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5 Refreshing Monsoon Fashion Trends for Women – Ezyshine

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Hey lovely peeps..!!

Monsoon season is hammering the door with the handful of glamorous, chic and pretty fashion wear and accessories. Just glam up yourself with the dainty collection and ready to get drenched in rain.

rainy season fashion trends

I know being fashionable is tricky in this rainy season as we are always petrified, that how rain is going to bedew our style. But no need to worry ladies, Ezyshine is here to vanish your concern, helping you in choosing your style with the refreshing monsoon fashion trends.
backless fashion trends - womenswear

Fashion varies with the change in the season. This is the season to fold your pants, open your hairs and feel the cool and reviving raindrops. Say goodbye to all your full pants, tight fitting clothes, and dull colors. Pack them in your wardrobe and give a welcome high five to the colorful and light fabric clothes. (Read: 5 Secret Fashion Tips for Women to Look More Fashionable)

Monsoon fashion trends are full with the classy tropical and beach prints. Long rainboots, funky accessories, classy designer umbrellas and fashionable shorts make this monsoon season more friendly.

monsoon fashion - latest fashion trends

If you are concerned about your skin and hair in this drenched weather, then dump your worries and scroll through the best natural hair & skin care tips for monsoon. Monsoon season not only affects the skin and hairs but also shake your health. Just mouse over the monsoon health guide & enjoy to the fullest.

fashion trends - classy outfits

Coming back to monsoon fashion trends for women, rush through these fashion tips and stand out of the crowd in this shower.

1. Fashionable outfits

Carrying long pants in this season is not a good decision. You can replace your jeans and pants with the capris or shorts. These short clothes won’t make you feel sticky and uneasy. Short clothes go perfectly with this season & amplify your style.

fashion trends - monsoon fashion

You can commute jumpsuits and rompers to give a crazy feel to your look. As bold colors are the king of the rainy season, but pastel color shirts compete equally. Cropped pants, knee-length pencil skirts, and one-piece dresses are the latest monsoon fashion trends for women to burn this drizzling weather. (Read: Fashionable Rompers & Jumpsuits for Women | Sexy Outfits)

If you want to carry traditional outfits, then opt for colorful kurtas with loose salwar. Pack your embroidery or hustle clothes & go for cotton or chiffon salwar kurta.

monsoon fashion - fashion trends

2. Monsoon Fabrics

Heavy fabrics can put you in trouble in this rainy season, so just avoid it. Wear cotton and linen clothes, as this season has high humidity, which make us uncomfortable. You can even go for chiffon and georgette as they soak the sweat and are very light to carry. (Read: Lahariya with fusion- Latest fashion trend for women)

rainy season fashion - latest fashion trends

Choosing fabrics in this season needs high attention. Talking about fabric, then cotton and chiffon are at the top in the monsoon fashion trends list. Avoid tight-fitting clothes and go for anti fit style and flowy fashion. You can create your own fashion statement by carrying sexy one piece. (Read: Rajasthani Lahariya | Monsoon Fashion Trend for Women)

monsoon fashion trends

3. Flip flops and Rainboots

Rainboot is the lucky go in this muddy and wet weather. Monsoon fashion trends weave a high range of classy and funky rain boots which not only protect your feet from the muddy water but also make you stand out of the crowd. I’m fond of boots but can’t carry my leather boots in this wet damp weather. But these trendy and stylish rainboots helps me to look stylish and fashion freak. (Read: What your shoes say about you…??)

rainboots monsoon fashion

The market is even full of flip flops that are rain resistant. Colorful and chic floaters itself sets the style statement when carried with hot pants and loose shirts.  They go perfectly with any outfit and make you relax because rain can’t impair these flip flops.

rainy beach slippers

4. Colourful & Swanky Umbrellas

Monsoon fashion trends are incomplete without vibrant & groovy umbrellas. An umbrella is considered as the most important accessory in this drenched weather. It acts as a guard for our style so that it can’t get washed away in the rain. (Read: 5 Amazing Summer Fashion Trends 2015 – Geometric Prints)

umbrellas - monsoon accessories

Lace & sheer pattern umbrellas are taking the top position in this season. They not only look different but also attracts the crowd. As white is the emperor of the colors in this season, but you can try neon colors too. Floral, geometric pattern and transparent umbrellas are in high demand. For kids, you can buy different cartoon shape umbrellas. (Read: Cool Tropical & Palm Prints | Monsoon fashion trends)

monsoon fashion - lovely trends

5. Funky accessories

It is said that outfits look incomplete without accessories. So, Wake up the kid in you and go funky with the cute accessories. Bunch your hairs and adorn them with the funky kiddish clips and accessories. (Read: 5 Best Fruity Colors for Summer – Summer Fashion Trend)

Dive in the accessories market and get some monsoon style accessories like umbrella earrings, flip flops earrings, rubber or plastic wrist watches, neon bracelets, beaded necklace etc to spruce up your style.

umbrella rainy day necklace

Floral appliqué bag, basket bags looks trendy when carried with classy outfits. Avoid to go with gold or silver watches or branded watches. Monotone waterproof watches in different colors and designs will meet your choice and won’t pinch your pockets too.

Carry printed scarf for an elegant and trendy look. Sunglasses will work like a cherry on top of a cake.

beach bracelet - monsoon fashion

Beside all these monsoon fashion trends for women, there are some major things that every woman should focus on in this wet weather before hanging out. (Read: Essential things in handbag during monsoon…)

  • Don’t forget to put face wash in your handbag to get rid of extra moisture, sweat, and bacterias.
  • Go for anti-bacterial wet wipes. You can find them in many flavors like aloe vera, Gulab Jal, vitamin c etc.
  • Always keep waterproof eyeliner and mascara to get back your pretty & killing look.
  • An umbrella is a very important thing that you must not forget at any cost.
  • Avoid using foundation  in this showery weather as it can wash away all your look and can leave patches on your skin.
  • Use simple face powder as it will give you shiny and fresh look.

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