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5 DIY Garden Decorating Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor

November 7, 2014 2:05 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Looking to give modern touch to your garden? Experience the creativity you discovered in yourself with these DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget.

“A Garden is like Life..!! It grows more Beautiful, the more you Love It.!!”

Everyone wish to decorate their home and transforming them in a real place of heaven to live in. For that, you are always in search of some DIY home decorating ideas on a budget that will fulfill your wish.cute garden decor ideas

Now my question is that if you love to experiment with your home interiors to give it a modern and trendy look, then why to keep the gardens old fashioned and untouched with the trend? My friends, you should definitely go for some DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget which will prove to be a treat for your eyes.

Friends, there is nothing inviting like a beautiful & well maintained outer space. Moreover, there are lot many of DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget you wish for. The only thing you need to do is that just use your creativity with little imagination. Your hard work for one of the important part of your home sweet home will keep your bucks safe in your pocket.flower bicycle - DIY garden decorating ideas

Some quick DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget could be placing the multiple mason jars vertically on the walls to fill the gap. Rather, you could use them in nest style with multiple layers hanging in the garden area. You can also make use of your retired boots (or shoes) for planting some cute flowers in them.  Or, collect some unused playing item like cart or truck of your kid & convert it into tiny flower pot.http://www.ezyshine.com/5-diy-garden-decorating-ideas-on-a-budget-home-decor/

Other great DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget can be the fuse light bulbs. They need not be thrown, simply hang them with some rope in the garden & plant some flower in them. Additionally, you could wrap your flower pots with some decorative paper cuttings to give them an artificial look. Moreover, an old car tire lying in your garage can be transformed into a flower planter. You only need to paint it so that it looks like a planter purchased losing your bucks. Get the stuff done & then experience the creativity you discovered in yourself.
DIY garden decoration ideas on a budget- home decor

With the time, people always wish for something unique. Have a look on these DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget collected by Ezyshine.

1. Floral Cycle

If you are not running your bicycle anymore, then its the time to turn up your old rusted bicycle into a new piece of art.

Why not to use it in decorating your garden? Bicycles are nowadays blooming the interior & exterior. They could add an interesting & cute appeal to the overall decoration. These DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget will transform your garden into a modern art without pinching your pockets. You can turn up your bike into the planters.

Fix plants, bel & flowers in the carrier, handles & bucket, and in the middle part of the bicycle. Before fixing plants you can color the bicycle with sexy pink, rustic brown, or elegant white. You could rest them on the wall or place it in middle of the garden as a king of the garden. Moreover, it can also rest along the fence to give you lots of applause for your creativity.DIY garden decoration ideas - floral cycle

bicycle planter - DIY home garden decor

garden-art - DIY bicycle reuse ideas

2. Rock Fountains to give Modern Touch

Wish to add serenity & fresh appeal to your garden? Buying a beautiful fountain can knock your pockets, so why to buy ?  Just show off your creativity with rocks & pebbles. Add a glimpse to your garden with these DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget & feel the pleasure of having fun there with your loved ones.

You can dig some space so that it looks like a small pond & adorn the surrounding area with rocks & pebbles to give it a lime light effect. Arrange the rocks to form different shapes. Add water in them & place some pebbles in it. It will become a resting place for the birds & will enhance the look of your garden.diy-water-fountains-for-gardens

pebble decoration in garden

waterfall fountain for garden decoration

3. Cute Birdhouses for the Garden

Add colors to the garden with these cute & colorful birdhouses & provide these lovely creatures a resting place. You can make them with bottles, unused cans, teacup & plate, Glass jars or with torn shoes. Just add colors & cute accessories to these unused items & hang them on the trees with the help of rope or wire.

You can also stick colored tissue papers,stickers & buttons to the bird feeders. Chirping of birds will add musical effect to your garden. Put some bird food in the birdhouse.Can birdhouse for garden

plastic bottle bird house

bird feeder - DIY cute birdhouse for garden

4. Re purposing Old Tires into Garden Accessories

Hey stop..!! If you are throwing the old tires. Do you know they can be used as best & stunning decorative art for your garden? You can use them for planting flowers or making some funny art to enhance the beauty of your garden.

Just paint the tires with different colors & hang them on the trees or along the fence or walls. Plant flowers or bel plants in the hanging tires. Hanging bel will fill the spaces of the wall. You can place some painted tires according to the different sizes in the garden & can use them as planters. Even you can cut different shapes of them & give it a funny look.creative garden decor ideas - old tires


DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget

5. Transforming Rain Boots into Flower Planters

Are your boots only made for walking? My dear friends, you must be having some boots lying in your home unused. You simply retire them and throw them out of fashion. But these can simply turn into the stylo DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget by transforming them into flower planters.

Simply put some soil inside it and plant small-small plants in them. Keep them aligned altogether like you do with the boots placed in your shoe rack. Plus, you could even hang them on fence or garden walls by sticking them with some attachable things. I can bet on this that seeing the after effect of its look in the garden, everyone is gonna compliment you for your creativity & even for leaving behind a eco-friendly message about the way of recycling any unused item.cute shoes for garden decoration -

rainboot garden decoration

Filling up your garden with beautiful plants and greenery will make your mind relax while sitting there sipping up a coffee.  All these eye catchy designs will surely increase the beauty of your garden area. There is no need to go buy for expensive readymade decorative garden pots, water tanks or other items available in the market. Just go for these DIY garden decorating ideas on a budget without another thought & I am sure you will be able to impress your guests and relatives in a single look.

Do It Yourself (DIY) is the key to master the art of garden decoration.

Happy Gardening..!!

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