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5 Easy Household Cleaning Tips and Tricks You Must Read

October 5, 2015 2:43 pm Published by 4 Comments
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We have always talked about clean home & clean surroundings with great zeal but do we really make it happen? Then you genuinely need some household cleaning tips and tricks that will turn your house into a perfect home & a better place to live in.

household cleaning tips & tricks - home cleaning

Friends! We have already discussed previously that to make your home look a marvelous place to live in, you need not involve hours of cleaning every day. Moreover, you need a smart way of cleaning with few small changes. Go and even search the leftover places of your home where the wipe does not reach in general. (Read: 5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Home | Ezyshine)

Check out the electronic gadgets like for example – mobile. You can’t even imagine the enormous amount of bacteria that are present on the mobile screen. And sadly, most of the population has become the puppet of mobile phones without which, their life is incomplete.

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Similarly, the computer based life of many people does not know that a keyboard carries a huge amount of dirt that cannot be seen with naked eyes. The easy household cleaning tips helps you to pay attention to the dirt of your furniture, your mirrors, bathroom seats and washrooms, your purse, laptop, and even your utensils.

Simply follow the easy dusting funda where not many of cleaning solutions or wipes is involved. You can do it easily with the help of various cleaning tips and tricks online, but you know the best is yet to come down right here, right now. (Read: 5 Secrets you should Teach your Child to Clean Up) 

household cleaning - easy tips & tricks

Check out the collection of easy household cleaning tips that will make you fall in love with your home sweet home.

1. Use of Dishwasher

Can you give a clean finishing touch to all the small accessories of your home in few minutes? I think No.. But a dishwasher can resolve your minutes in a couple of minutes. Add a bucket full of utility accessories like plastic toys, dishes, caps & boots. Plastic hair brushes can also take a spin in the dishwasher. Arrange the lighting fixtures & garden tools in the top rack. These household cleaning tips and tricks will make your cleaning super easy. (Read: 5 Amazing Alternative Uses of Toothpaste You’ve Ever Heard)

dishwasher cleaning - home accessories

2. Use Rubber Gloves

Use of Rubber gloves can save your time for cleaning tricky things that grab all your precious time, especially during the festive season. This is the best cleaning tool to remove the pet hairs from the upholstery. Make them slightly wet and move your hands on the places your pet stroll. Pet hairs will get stuck easily to the rubber gloves from chairs, sofa, or pillows & will aid your headache in a few minutes. (Read: 7 Amazing Ways to Get Rid of Fridge Smell – Cleaning Tips)

rubber glove cleaning uses - easy household cleaning tips

These basic household cleaning tips & tricks will make your home spotless. Rubber gloves can act as a speed machine for your dirty home when you are rushing for office or guests are knocking the door. Slip your hands in the gloves & run your fingers on the dusty window blinds or grills. It will also protect your hands from harmful chemicals & cut injury.

Woman Wearing Rubber Gloves Cleaning Pan

3. Lint Rollers for Cleaning

Lint rollers are great tools for cleaning the home. No.. You are missing something. These sticky papers are not just for removing pet hairs & unwanted fabrics from the clothes, but have a handful of surprising uses. If you are lazy in cleaning the purse, suitcase or bags, then these easy household cleaning tips can do magic for you.

uses of lint rollers - household cleaning tips

Rush the roller in the handbag or suitcase & you’ll get all the unwanted things stuck on it. Whether it is sparkling glitter all around from holiday decor or the pieces of glass, everything will cling to the sticky surface. Grab the lint roller & gently clean the dirty lampshades. You can even clean the bathroom rugs, speaker grills, curtains & all the baby stuff.

lint roller uses - easy household cleaning tips & tricks

4. Easy Cleaning with Baking Soda

Baking soda can ease your cleaning campaign. Sprinkle the baking soda on the carpets, sofa or beds and leave it for 15 min. Brush it with the vacuum cleaner. It will make these stuff germ free and odor free to some extent. While looking for easy household cleaning tips & tricks, you’ll find the greatest use of baking soda.

Baking soda not only remove the smell from the fridge, sofa or carpets, but helps to easily clean the patches on the walls & furniture. (Read: 7 Amazing Uses of Baking Soda For Cleaning – Cleaning Tips)

baking soda used for cleaning home

5. Focus on Gadgets

Do you know that our smartphone screen are more prone to germs than a toilet seat? Yo friends, we generally avoid cleaning the gadgets, but neglecting these dirty gadgets can affect your health.

So while cleaning the home, clean the gadgets with alcohol-free wipes. Pour some of gadget cleaning solution on the microfiber cloth and clean the keyboard, monitor & smartphone. You can even use the 50-50 solution of water & vinegar for cleaning your gadgets. Keep your gadgets happy for a healthy lifestyle. (Read: Cleanup & speed up computers conjointly with free apps)

cleaning gadgets - household cleaning tips & tricks

Some Easy Steps for Cleaning

  1. Start with dusting. Clean the furniture, windows, photo frames, television, phone with the dry cloth. Avoid the use of wet cloth as it will leave the finger marks on your furnishings. You can get rid of the finger marks on the furniture or tv screens by cleaning them with a wet microfiber cloth.
  2. Brush the furniture (sofa, dining table, cupboards, cabinets and beds) with brush or broom.
  3. Wash the mirrors & glasses of dressing room & windows. You can use dilute washing liquid & warm water to wipe the mirrored surface. Cleaning with newspapers can also bring shine to all the mirrors & glasses.
  4. Clean all the spaces, including door handles, light switches, tv, phone and remote. Leave bathroom & kitchen floor for a while.
  5. Spray the cleaner on the sink, bathtubs, toilets & rub them. Clean the doors of microwave & cabinets.
  6. Clear space under the staircase, living room and bedroom with the vacuum cleaner.
  7. Finally, clean the floor of bathroom & kitchen with a good cleaner.home cleaning tips & tricks

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