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5 Effective Guest Posting Tips to Increase the Traffic

April 28, 2014 10:36 pm Published by Leave your thoughts
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You must have heard from experts that guest posting does not work anymore as it has been out of league. But if you talk to many professional guest bloggers, then you will come to know that how guest posting is effective and advancing their business to achieve great heights. These successful guest bloggers are those who care more to put their sincere efforts in writing a guest post rather than posting just as a mere formality. So, learn the guest posting tips from these people and see the increase in the traffic to your website.

Friends, always remember… “It’s not always important what you do, it’s important how you do it”

For an instance, consider a case of student preparing for IIT-JEE entrance examination. Let’s suppose 1000 students are taking coaching classes from “Bansal Classes – Kota (Rajasthan)”. Now if only 50 students are able to clear the exam, then would you say that Bansal Coaching is not working anymore..!!!


Here the fact is how the students put in their personal efforts to reach their goals. How strategically they make use of the facilities and expert faculty available at the coaching. They simply provide you the platform but finally you have to decide how to make use of it.

Guest blogging or guest posting is no doubt an effective platform for marketing in the Internet world. It has the powerful tactic which could increase the traffic to your website. It works as a long term effective strategy for getting traffic lifelong. For an effective guest posting, a blogger should have to be an effective content writer. Plus, a bit of marketing knowledge may add on to his website.

Now, if you are new blogger, then the question may arise in your mind “what is the importance of guest blogging or I why should I even do that?”

Yeah. You need to do guest posting because it helps you increase your credibility among the blog readers and ultimately helps in driving the traffic to your website.

Here are some effective guest posting tips for you, which will help you increase the graph of visitors & subscribers on your website.

1. Search for perfect blogs

Search for those blogs which have more enough traffic to do guest posting. Avoid sending requests of guest posting  to those blogs which are recently started and they themselves don’t have readers for their blog. With this, the most important is to keep in mind the length of your post. If the length of your post is very long than required, then there are many chances that the owner of the blog won’t accept your request of guest posting. This is one of the most important guest posting tip to increase the traffic to your site. Blog owners will accept your posts if they find you perfect in your field.

2. Do research

Do research on the blog before sending guest posting request to it. Tell the owner about the topics which he can include in his blog. This can be done while commenting on its posts. While doing this, you can also let them know about your specialization, the topics on which you can write without any errors. Tell the owners about the time limit, when can you provide content to them. You have to take the owner into the confidence that you will provide them with unique content and fulfill the condition of word limit. After this only you’ll be able to do effective guest posting on their blog.effective guest posting

3. Write meaningful post

Mostly website owners know that quality of the freelance posts is not that good. So they’ll try to catch your mistakes. So exercise your post effectively so that they won’t be able to capture your mistakes. You can also add some links of your posts carefully in the middle of the post, but avoid over linking, otherwise your post will be marked as spam. Effective guest posting will help you to increase the traffic.

4. Stay in touch

If the owner of the website is allowing you to post on his site, then don’t forget to thank him. After getting a link of your post, stay in touch with the owner. After paying tribute to him again, ask him for the positive responses on that post. If you’ll keep regular contact with the owner of the site, he will remember you. After having friendly relations, you can ask the owner to do more effective guest posting. Even the owner of the website can also ask you to write the post for his/her site.

5. Be positive while commenting

You can take help and guide from the owner of the site to comment on your post. Reply gently and with positive attitude to the people who are commenting on your post. Their comments can be negative, but you should  maintain your positive attitude. While commenting on the post, you can also include the links of your previous articles.

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