, 2014 10:56 am Published by 1 Comment
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Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,

Jingle all the way,

Santa Claus is coming around,

Driving on a sleigh, Hey!!

He is finally about to reach at the doorsteps but darling have you done any preparation to welcome him? C’mon everyone; present the seasonal greetings to beloved Santa by exploring the artist in you. Lighten the house with beautiful candles, colorful decorative items, bunches of breath taking flowers, & lastly, the shining Christmas tree with Jingle bells hanging on them.

As the seasonal holiday continues just after Thanksgiving Day celebration, it’s time to enlighten your festive mood in flow with some DIY Christmas decoration ideas for your home.


Christmas day celebration accelerates the bond between various relations by simple give and take strategy. Moreover, the word‘Celebration’ is itself the secret of smooth working of your livelihood. It is a very special time of the whole year. There is happiness & celebrations all around with loads of candies and chocolates being distributed & received from our loved ones. Apart from this, Christmas also comes with a positive message to spread love and being human.

Hey Folks.! It’s the time to show your creativity & make use of these DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Either you or your family, involve every member of your home for welcoming Santa at your place.

DIY Christmas Decorations

All the Christmas parties or celebrations are organized majorly at home & especially in the evening time. So, make your Christmas bright and merry with these DIY Christmas decoration ideas. Don’t miss the staircase to decorate them with handmade paper works. Also, be sure to hang some paper made stars threaded with twine. So, be it Indoor or Outdoor decorations, all you need to do is plan the decoration right from the main entrance or lawn till the bedroom. I bet that your friends and relatives will appraise your creativity for Christmas eve. Moreover, these home decoration tips are real fun ways that are easy and even budget friendly.

Elegantly lit  holiday dinner table with white ribbon gift

Get ready to channelize your creativity with these DIY Christmas decoration ideas & I assure you that your pockets will be thankful for keeping them loaded with money.

1. Charming Wreaths & Garlands to welcome Christmas holidays

Lets start with the entrance. Spread the festive warmth outside the home with the beautiful wreaths. You don’t need to buckle your pockets to hang beautiful wreath on the entrance door. Just show the magic of your creativity & mesmerize others. Decide the color theme of your decoration & pop up your Christmas wreath.

Here are some DIY Christmas Decoration ideas to embellish the Christmas wreath.

Idea 1 

Make a thick ring of Grapevines. Spray silver color ring, leaves & other decorative items & glue them on the ring. Add some blue color balls to the wreath to add a flavor to the beautiful wreath.

Christmas wreath ideas

Idea 2 

Take a iron ring & some different size balls. Wrap the balls with different color of wool & jute & tie the balls on the ring. Stick some snow flake designs on the knitted balls. Elegant garland is ready to welcome the winter holidays.


Idea 3

If you want to add some colors to this dull winter, then greet the Santa with this colorful wreath. Take a grapevine ring & adorn it with colorful ribbon knots, decorate the balls with glitter, & hang them on the wreath.  Add glitter pine corns, colorful grass & handmade pom pom. Take a cardboard & cut a letter on it. Color it or decorate it with colorful tapes & ribbons. Hang it on the colorful wreath.

DIY christmas wreath ideas

2. Decorative candles

Christmas eve is incomplete without graceful candles. Give your home an elegant look with your creativity. Make graceful candle stands & enjoy your dinner in the cozy weather.

I have brought some easy DIY Christmas candle decoration ideas for you to enlighten your home.

Idea 1

Items: Take some wine glasses, Christmas tree leaves, candles & some ribbons.

Method: Now take a glass & 5-6 leaves. Arrange the leaves around the glass stand & tie them with the ribbon. Now place the candle inside the glass. Make 4-5 decorative candle holders & brighten up your center table. christmas candle jars glass christmas candle holders christmas table decorations

Idea 2 

Items: Arrange 2-3 mason jars, crochet lace, some pine cones, white sand or small pebbles.

Method: Take a mason jar. Cover it with the crochet lace. Now glue pine cones on the lace on 1 side. Drop some melted wax on the pine cones to give it snowy effect. Now Put some pebbles or white sand in the jar & place the candle in it. Snowy decorative candle holders are ready to greet the Christmas eve.DIY christmas decoration ideas -  candle decoration

Idea 3

Items: Take some candles, ribbons & Cinnamon sticks.

Method: Take a candle. Cover it with cinnamon sticks & tie it with the ribbon for chic look. Cute candles are ready. These candles will spread an essence in your home. diy-christmas-candles-decor

3. Cute Christmas Tree Decoration

Want to feel the warmth of Christmas all around you? Make some cute Christmas trees & place the bunch of them to fill up the empty space. You can even hang them from the ceiling to give you the feel of celebration eve.

Some ideas for cute trees decoration.

Idea 1

Items: Colorful Yarn, buttons, glue, pom pom, cardboard, scissor

Method: Take a cardboard & make a cone shape of it. Now wrap it with the colorful yarn finely. Stick some buttons on the tree to make it make cute. Lastly don’t forget to stick pom pom on top of it. Cute Christmas tree is ready to blossom your home. Create a group of 4-5 trees, place or hang them all over the home.

yarn christmas tree decoration

Idea 2

Spread light in your ‘Home Sweet Home’ with this plastic wire mesh Christmas tree. Make a tree by wrapping the wire mesh around the plastic cone. After finishing take out the plastic cone & adjust the small light bulbs in the mesh tree. You can decorate the tree with the bells or with other decorative items.cute christmas tree decoration - DIY christmas crafts

4. Tree Branch Hanging from the Ceiling

I just love it hanging from the ceiling. It’s super cute. Hanging stem from the ceiling adorned with adorable Christmas decoration items will make your place an attraction point. It is easy to make & above that it will not pinch your pockets.

Here is how you can make this cute DIY Christmas decoration item.

hanging branch from the ceiling

Arrange some cute stuffs to hang on the stem or just make them. You can hang glittering balls, stars, cute Santa clothes, paper snow flakes & many more.

Hang a stem from the ceiling with the help of yarn or ribbon & them hang these decoration items on the stem.

hanging snow flakes christmas decoration

5. Dinning table decoration

Make your dinning table more inviting by decorating it with glittering gold & silver balls. Shining balls in a decorated bowl or hanging just above the center table will change the environment of your home. Your guests will love the way of welcoming them.

sillver & gold balls - center table christmas decoration

Take some balls, jars or big bowls. Wrap the balls in gold & silver glitter & place them in the bowl. Tie the ribbon around the neck of the bowl to make it look more elegant.

If you don’t have a bowl or have a small dinning table, then you can hang the balls with the colorful ribbons to make it more colorful.

beautiful hanging balls christmas decoration ideas


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