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5 DIY Ideas to Recycle Old Sweaters – Home Decoration Ideas

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After every winter season, all the woolen sweaters are moved into a closed cupboard. So instead of storing them for no reason, you could warm up all your pretty things by these extraordinary DIY ideas to recycle old sweaters.

As by the next season, many of those sweaters will be found a no longer fit or even too worn. Even some of them would be found out of fashion that you will not prefer to carry on. Friends! This will be your awesome time pass, yet creative approach towards fun sweater reformation & make them usable again.

DIY ideas to recycle old sweaters

Additionally, there is no rule like you cannot buy very cheap new sweater for persuading such crafting activity. Rather, in such cases, you only need to keep in mind that go for cheaper sweaters or for on sale stuff.

Nevertheless, it’s simply beyond imagination that how widely these sweaters can be molded into cozy collections. It could be making of around 5-10 warm mittens with just one long sweater. The same way, your old sweater could be a perfect pick for making woolen carry bags for household things & you can hang them at certain places to give a furnished look. Additionally, a water bottle cover can be made by hanging the hands of your outdated sweater from the top and you could tie that from a ribbon.

old sweater recycle - DIY crafts

Just imagine..!! When these DIY ideas to recycle old sweaters turns out to be the best DIY home decorating ideas. You can make yourself feel warm on your comfy chair and relax just by making a woolen cover for it rather than carrying a bulky warm stuff. The same way you can make seat covers for your tables and chairs for a classy look and feel. You can also be creative this way for the pillow covers with some casual fabric. ( Read: 5 Classy Digital Printed Fabrics for Home Decoration )

DIY ideas to recycle old clothes

A few of such outstanding collections are revealed here at Ezyshine & I am sure that these DIY ideas to recycle old sweaters will guard your pocket from loosing hundreds of bucks.

1. Flower pot decoration

Add punch to the dull flower pots & glam up your living space with your creativity. Recycle of old sweaters will give a magical feel to the flower pots. You don’t need to pressurize your pockets, it will make use of your old & waste woolen clothes. This is the best DIY idea to recycle old sweaters to dress up your pots in this chilly winter. ( Read: 5 DIY Garden Decorating Ideas on a Budget )


All you need is Glue, Old sweater, ribbons & scissor

Step 1: Cut the sleeve & slip it on the pot.

Step 2: Fold it from the top, to make the cuff.

Step 3: Cut the access sleeve from the bottom & glue it on the base of the pot.

Step 4: Now you can decorate it with decorative flowers or ribbons.

Cute & cozy flower pot is ready to spread its charm.

flower pot covered with old sweater

flower pots covered with sweaters - DIY ideas

2. Recycle Old Sweaters for Cozy Mugs

Make your home more cozy & warm with these DIY ideas. Now recycle old sweaters to wrap your favorite coffee mugs to give it a funny & cozy look. Knitting sweater for your lovely cups or using old sweaters will not only add notion but will also protect your hand from too-hot tea or coffee. You can gear up cups, coffee mugs & bowls to spice up the look of your pantry. ( (Read: 5 Decorative hanging paper lanterns)


You need old sweater or wool ball, scissor, glue, decorative buttons.

Step 1: Take an old sweater & cut its sleeves.

Step 2: Wrap that sleeve on the cup from one side of the handle to another side.

Step 3: Now take a knitted woolen thread & make a lock of it to tie the button stitched on the other side of the handle.

Step 4: Stitch the edges of the sleeve to make it more tidy.

Step 5: You can stitch flowers or label patches on them to decorate them more.

recycle old sweaters - coffee mugs

recycle old sweaters for cozy cups

DIY ideas to recycle old sweaters - mugs

3. Decorative Cushion Covers from Recycled Sweaters

Instead of throwing the old sweaters or giving it to someone else, turn your old sweaters into a funky, snazzy pillow. Now its high time to add warmth to the bed pillows with these DIY ideas. Slip your throw pillows or cushions into the recycled old sweater cushion covers. Turning your old sweaters into the throw pillows is the great idea to stay in touch with your favorite woolens.

Don’t worry..!!  It’ll not pinch your pockets.


Old sweater, scissor, buttons, Thread & needle, embellishments ( flowers, ribbons, buttons )

Step 1: Cut the front & back portion of the sweater.

Step 2: Now stitch it from 3 sides.

Step 3: Now cut a strip from the sleeve or extra sweater & attach it to the open side of the cushion.

Step 4: Now stitch buttons on the cushion.

Step 5: Slip the pillow in the cover & tie that extra strip with the buttons.

Your warm, chic throw pillows are ready to play with or to adorn your bed, sofa & chairs.

sweater cushions - DIY ideas

DIY chair cushions

4. Lampshade Makeover from Old Sweaters

Transform your bland & somber lampshades into chic & natty. Recycling old sweaters can add textures to the lampshade & can get a round of applause for you. Just not the table lamps, but you can also adorn the hanging lamps with these unusable sweaters.


You need Old Sweaters, Scissors, Glue & lampshade

Step 1: Cut the body part or the sleeves of the old sweater according to the size of the lamp.

Step 2: Pull it on the lamp & fold the edges on the inner sides of the lamp & glue it.

Textured lampshade is ready to lighten up your home. ( Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors )

sweater revamp - DIY ideas to recycle old sweaters

lampshade from sweater - DIY ideas

sweater lampshade- DIY crafts

5. Vases Wrapped in Old Sweaters

Re purpose old sweater in wrapping the vases. Embellish your home with colorful vases with these easy DIY ideas. Donate your sweater to add cozy vibe to the boring vases. Wrapping the vases in the colorful old sweaters & adorning them with beautiful flowers & embellishments will make many pair of eyes stuck on them.


Gather vase or bottle, old sweater, scissor, glue & some decorative items

Step 1: Cut the sleeves of the sweater& slip the vase in it. Make sure it grabs the vase or the jar tightly.

Step 2: Turn the edges at the bottom and glue them to give it a tidy appeal.

Step 3: Decorate it with the buttons, tags or simply by ribbons.

Amazing decorative vases & jars are ready to give magnificent look to your living space. ( Read: 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget )

vases covered with sweater

sweater crafts - wrapped vaeses

Above all these fabulous DIY ideas, your heart will pop up with joy when you will see heart shaped woolen crafts hanging in the drawing room or a living room, giving a cool look to your home. Pen stands can also result in a creative use of old sweaters. Also, you can stitch and transform old sweaters into a stuffed animal designs, teddy bears, or tiny heart shapes.

Will be waiting for your suggestions..

Happy Winters..!!!

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