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5 Easy Makeup Tips for Festive Season You Must Try

October 18, 2015 6:12 pm Published by 1 Comment
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Hey there! Look at me! I know that festive season is on its full swing and you are going to be crazy shopping for trendilicious outfits and wardrobe necessities. But now, it’s time to explore as to how you will carry your makeup during festive rush?

My friends, I have got some big inspirations providing some easy makeup tips for festive season especially. This way, you can stay polished while enjoying the biggest celebrations with your loved ones.

easy makeup tips for festive season

A Short Flashback through the Window of Ezyshine:

We have earlier discussed makeup was defined to enhance our beauty along with our natural features. We do grow old faster by making some common beauty mistakes. Also, we enlarged the idea of easy makeup tips for busy working moms. It probably resulted positive for the challenging schedule of a working mom & made them presentable and glamorous to much extent. (Read: 5 Beauty Tips for Busy Moms – Makeup Tips and Tricks)

beauty tips for festive season

We concluded that beauty is simply the state of our mind where, we need to believe in our self that we are beautiful. We did it as we get some appreciating response from our readers about the same! We are now back with the festival faring looks along with easy makeup tips. (Read: Top 10 makeup mistakes will make you look 10 years older..)

beautiful eye makeup for festive season

Girls who are going to start their college life have a crazy attraction towards makeup and outfits. At that point of time, it is important for them to know that how much makeup should be used so that it does not look over. It should not look like you are going to take part in a fashion show.

The latest fashion trend makes it tough to choose the right cosmetics or makeup tools. Mascara, eyeliners, kajal, eye pencils, blushers, compact, etc, are the real tools that are found in the purse of fashion freak girls. You need to use them wisely and smartly so that you can enjoy your festivals with joy and tension free make up. (Read: 4 Easy Makeup tips for Working Women | Beauty Tips & Tricks)

easy & quick makeup tips - festive look

So, friends, these easy makeup tips are necessary to make yourself presentable to withstand everything. Like every beautiful girl has something special about her, similarly, the taste of makeup is different from women to women depending upon what suits them best. Follow these tips to effortlessly look gorgeous today, and every day without ruining your makeup.

makeup tips for festivals - easy makeup tips

Check out the quick and easy makeup tips for festive season which will help you retain your beauty throughout the day. 

1. Eye Pencil or Kajal

Eyes are the part which are given more importance during makeup. You can easily brighten your eyes and extend your lashes with some simple strokes of kajal and eye pencil. These easy makeup tips will make you look out of the crowd.

As during the festivals, we don’t get much time to pamper ourselves. So, avoid many color experiments with your eyes. Use the shades of Black & brown to get the bewitching eyes. Or if you are looking for colors, then green & white shades can complement your look.  (Read: 5 Secret Fashion Tips for Women to Look More Fashionable)

eye makeup - beauty tips for festive season

2. Mascara

Before applying makeup to your eyes, don’t forget to use primer, as it avoids smudging and melting the makeup. Transparent mascara can change your overall look. If you are attending night party then allure both your eyelashes with mascara. But if no, then try not to put the mascara on lower eyelashes. Transparent mascara will give the glossy effect to your eyes. If you don’t have then, rub the vaseline on your eyelashes. After some time, it will vanish leaving the impact of shiner glamorous eyes.

You can go for natural toned eye shadows which will give a natural finish to your makeup. Light color eye shadows will perfectly harmonize with your lovely dark outfits.

makeup tips for festive season - easy beauty tips

3. Popping Lips

Pretty, glossy lips are always in the limelight. Makeup is incomplete without the popping lips. As the festive season is round the corner, these easy makeup tips will help you to look winsome in few minutes. If you are in hurry, then throw back the lipstick & go for the fancy lip gloss with different colors. (Read: Natural lip care tips to get healthy and beautiful lips…)

red lipstick - makeup tips

Popping colors are in fashion these days as they not only hide the dryness of the lips but, also make them look soft & fuller. Dual color lipsticks & lip gloss are also in demand among girls. You must stock the cranberry, red, maroon, wine, and brown color this festive season. Give the finishing touch to your lustful lips with same shade lip liner.

Note: If you are using dark color lipsticks, try not to fill your eyes with makeup. Keep them simple. It will make you look elegant & decent.

lips makeup - easy makeup tips

4. Foundation & compact

Before going for the foundation, hydrate your face with the hydrating serum. Moisturize your face & apply primer. Now apply the liquid foundation shade according to your skin tone & dab it evenly. If you find any dark spots or patches, then hide them concealer. Contour the hairline, nose, jawline and cheekbones. Make the base with the translucent powder. (Read: Best Natural Hair & Skin Care Tips for Monsoon – Ezyshine)

Compact helps to look bright & energetic. You can use two-way compact cake as it doesn’t let the makeup spoil. Dip the cake sponge in water & dab it on your face. It will help to retain the makeup on your face for long hours.

compact makeup shades - beauty tips

5. Blushers

A magical sweep of blusher on your tired dull face can make you look radiant. From romantic rose look to natural healthy glow, all you can get with these quick & easy makeup tips. Blusher features your shrink cheeks into fluffy. Primp yourself with the natural skin tone shades.

You can even go for baby pink, peach & light brown shade for night parties. Just rush through the blusher palette and give your cheeks a superb value. (Read: 5 Natural Homemade Beauty Tips for Glowing Skin)

blushers according to skin tones

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