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5 Fall/ Winter Fashion Trends for Men & Women – Ezyshine

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A cosy Hi Five to all you lovely peeps!

Many of us welcome this cold weather with a warm hug, but some run away due to their extra-precautionary nature in this weather. The cool breeze is drumming the environment, inviting you to get wrapped in cosy outfits and enjoy the chilling winds. Yes my friends! The clothes you wear must have the warmth that protects you from getting caught by cough or cold.

fashion trends for winter 2015

But, in mid of all these, don’t forget to enjoy the breezy weather to its height as every season has its own charm and magnetism. Do not simply envelope yourself in the blankets & miss the fun of this lovely weather. Most importantly, you have to be updated with all the winter fashion trends that cater your style with an elegant look. Only wearing winter clothes does not make it successful, you need to be selective with trends too. (Read: 5 Hot Fall / Winter Hair Color Trends for Women – Ezyshine)

colourful scarf - fall fashion 2016

Winters comes with lot of fashion spirit and outfits that allows you to handpick according to your taste. It may vary from stylish Hoodies to marvellous sweat shirts, from multi-color sweaters to breathtaking jackets, and from knitted windcheaters to bulky coats! (Read: 5 Fashionable Hoodies & Sweatshirts for Women | Winter Wear)

All these are the part of your journey within this winter season. So, just wrap yourself with the trendy designer outfits & relish your body. Market is flooded with the winter fashion trends for Men & Women rounded up in different styles. Go for them and make a move with Ezyshine for setting up the sophisticated winter fashion trends.

fashionable winter trends for men

With the passage of time, Ezyshine has come up with some excellent ideas that beautifully describe the fall/winter fashion trends for both men & women.

winter jackets - fashion trends

1. Sweatshirts to make you Sweat

Sweatshirts are the outfits whose charm don’t fade away with the time. Just new patterns & styles take the route. The market is flooded with sweatshirts for women that fits with every outfit. Pick out your style from the variety of sweatshirts & carry it with casuals or formal wear.

crop top pattern sweatshirts - winter fashion

Now you don’t need to wear the sweatshirt like a pullover. You can even wear them like t-shirt or crop top. These Sweatshirts & hoodies will spunk your fashion statement. Go with crop top or high neck sweatshirts & match them with the jeans or palazzo pants. Rush through my previous article to know the sweatshirt winter fashion trends.

men's sweatshirts - fall fashion trends

2. Stylish Gloves to Keep Your Hands Warm With Style

Looking for winter fashion trends that can keep you warm while maintaining your style statement? How can we forget the trendy gloves for both men and women? Yes friends..!! Gloves are in high demand these days & the most trendy is fingerless gloves pair. You can match them according to your outfits as they are available in many vibrant colors. 

cute gloves - fall fashion 2016

If you are wearing half sleeves or rolled up sleeves top then go for sexy bottom up gloves. These gloves are the best option to enhance your style. These are available in both leather and knitted fabrics.

button up gloves for winters

3. Fall/ Winter Hat trends

Winters are not only about warm and cozy clothes, Right? Winters fashion trends are incomplete without hats & headbands. Give sophisticated look & feel to yourself with some classy hat collection. You can try the knitted cool head wear that look amazingly cute. And the best part of these knitted headpieces are – they can be made by you. Rush through the DIY art of knitting the cozy accessories & pamper yourself with something cosy & comfortable accessories. (Read: Cool Hats for Men | Men’s Summer Fashion Trend)winter look - winter fashion trends for women

Velvet hats are also in the limelight on the fashion runways & the vibrant colours are the best among them. Talking about other materials, then felt can also be seen, leading the race of winter fashion trends 2015-16. Oversized pom poms, side clips or hanging tassels make them outstanding. I personally love the totally French berets, as they look elegant instead of funky.

winter fashion trends for women

4. Colourful Scarf for Chic Look

Fashion designers have added the scarf to the winter fashion trends list to spice up your look. Trendy popping colour scarf can make you look classy when carried with simple plain outfits. If you like the simple elegant look then try plain woollen knitted scarf. Mix match it according to your outfits & pamper yourself with fashionable accessories. You can carry the scarf with the t-shirt, one piece dresses or with jackets. (Read: Matching Set Fashion Trends for Women – Co-Ord & Coordinates)

winter fashion trends for men - ezyhsine

Change the style to wear the scarf & you can get the new look every time you hang out with your loved ones or formal parties. You can leave the scarf on your shoulder swinging or can wrap it around your neck tucking in different patterns.

colourful scraf for winters

5. Coat & Jackets

Coats and Jackets are the evergreen winter fashion trends which can spruce up your looks in those lazy winters. The attractive over-sized coats or the designer fur coats could be one of the best options. You could also go for sleeveless jackets to have sporty look.

winter fashion trends 2015-16

Make sure that your coat doesn’t look like a sleeping bag or simply a body hugging jackets, rather, they should be fashionably updated and selected with due acceptance of the modern fashion era. Walk with style with the trendy long coats. match it with the tie and woollen scarf. (Read: How to wear Ties..?? An easy Guide)

jackets for men - winter fashion

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