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5 Health Care Tips to Stay Healthy This Winter – Ezyshine

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Welcome to the winter season where cool air pokes you every time you peep out of the window. Cough and cold are the natural gifts that almost everyone has to accept in this season. But would it be right to blame the naturally & periodically changing climatic conditions for if someone is captured by cold?

winter health care tips to stay healthy

If it is so, then why we ask Lord Sun to show some mercy during hot summer seasons? Or, why we offer prayers to God for making the environment gentle and breezy during the month of May and June? Why not simply opt for some health care tips to boost up your immunity & enjoy the breeze of winters?

Hey, Buddy! It’s true that this season comes with immunity problems due to flu and viruses in the environment. But on the other hand, the cool weather makes our body so lethargic that we could not find out what to do or what we should not! I mean just look at what all we do to protect ourselves from the cold. (Read: 5 Active Ways to Prevent Cough and Cold | Natural Remedies)

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From covering yourself in the layers of woollen clothes, wearing inner wear all the time that keeps you warm, a hot water bath in the morning to fight the cold, drinking Tea & coffee to maintain the body heat from inside, avoiding going outdoors to that cold does not catch you, and what not!

First thing first! Drink lots of water daily without any compromise. Drinking water not only improves your health, but it also falls under the category of natural skin care tips. Apart from that, you should do regular exercise and yoga that has been the best health care tips of the era provided by every health experts. The physical activity should be keep going in any condition, or else you might have to borrow cold and cough for free. (Read: 6 Great Tips to get instant Glowing Skin Naturally…)

health care tips for winter

Why we quickly get ill during Winters– Know the Basic

While searching through various nutrition articles in the past month, we came across an oversize cluster of health care tips about how to stay healthy in this winter. Many of us happily welcome the breezing weather but at the same time, we have a frightening feeling along-with the major concern about the health of our old age family members and the kids especially. We tend to have a mindset that this freezing winter atmosphere has arrived to increase the medical bills of our family as a whole. (Read: 7 Secret Tips to Stay Young and Beautiful Forever – Ezyshine)

But somewhere deep in the mid, we have to logically think that if this cold weather was the main culprit behind the common illness, then the people lodging in much colder places (where the temperature is in Minus degree Celsius) must be sneezing & shivering all the time!

cold & cough - natural treatment

Actually we need to focus and work on improving our immunity as winter comes (by default) with cold & cough related issues. With the change in atmosphere, we need to change our lifestyle & eating habits just as we change our dressing style when the fashion changes! (Read: 5 Healthy Vegetarian Soup Recipes for Fall – Ezyshine)

So, My Dear Friends!!!

The best health tip of the day would be to keep yourself educated and updated with Ezyshine to enjoy the cool weather around you. This way, you will be able to evaluate & figure out your actual health condition & other healthy eating habits that need a modulation.

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1. Must Take Vitamin B Complex & Important Nutrients

Everyone is busy in their lifestyle. We are earning, hanging out with loved ones, but did u ever put a question to yourself that are you living a healthy life or just passing the time that is making you unhealthy day by day.

Our busy lifestyle doesn’t offer us a healthy routine or a healthy treatment to the body. There may be the lack of important nutrients & vitamins that your body needs. Vitamin B complex is one of the main vitamin that consists of all the eight vitamin B (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12) which can make your body run like a greased engine. It nourishes the skin, hairs and act as the fuel for the body. For pregnant ladies, it works amazingly in the growth of the baby. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Sources & Health Benefits of Vitamin D)

Intake of almonds, whole grains, peanuts, beans, spinach, kale, black-strap molasses, yeast, red meat, milk,& other whole unprocessed foods can fulfil the deficiency of Vitamin B complex in your body.

Don’t forget to give the break to the oily fried food as it doesn’t allow to get the benefits of Vitamin B complex. Try to feed yourself with home-made food apart from hanging out on street foods.

vitamin b complex - sources of vitamin b - health care tips

2. Drink Plenty of Water

The best health care tips to stay healthy in this winter is to keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water even if you don’t feel thirsty. It flushes away the toxins from your body. We know that winters don’t demand much water, but your body really need that. If you can’t have plain water, try some healthy tea like green tea, herbal tea, lemon tea or fresh juices that will not only make you feel energetic but will also keep your body hydrated. (Read: 6 Different Types of Tea Recipes – Health Benefits of Tea)

stay hydrated - health care tips for healthy lifestyle

3. Health Care Tips to deal with winter Sickness

Its winters & catching a cold & cough is common these days, especially in changing weather. You can avoid it by just taking some precautions.

  • Wash your hands regularly & try to use Dettol or lifebuoy.
  • Avoid close contact with the one who is suffering from the cold.
  • Discard sharing the drink container or food plate.
  • Try to drink boiled water. (Read: Factual Brief about Need & Importance of WATER in our Body)
  • Maintain a healthy diet.
  • Keep your household clean as the whole day you are in contact with it.

balanced diet - healthy care tips

4. Do Exercise to keep yourself healthy & fit

I know it’s tough to go outside when the weather is chilled. But to warm up your body & keep yourself in shape, you have to make little efforts. Regular exercise will keep you active & boost your immune system. Give your body a daily dose of exercise & yoga & you’ll always find yourself healthy & charming. Don’t forget to start with warm up before the exercise to prevent injuries, build more strength & prepare yourself for workouts. (Read: The Best Diet and exercise Plan to Keep You Fit & Healthy)

During winters, these health care tips will not allow the fat to form tyres around your waist & other body parts.

exercise tips - health care

5. Intake of Vitamin A & Vitamin C

Filling your body with the vitamin A & C can complete your half journey of making winters. In winters, our skin gets dry & rough & we generally face the problem of dandruff & dry hairs. All these problems can be recovered by adding vitamin A in your diet. Dried Apricots, dark leafy greens, sweet potato, carrot, cod liver oil are the great sources of vitamin A. (Read: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Remedies for Joint Pain)

vitamin A food soyrces - health care

As we all know that vitamin C helps to fight against bacteria & germs. It is the best weapon to beat the cold & cough. Not only this, it controls the physical and mental stress, blood pressure and heart diseases. It also helps in the absorption of iron from foods and correcting a protein imbalance in certain newborns. Eat fresh fruits & veggies especially citrus fruits like orange, lemon & keep yourself healthy & strong.

vitamin c food sources

All of such basic needs and do-able have been added in this informative article in an understandable manner. Stopover at these amazing health care tips to stay healthy this winter & greet yourself with the breeze of the sexy weather!

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