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5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Must Go For

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Freshen up your home with just little imagination & see your home transformed into a perfect style heaven. I bet you that these DIY home decorating ideas on a budget will keep your bucks safe & settled in your pockets.DIY decoration ideas for home

Friends, it’s usual to pull down lot of bucks from your pockets during festive seasons. Shopping for new accessories & apparels for family, kids and friends, etc…! Above all this, you also got to decorate your home with flowers full of fragrance, decorative readymade candles, big wallpaper shopping, colorful curtains and many more items that adds a glow and shine too your home.

Now, won’t you be at ease if these expenses for home decoration ideas can be controlled without affecting the decorative eye catchy look you want to give it? Actually, you can do that my friends…!! Go for these DIY home decorating ideas on a budget without any delay. DIY home decoration ideas on a budget

There are lots many of ways to decorate your home the way you wish to. The only thing you need to do is search for some items lying inside home that could prove to be the amazing DIY home decorating ideas on a budget. These items could be baskets, old briefcases, lamps, cushion covers, table, sofa, walls, curtains, tube light, or some other used and untouched items. Girls, you will be surprised to see the kind of home decoration these things can contribute in  & that too when you’re on a short budget.DIY home decor ideas

Here are 5 admirable DIY home decorating ideas on a budget for easily grooming your home interiors:

1. DIY Table Lamp Decoration

Buying expensive table lamp every time in festive season will make your pocket scream. Be a smart housewife and show your creativity to the people. These DIY home decorating ideas on a budget will make your pocket smile. Now you can add an eclectic accent to your old table lamps using many decorative items like laces, buttons, frills, coffee filters, ribbons, beads, acrylic papers etc.

Here are some DIY lamp decoration ideas.

  • Idea 1 – You can bring a packet of same artificial flowers or different flowers and stick them with the help of glue on the lampshade as shown in the picture. Your new floral lampshade is ready to bloom your living space.DIY lampshade covered with roses
  • Idea 2 – Take buttons of different size and shapes and strung them with the thread or thin wires. Now stick those strings on the top edges of the lampshade and let them hang uneven.

button DIY lamp decoration ideas

  • Idea 3 – You can buy some decorative pearls and stick them on the lampshade to give it a shiny effect.

Pearl DIY home decoration ideas on a budget

2. Paint your walls with stencils

Want to give a fresh look to the walls.? But can’t afford to get whole house painted again..? Don’t worry Lovely peeps..  Painting walls with the use of stencils are the best DIY home decorating ideas on a budget you must go for.

  • Get a stencil and paint of your choice.
  • Place the stencil on the wall and mark the space with the pencil.
  • Now dip the brush or roller into the paint and move it on the stencil.
  • Now keep it for 10 min and let it dry. Apply 2nd coat after 10 min.
  • Continue this procedure on the whole wall to give appealing look to the wall.

People will be surprised of your creativity.
Flower DIY wall paint stencil

3. Cushion and pillow decoration in new style

Buying different cushion covers costs a lot. Then why not use other unuseful things to decorate the old cushion covers.? Add an inviting feel to your sitting space with these cute and pretty handmade cushion and pillows. These DIY home decorating ideas on a budget will make your home creative and appealing.

Some DIY ideas are :

  • Idea 1 – Stich some different colour or contrast color ribbon pieces on the sides of your cushion to give it a cute frill look.decorative pillows with ribbns- DIY ideas
  • Idea 2 –  You can bring some fabric flowers of different sizes and colors from the market and can sew them on the cushion covers which will make it perfect for your living space.

DIY cushion cover ideas - home decoration on a budget

  • Idea 3 – You can even try scarf for your cushions –  Take double size scarf as compared to cushion and wrap that cushion in such a way in the scarf that it get tied in middle of the cushion, giving it a bow look.

DIY cushion cover design ideas- home decoration on a budget

  • Idea 4 – Take 1 ribbon and pack the cushion with the ribbon as a delivery packet and sew a big button on its joint or a flower.

beautiful DIY home decoration ideas on a budget - cushion cover designs

4. Beaded and ribbon curtains

Instead of changing curtains, try out these DIY home decorating ideas to enrich your window drappers on a budget. Just buy some colourful, different textured ribbons and colourful attractive shaped beads and hang them on the curtain rod. When sunlight will fall on these beads they will fill your home with sparkling effect making you feel fresh and energetic.DIY button curtains - home decoration on a budget

Beads decoration for home

When decorating with ribbons –

  • Cut the ribbons of the same length as of the window.
  • Now roll the ribbon on the curtain rod and stick it with the glue. Keep in mind that the design of the ribbon should be outside.
  • Now you can resize the length of the ribbon according to your wish.Ribbion curtain DIY ideas - home decoration

5. DIY Table decoration

It is one of the important area for decoration you must focus on. This is the space where you sit with your family and friends and share your experiences, so it must be decorated in a way that gives you immense pleasure and relaxation.

  • Decorate the dining space with different colourful patterned cloth strips adorned with beautiful flower vase on it.

Chic table decoration idea - DIY home decoration ideas on a budget

  • Wrap the table with plane cloth and tie a knot at the corner of the cloth and stick some flowers or any other decorative stuff at the corner to hide the knot. It will give the table a chic look.

DIY table decoration ideas


House is the important thing for every single person as it always gives you the feel of stress free zone.

Ezyshine has all the way, tries to bunch the small things and materials that you could inculcate in these DIY home decorating ideas on a budget which will surely hold your money from popping out of your pockets.

Here you will surely find wealth of home decorating ideas on a budget for your home sweet home.  The ideas that come with little imagination & small amount of bucks expensed.

Come and experience the difference.



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