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5 Effective Ways to Beat the Sugar Addiction – Ezyshine

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Do you have the sugar addiction? Are you the one who enjoy your Diwali time in the kitchen, busy with eating sweets? Then you must be knowing the answer to this puzzle-

“Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Sweetest of All?”

The answer is SUGAR! Right duo? Lolzz…


Well, a lot of people in this holy planet have the sugar addiction and history quotes many examples that show how sugar leaves a negative impact on your health. A famous author quotes ‘At first, addiction is maintained by pleasure but the intensity of this pleasure gradually diminishes, & the addiction is then maintained by the avoidance of pain!’

Eating too much sugar affects the functioning of the brain in a similar way like cocaine or nicotine. Sugar addiction is as destructive and threatening as alcohol or drug addiction. Excessive sugar intake drags you towards obesity and diabetes on a higher note. So, you need to beat the sugar addiction and overcome your addiction for a healthier life! (Read: 6 Secrets to Stay Healthy and Fit – Mental Health Tips)


To understand the heights of damage that sugar can actually do to your body, you need to know this now! The World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) says that when it comes to preventing cancer, being as lean as possible without being underweight is at the top of our list. At number three, even ahead of eating more fruits and vegetables, it is advice to limit the consumption of energy-dense foods, that is, the foods that are high in fat or added sugars & sugary drinks.


The Real Problem with Sugar

Sugar is termed as new Cigarettes! It increases insulin, insulin boosts up the fat storage & hence it’s addictive. Even you would be surprised to know that almost 95% of lab rats choose sugar water as their food rather than cocaine. Hence, eating too much sugar will modify your hormones and your metabolism. The sugar will act like a drug, the more you eat, the more your body wants. Sugar addiction will severely affect your waistlines and reach out to disturb your figure! (Read: 7 Fat Burning Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Fast – Fitness Tips)

It’s not a hopeless situation, you can beat the sugar addiction and the cravings. You just need to mouse onto the collection of effective ways that will help you out to beat the sugar addiction in the best possible way! Below are the steps to get a breakthrough from the world of addiction!


1. Eat Quality Protein, Limited Carbohydrates & Good Fats

When your food has an abundance of protein, then you have surely not to worry about sugar levels. It will be All Is Well kind situation for your better health! For your knowledge, Ezyshine has already discussed a lot about proteins in the previous article that educates about the importance and judgment technique for a good protein source. In mentions that proteins are made up of essential amino acids & you need to consume them for a quality protein composition! (Read: Do you consume good fats OR the bad fats.? Know the “Facts about Fats”)

Carbohydrates are a quick source of energy and are equally required for a balance. But when you become habitual of consuming high carbohydrate foods like Cakes, Jams, potato and bread products, it could fluctuate the blood sugar levels.

On a similar note, you can beat the sugar addition by consuming healthy fats like Coconut oil and Olive oil. This will be a great help to control your sugar cravings & leading you towards a sugar-free life!


2. Beat the Sugar Addiction by Avoiding Artificial Sweeteners

Some people have the query that does artificial sweeteners really helpful in weight loss? The answer is very logical and simple; Yes! Yes! Yes!

Experiments and studies have proved that artificial sweeteners worsen the situation of the sugar levels in a human body. The soft drinks and low-calorie foods contain artificial sweeteners that increase the risk of type 2 diabetes & cardiovascular diseases. Hence, keep yourself away from these soft drinks & at least read the ingredient labels for common artificial sweeteners to know the amount of consumption. (Read: Low Blood Pressure Causes, Symptoms & Control – Ezyshine)

Additionally, pregnant ladies are always advised to avoid artificial sweeteners to be always on a safer side!


3. Drink Plenty of Water

To beat the sugar addiction, this one thing is easily and freely available at home. Simply make sure that you select pure filtered water. Drinking water has always been beneficial for health. Most of the researchers say that whenever you feel like craving, quickly have a glass of water first and hydrate your body. Now wait for few minutes to see how you are feeling now. Guys, this has to do because many sugar cravings arise due to dehydration. (Read: Factual Brief about Need & Importance of WATER in our Body)

Drink at least 4-5 liters of water daily to overcome the gap. Further, you could add lemon juice in water for giving a healthy treat to your tummy!


4. Add Vitamin B & Zinc in your Diet

There are some essential minerals and vitamins that can help you smartly to beat the sugar addiction. Vitamin B tends to play an important role in metabolism process and the production of sufficient insulin required by the body. On the other hand, Zinc also does the insulin production as well as its release! Zinc is very deficient in the majority of American’s diet. Zinc can be received by foods like whole grains, oysters, nuts, etc. (Read: Want to improve Calcium absorption to maintain bone health ?? Add Magnesium & Vitamin D Intake)


Many nutrients are importantly required for the production of insulin. Chromium and magnesium are also one of the key players in handling the sugar levels. Actually, whole wheat is chromium rich food while magnesium is important for many enzymes involved in producing energy & entertains insulin metabolism. 


5. Regular Exercise – Stress Reliever Funda

The real truth about stress is that it does not come up to you by the surroundings and other external factors, but it generates by the way you perceive and handle the situations in life. Try to take things easy and do not pressurize your mind as the effect of situations around you. Do regular exercise, go for a morning walk, extend your time for personal health and fitness! This will not only increase your capability and your energy level but it will keep you fit and fat-free. (Read: The Best Diet and Exercise Plan to Keep You Fit & Healthy)

Adding these changes and things in your life will keep you away from regular visits to your doctor. Plus, the illness issues like sugar cravings and growing fat, will drop down along with stress level.


Eat Less Sweet, bcoz you are Sweet Enough!





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