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5 Latest Indian Wedding Jewelry Trends for Indian Brides

May 2, 2018 1:17 pm Published by 1 Comment
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What are your first thoughts whenever someone talks about an Indian bride!? A traditional silhouette along with royal designer necklace set and flawless makeup, right ladies! Jewelry is the first thing that comes to mind while thinking about a bride. Well, all things considered, jewelry and women share an undying relationship which is not possible to describe in words. Especially speaking of jewelry, nobody even imagines an Indian bride’s trousseau without Indian wedding jewelry.

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Wedding jewelry is that segment of a lady of the hour’s look that improves her clothing as well as her excellence and takes it to another level. Wedding jewelry can be made out of different metals or stones, for example, gold, silver, jewels, Kundan, ruby/emerald studded pieces, and so on.

In any case, the conventional Indian wedding gems are for the most part made out of gold. Nonetheless, in light of the distinction in tastes and decisions, individuals these days make a wide range of changes while picking the metal as well as style.

indian wedding jewelry for brides - ezyshine

Talking about the jewelry get changed every year, each year comes with the bridal jewelry styles as per the brides’ taste, preferences, and latest trends. This year too certain with the latest Indian wedding jewelry which is in vogue and transforming bridal looks to the star looks.

Here are some Indian wedding jewelry trends for Indian brides that you would witness in this year.

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1. Traditional Wedding Jewelry: Polki and Kundan

Brides who believe in Old is Gold, Polki, Kundan and Jadau are clearly your things! Polki and Kundan have always been in fashion for ages. Known for their royal look and brief detailing, no wedding look ever went wrong with these pieces of Indian art.

While they both are enough to pull off the bridal look, the process of making them is called Jadau, which has its own charm and craze over Indian women.

jewelry kundan and polki - ezyshine

To make Kundan, gold is beaten into strips and after that into a coveted frame and glass stones like sapphires, rubies and emeralds are set into this structure. Though Polki is made up of precious diamonds in their crude uncut frame.

Polki was presented in India by the Mughals while Kundan is a piece of the Rajasthani custom. Both encompassed by an atmosphere of a magnificent glory, fashion patterns and designs which have been endeavoring to revamp the conventional Indian bridal jewelry.

indian bridal jewelry - kundan polki

2. Maharani Style: Multi-Layered Necklace

Whenever a woman envisions herself as a bride, she imagines herself in numerous necklaces. The trend of multi-layering bridal necklaces almost vanished, however this year it will be another significant pattern for the bridal fashion world. (Read:  10 Refreshing Fashion Jewelry For Women You Need In 2018)

Multi-layered neckpieces that have four to five layers which adds a regal air to your wedding clothing. Kundan, mirror work, valuable stone, pearl, and pacchi are a portion of the styles that would be enormous for multi-layered pieces of jewelry for brides this year.

layered necklace - indian wedding jewelry

Motivated by the antiquated necklaces is also known as multi-layered Maharani Jewellery. One can easily get the imperial look on the big day with these multi-layered bridal necklaces. The style is clearly an ideal blend of fashion and convention. This beaded and antique set serves a designed style to each bride on her big day.

This Indian wedding jewelry trend is a fundamental piece of wedding wear and this would give you an enormous feeling of being extra special on your D-day! (Read:  5 Stunning Indian Wedding Fashion Trends for Bride)

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Immortal Handcrafted: Antique Temple Jewellery

Acknowledged to have started in Southern India amid the sovereignty of the Chola tradition in the ninth century, temple jewelry was conceived in the temples of India as this sort of gems was utilized to enrich the icons of divine beings and goddesses. The jewelry is mainly known for its great nakkashi that symbolizes Indian customs and culture in an exceptionally rich way.

beautiful bridal temple jewellery - ezyshine

If you have ever been in a South Indian wedding, you must have witnessed the most blazing temple jewelry incline in India. While it’s dependably been enormous in South India, temple jewelry is extremely turning into a hot most loved for all brides everywhere throughout India. (Read:  Wedding Outfit Combos | Designer Indian Wedding Dresses)

The designer necklace along with a pair of heavy Jhumkas are basically made of gold, with valuable stones in red and green. They look exceptionally imperial when matched with a Kanjeevaram saree and include a glorious air in the lady of the hour’s look.

The temple wedding jewelry is known for being a classic pick with the fine craftsmanship and exceptional skills that go into making these unique and highly expensive!

temple jewelry - ezyshine bridal trends

4. Modern Style Combination: Choker + Matha Patti

The trend of wearing heavy bridal ornaments is back in fashion. The excellence of the lady of the hour is finished with this new scope of matha Patti.

Embellished in the shining stones and enlivened from Mughal way, gives a very extraordinary and royal look to the bride. Combining a choker style necklace with a heavy matha Patti is a classic style which is in vogue currently.

choker necklace for brides - indian wedding jewelry

Chokers are slanting in a big way and as a piece of a bride’s wedding troupe, Sabyasachi roused chokers are the most sultry pattern. The ultimate combination of a superb choker and heavy matha Patti has taken this blend back to life and clearly the most royal style for Indian brides.

Painstakingly coupling dazzling conventional choker and matha Patti with wedding attires is a bridal jewelry trend that has really carried back custom with a twist!

mathapatti bridal jewelry - ezyshine

5. Royally Overloaded: Big Nose Rings

For past few years the trend of wearing nose rings gradually reduced among the modern brides; however a little spell by the Bollywood Fashionista Sonam Kapoor at one of her red carpet appearances at the Cannes Festival, the pattern of larger than average nose ring has found its way back in fashion.

indian bridal jewellery - ezyshine nose rings

Especially for Indian brides, the trend is digging in for the long haul for the wedding season. Larger than usual nose rings made of Kundan and gold is making its way back among the entire most loved wedding jewelry trend this year. They don’t only tend to upgrade the bridal looks but also add a royal glow to their faces.

bridal nose rings 2018 - indian wedding

P.S: Be careful of your face shape while choosing the big nose ring for your wedding look as a wrong decision can break your wedding look in pieces.

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