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5 Funky Kids Fashion Trends You Must Have – Ezyshine

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Planning for a happening search for some kids fashion trends? Beware! You have reached your destination buddy!

“Every day is a fashion show and the world is a Runway”. The world has been drowning into the lava of fashion and why your kids should be kept away from the fashion fever! You do not have to work hard in your pocket to catch up the kids fashion trends. Just see here what Ezyshine has collected for you with the ease of understanding, including the stuff that is available online at vulnerable prices. We will surely fulfill your sense of understanding for buying fashionable outfits for your little one.


Additionally, there are lot many online shops that are focussed only on kids fashion trends that include the kids footwear and other accessories too! That means everything you need to dress up your boy or girl is available at one stop center. Hence, you can easily buy these outfits from online portals or from the nearby kids wear showrooms.


While surfing the internet for trendy wearable and accessories, you will be surprised to see that the competition for fashionable & trendy clothes are not limited to Men and Women, but it has widely expanded to every age group that has an urge to move along with the trends! Big multinational brands that have captured the market of the fashion world, are working on to boost up the kids fashion trends on a global scale. They have already been focusing on cool & stylish outfits for kids wear.


The expert designers and style artists believe that kids of the 21st century are not satisfied with the comfortable outfit, rather they expect the funky, printed, multi-color and stylish outfits. One of them says “my little girl who is just 5 years, carry the apparels of her choice only.” Talking about some kids fashion trends in common, asymmetrical patterns are a hit in this season.


When kids are staying home or at vacations, you can buy the same kind of patterned garments for giving them a cool look and feel! Plus, all kinds of colorful and printed clothes are always like an energy booster for the kids. Cartoon characters are always a favorite time pass for kids. So, choosing the T-shirts and skirts with cartoon prints are one of the best outfits your kids will love to wear.


So, nourish the charm of your kids by following these kids fashion trends and let them feel the best out of every kid surrounding them in a walk through!


1. Cartoon Printed for Funny Look

Cartoon prints are always listed on top in kids fashion trends. Kids love to have their favorite cartoon character on their dresses and other accessories. Fun cartoon graphics on plain t-shirts looks just awesome and kids too love them.


From Disney characters to other loony cartoons all are splashed on the kid’s outfits. Witty cartoons and all time picked superheroes in vibrant colors are the perfect choice to add fun to your naughty kid’s closet.

As the winters are on the way, you can pick the cartoon printed sweatshirts with hood. Cartoon patched jackets are also available in the market.


2. Military Printed Pants for Boys

Military printed pants or camouflage effect pants  evergreen kids fashion trends that go best with any simple or colorful shirt and t-shirts. Kids love to wear loose clothes and this is what these cotton cargo pants are all about. These comfortable and funky pants will not only make your kids relax but stylish too. Match the outfit with vibrant canvas shoes and groovy wrist watch.



3. Printed Trousers for Girls

Girls always look colorful as they love to wrap themselves with floral, tropical and abstract prints. And if it is the matter of your princess, then how can you take a back seat? So super mom, explore the wide range of vibrant pants and other bottoms which are showcased online and in the market too. Slide your princess in the cool casual cargo pants or in flawless printed jeans and jeggings.

Make the combo with the floral hairbands and funky hair clips. Get her a pair of cute flip flop and let your kiddo step out in style.



4. Popping Frocks

Want to doll her up with the bold printed frock or make her feel like a fairy with the frills and bows? Every dream of your’s will come true to dress up your little girl with these kids fashion trends. The market is overloaded with the cute and chic stuff for girls.


Try out the pretty party frocks with ruffles details that add an elegance to the outfit or jump to the cheerful cartoon prints and floral prints for her easy breezy look. Buy her some chic accessories like funky shoes, sunglasses, hair accessories and more.


5. Funky Accessories

We have a wide range of accessories available online and offline, that has the capability to satisfy your taste of shopping for kids! The cool kids accessories add beauty to the outfits and the kids as a whole. You could easily find the fashionable accessories like gentleman neckties for boys, hats, cool sunglasses, wristbands, stylish caps, floral headbands for girls, hair clips, printed socks, artificial jewelry, gloves, etc and much more. The pricing of the product may vary according to the quality and the brand name but your kid will surely be found as the prince charming or the Barbie doll in the party!


There are a lot of multinational brands specifically working on the kids fashion trends like Ginny and Jony, UCB, Tom and Jerry, Disney, etc. So, whether you want to shop for your boy or the girl, you need to visit the hot stores now!!



From a Small Kid –

Sometimes I like my stylish outfit so much… that I just have to close my Eyes…. because  I can’t handle the cuteness!!




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