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5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Home | Ezyshine

June 14, 2014 1:37 pm Published by 2 Comments
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Naturally, you want your place to look its best at all times – not only for when unexpected visitors knock on your door, but also for yourself, since a clean, lovely home is simply much more fun to spend time in. And luckily, having your home looking its very best doesn’t involve hours of cleaning every day – a few small changes can have a great effect, turning a house into your perfect home.
These are just basic easy cleaning tips for your home – but if you have any serious cleaning tasks to undertake, or need to remove a specific stain, remember that all kinds of advice can be found on a range of tricky problems online. Quality detergent brands, for example, will often offer laundry tips on getting the most out of their products, while forums and even specific cleaning sites collate knowledge and easy cleaning tips for your home from fellow house-proud people.
cleaning tips for your home

1. Get rid of what you don’t need

Throwing out your old things can be tough, but it’s the first step to a clean and nice-looking home. How many belongings or items of clothing do you no longer have any kind of use for, but still keep around the house?

In the reams of housekeeping advice available online, this is one of the most essential easy cleaning tips for your home any one can give you: make a conscious decision to get rid of everything you don’t need.

throw all unwanted things

Whenever you notice something that doesn’t improve your living space anymore, give it to charity, or a friend who could use it. Ask yourself if you really need to keep some things for sentimental value – or whether you are just too comfortable to clean out your space.

2. Keep it clean

Another favorite piece of advice among bloggers sharing easy cleaning tips for your home is to clean every day. And we’re not talking about hours of cleaning here – a constant trickle of effort can save you a lot of time, and leave your house shining.

easy cleaning tips - keeping it clean

Don’t wait until the kitchen is a mess to clean the counter top – do it right after cooking. And make sure to quickly wipe your shower after you have used it; something that takes 20 seconds if done regularly can easily build up to hours of scrubbing if you forget about it.

Using a citrus cleaner, do the same with the toilet every couple of days. We all know how important a shiny, clean bathroom is!

3. Tackle the laundry

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how you have managed to collect all this dirty laundry? In a worst-case scenario, your dirty clothes will be spread around your flat, cluttering your living space and blocking doors. Invest in a sturdy but pretty laundry basket– ideally one that allows you to separate colors and delicate sand still looks good.easy cleaning tips - tackle the laundry

Collecting your dirty laundry in one place not only makes your apartment look a lot tidier, but also means you’ll always know how big a washing load you will be facing.

4. Ten minutes every day

Even if you’re ditching the clutter, keeping your flat clean as you go, and have your laundry under control, ten extra minutes making sure everything is ship-shape every day can make a great difference!

Use those 10 minutes to do a bit of cleaning, put everything you have used back into its original place, write a list of things you need to buy for your home, and to identify any bigger projects that you might have to tackle in the future. You can even minimize the time you spend on tasks and find quick and easy cleaning tips for your home by searching for “Life hacks” online.easy cleaning tips - 10 minutes everyday

5.  Get yourself some flowers

Last but not least, flowers can make a great difference – they smell lovely, look beautiful and make every room feel so much friendlier in an instant. A visit to the florist can do wonders to your home!

easy cleaning tips for your home - get some flowers


Hopefully, these easy cleaning tips for your home will help you get your living space looking great, smelling fresh, and ready for even unexpected visitors!

Keep it Clean..!!

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