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5 Smart ways to Redesign your Wardrobe in creative style

April 13, 2014 12:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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Many women always complain that they don’t have  enough outfits. But it is said, women only use 20% clothes, that means 80% remain unused.

Hey girls.. Does it happens to you also..?? Whenever you open the wardrobe, can’t find something trendy, classy that you are looking for. Tired of wearing the same pile of outfits..?

This problem always remains the same even though they hold a rich wardrobe. Now to give a dumb to ur problem, you can redesign your wardrobe in creative style. With stylish wardrobe you can redefine your personal style. To redesign your wardrobe, no penury to work so much expense. You can revamp your closet wisely in low budget also. You only need little adjustment and creativity to redesign your closet.time to redesign your wardrobe

Purchasing new outfits daily is not possible. So, its safer to give a trendy feel to your outfits by mix, match or altered to create many variations. You can even try those outfits together  which you think are different from each other.  For this, you need to wake up your inner fashion sense. To utilize all the accessories and clothes, its important to redesign your wardrobe so that you can have a look to all of them and can heighten your style.

Here are some smart ways to redesign your wardrobe under limited budget.

1. Edit your wardrobe

Spacing in wardrobe is the biggest headache. Take out all your stuff and keep it on your bed. Now check for all unworn clothes. Take out all the clothes and accessories which you don’t use much throughout the year. Sometimes even thought the outfits are good, but you don’t like them because of bad fitting or bad colors. So, its better to keep such stuff outside your wardrobe. Redesign your wardrobe with such clothes and accessories which you really love to wear.revamp your closet

2. Develop a signature style

People will identify your personal style only when you’ll leave a glimpse of your signature style. If you don’t have much knowledge of fashion, then dig out some magazines. To enhance your personal style, make a list of your clothes according to your work and lifestyle. If you need some changes, then take out some time from your busy schedule and plan accordingly. If you love to wear designer boutique collection, then tell your dressing sense to your stylist. so, they can design your outfits.develop a signature style

3.  Use the right accessories

To give classy and chic look to any outfit, handbags, jewelry and makeup plays the key role. Funky jewelry goes perfect with modern trendy dresses whereas traditional Fusion jewelry adorns traditional dresses like saree, lehnga, suits. Like this, you should have a handful collection of shoes and handbags to enrich your outfits.perfect accessories

4. Placement like showroom

Wardrobe should be revamped same as showroom. When you visit the showroom, you find all the things arranged according to their nature. Same way, you can design your wardrobe. Arrange your sarees, skirts, tops and other outfits in such a way that their visibility remains. It will help you to select the pair of clothes you have to wear in minimal time.ways to redesign your wardrobe

5. Tick your Checklist

Mark the necessary things which you need in your closet. Necessary things mean basic combinations which you need with your outfits and accessories like short black dress, neutral cardigan, white blouse, black dress pants, casual flats, basic handbag, knee- length skirt. You can use these combinations with different outfits to get chic look.

redesign your closet

Enjoy revamping your closet..!!

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