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5 Eco-Friendly Home Decoration Ideas with Moss Wall Art

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Do you know the fact that our eyes could see more shades of green color than any other color? So is the nature’s color that we are talking about!

moss wall art interior design

When we think about our dream home, what comes in mind is – a lovely home and a small garden, where we can relax and spend time with our darling family. But in this expensive world, affording a home with a mini garden is not that easy & that too in cities… Ufff.. Crosses the budget. (Read: 5 DIY Garden Decorating Ideas on a Budget | Home Decor)

moss wall interior design

Interior designers have solved this problem with space saving furnishings, vertical gardens and moss wall arts. Now you can enjoy the fresh air & greenery inside your home. You don’t need to step outside your home for the peaceful environment.

moss wall in plastic squares for home decoration

With the increase in the trend of vertical garden in home decoration, moss wall art and graffiti are also favored. Vertical gardens or lush green walls are not only for decoration but you can also harvest the herbs you wish in small planters & keep them in the kitchen. It will add flavors to your food & create an aromatic surrounding. (Read: 5 DIY Home Decorating Ideas on a Budget You Must Go For)

home interior designs - moss wall art

Do you know vertical gardens have a positive impact on our health too. In summers, these lush green walls keep the temperature of the home cool & dramatically change the interior of the home and offices which never run out of the fashion.

As a bonus, varnish your home decoration with nature this time & beat the summer heat. 

home decoration ideas

1. Full Wall Moss Art for Living Room

Green Green all around the walls in your house!!! It is the best way to inspire your wall spaces with the elegance of nature. It’s time to give a break to your wall textures, wall paintings and other wall arts. An eco-friendly environment in the home will make you relax and soothe your eyes. (Read: 5 Amazing DIY Garden Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces)

vertical garden in home interiors - home decoration

All you need is to transform the one wall of your home into a moss art. It will add textures and colors to your home sweet home that will always make you feel like you are enjoying in a garden.

vertical garden ideas for interiors

Maintenance of these walls will not pinch your buckets and time. They are easy to take care off.

Not only in living room, try it in everywhere! Yes, you heard it right, everywhere! And then see the change you have never imagined.

vertical garden - interior designs

2. DIY Moss Graffiti for Home Decoration

Add a velvety touch to the walls of your home with the eye catchy moss graffiti. Transform your feelings in the form of words and portray them on the wall. You don’t need any expert for it. It’s DIY art to showcase your creativity.

moss wall - home decoration ideas

Cut the alphabet boxes and arrange the vertical garden in it. You can even grow moss in it depending on your environment. Adjust those boxes on the wall in the form of your message or arrange them in the corner to furnish the dull corners.  It’s a great home decoration idea to make your wall look artistic and even soft and velvety.

Think of moss name plate and go for it. It will look outstanding. (Read: 5 Tricky Room Corner Decoration Ideas – Home Decor Ideas)

moss on wall - home decor

3. Eco- Friendly touch to the Bathroom

Your family doctor must have suggested you to walk on fresh grass and mud in the morning or whenever you have a tension free walk. So let’s have a look and feel about this coolest eco-friendly home decoration idea that will change your point of view for your bathroom. (Read: Latest Interior designs for bathroom – Giving your Bathrooms a trendy look..!!)

moss wall design in bathroom - home decoration

I mean imagine when you step into your bathroom and reach near the bathtub, you find the moss carpet under your feet giving you the feeling like you have entered in your garden by mistake!

moss decoration for bathroom

Hey! Don’t get confused dear! You are still in your comfy bathroom. All that has changed here is the old boring designs & that have been retouched with fresh mud and soft grass inside your bathroom. Get some best home decoration ideas from the collection below that will splash your bathroom with the green touch!

beautiful moss wall in bathroom

4. Moss Garden as Paintings

Moss art is one of the classic home decoration ideas where you do not need a single drop of water. Moreover, the maintenance is not needed in the world of moss art. The beautiful green wall paintings in shape of gardens make you feel alive inside your home sweet home. (Read: 5 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Neon Colors | Home Decor)
vertical garden decoration ideas

The moss garden patterns in form of scenery will add beauty to your home decor. Club the small paintings together& adore their borders with moss. Boring & dull paintings will start reflecting their charm. Explore your creativity & throw the nature’s colors on the wall in the form of flower plants, herbs, moss or simple grass.

moss in kitchen

5. Moss for Scenic Look

With the help of expert designers and creative minds in our world, we really have an infinite number of things that we can form with this moss wall art. One of such births of those creative minds is the moss art in form of sceneries.

wall decoration

We use to decorate our home with the wall paintings of famous personalities or the creative designs in the past. Now gone are the days, it’s time to welcome the new era where alive like greenery or the moss art is capturing the way to decorate your walls. (Read: 5 Classy Jute Decorative Items for Interiors – Home Decoration)

center table moss wall art

Various arts and designs of moss wall arts could be seen in form of stylish scenery. Wall hanging moss, original framed moss, wire mashed moss art, and many other scenery formats will do wonders to the look and feel of your home.

moss wall art implimentation - interior design

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