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10 Easy Homemade Ice cream Recipes You Must Try – Ezyshine

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Ezyshine has always been delivering a lot of delicious & mouth watering home-made recipes. This includes refreshing summer drinks, recipes for juices & shakes, Jam recipes, vegetarian soup recipes, etc. Now it’s the time to churn up the cool and improved home-made ice cream recipes at the summer parties! Don’t tell me that you have a doubt it works?

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Friends! You can make ice cream at your home now with no more trouble going outside late nights to accomplish the demands of your family. While the Sun goes hotter outside, you can sit and chill inside with the expert guide of these homemade ice cream recipes. Push the chef in you inside the kitchen & treat your family with what we are sharing with you now! (Read: What Your Favorite Ice Cream Flavor Says About You)

The flavors are endless and the varieties of ice cream recipes are countless! Be it the chocolate chips added with vanilla flavor or the red velvet ice cream flavor with coconut punch! Be it watermelon.

ice cream recipes - homemade recipes

The flavors are endless and the varieties of ice cream recipes are countless! Be it the chocolate chips added with vanilla flavor or the red velvet ice cream flavor with coconut punch! Be it watermelon fruit or the strawberry flavor! Choose the one according to the taste your family or kids loves! We have collected the recipes of the best tasting ice creams in the market.

Out of all these things, there is one most important thing that you need to know before reading these homemade ice cream recipes. You need to freeze the ice cream quickly or you can say, at high temperature to make it perfect.

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If you have tried making ice cream at home earlier, then you must have noticed that many times the taste of ice cream is not good after freezing. This is because of the slow freezing provided to the prepared ice cream. Actually, slow freezing allows large ice crystals to form within the ice cream and hence, it results in rough texture. So, it is necessary to provide the deep freezing for homemade ice cream recipes.

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Dive into the freshly prepared ice cream recipes & get the best flavors for your taste buds in the party!

1. Coconut Mango Popsicles

Revel yourself with the palatable mango and coconut flavors that are packed in these popsicles. It’s seasonal “Mango” time & I know you don’t want to miss the taste of this pulpy dripping fruit. (Read: 5 Easy Indian Mango Dessert Recipes for Food Lovers)

I got bored of eating mango slices & aamras (mango juice), so while searching for some new homemade Ice cream recipes, found the toothsome mango ice cream recipe & could not stop myself from sharing it with you all.

Recipe : Coconut Mango Popsicles

mango coconut icecream - icecream recipes

2. Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream

Nothing can be refreshing than mint and lemon in this summer heat. So, we are here with the bracing flow of mint to please you in this pricking weather. The mix of chocolate chips gives it an exotic feel with some crunchiness. (Read: 6 Refreshing Summer Drinks | Homemade Recipes of Juices & Shakes)

This mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe doesn’t include heavy cream & any other fat products. It is the blend of spinach, peppermint and coconut cream. A perfect no churn ice cream to treat you well anytime.

Recipe: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice cream 

mint chocolate chip icecream

3. Strawberry Ice cream Recipe

If you are calorie freak, then this is not for you my dear ! But wait.! If you love strawberries, then you should not miss it. Creamy velvety textured ice cream with twiddling strawberry pieces is more than enough to make someone fall in love with it. (Read: 7 Healthy Fruit Smoothie Recipes – Healthy Summer Drinks)

Trust me guys..!! It’s damn delicious. I have tried it & loaded with the handful of applauses. Before you turn out the pages for homemade ice cream recipes, mark it in your recipe book. You’ll love it, darling.

Recipe: Strawberry Ice cream Recipe

strawberry ice cream recipes

4. Blueberry ice cream with maple and cinnamon

Summer needs colors to freshen up the mood. And this is what blueberry ice cream is all about. The touch of cinnamon and syrup of maples are the “cherry on top of the cake” in this vibrant tangy ice cream. You’ll not get the flavor of cinnamon but its fragrance will arouse you to eat it completely.

I’m fond of blueberries and can eat it in any way. Some homemade ice cream recipes take long time and hard efforts for the perfect taste but this heavenly ice cream won’t pinch your pockets & is enough to make you lick your spoon & bowl.

Recipe: Blueberry ice cream with maple and cinnamon

blueberry ice cream recipe with maple and cinnamon

5. Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Chocolate is the flavor that is demanded by all age groups. Drawing the taste of chocolate in the form of ice cream that too homemade is such a fun. Chocolates are the best way to relish yourself and set up your dull mood.

No fancy colors, just the richness of chocolate that is loaded in this homemade ice cream. Rehash of heavy cream, sugar, milk and other ingredients make it perfect to serve.

You can even add chocolate sauce and choco chips while serving.

Recipe: Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

homemade chocolate ice cream recipes

6. White Chocolate Lavender Ice cream

Creamy white chocolate suffused with the clean & fresh lavender makes this simple ice cream outstanding. Lavender being my favorite flowers, due to its color & fragrance, I’m fond of this ice cream. Its freshness makes me calm & relax.
You can add colors to it to make it vibrant. Deep fridge it and enjoy its lavishness.

Recipe: White Chocolate Lavender Ice cream

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7. Red Velvet Ice Cream with Marshmallow Swirl

I know what ice cream means in the summers. A bite of relaxation with the creamy velvety texture can completely meet the small carvings. Red velvet ice cream is the spanking holiday treat to scroop your tongue. And yes, an inviting dessert to finish up the romantic meals. Melted marshmallow add glace to this ice cream & make this yummy ice cream fingerlicious.

Recipe: Red Velvet Ice Cream with Marshmallow Swirl

red velvet icecream recipe - ezyshine

8. Cookie monster Ice cream

Cookie monster ice cream is the easiest ice cream that too kids friendly. Planning for your child’s birthday party or some holiday treats, you can add it to the menu without giving a stop to your thoughts. It’s the crumble of oreo biscuits and chocolate cookies mixed with other ingredients. The blue color will make your kids jump to the ice cream. It’s a NO CHURN ice cream recipe that can be made without ice cream maker.

Recipe: Cookie monster Ice cream


9. Watermelon Popsicles

Summer season is all about consuming maximum fruits and vegetables which provide energy and ‘Water’.  Here, we have watermelon fruit that is full of water and taste!

Now, fill up your tummy with watermelon ice cream that is prepared with the palate of kiwi juice, watermelon, and coconut milk. Such ice cream recipes will bring a change in the way you spent your summer time.

Recipe: Watermelon Popsicles

watermelon ice cream recipe - Ezyshine

10. Avocado Ice cream Recipe

My mouth starts watering by hearing the name of Avocado fruit only. It is the most preferred fruits amongst the health conscious people as it is filled with high protein, vitamins, and minerals. Eventually, this fruit can be used in combination with heavy cream, milk and lemon juice to get the unique taste.

Avocado fruit also reduces cholesterol and triglycerides level in our body. I am sure this healthy fruit will make you drive crazy in Ice Cream recipe.

Recipe: Avocado Ice cream Recipe

avocado Ice cream recipes - best homemade recipes - Ezyshine

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