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5 Romantic Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her – Ezyshine

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Count your heartbeats love birds as Valentines Day (14th February) is slowly approaching the doorsteps of your heart. It’s obvious that you must be planning to give your girl the sweet token of love. So, here we present you the perfect Valentines day gift ideas for her.

Check out the fabulous Valentines day gift ideas for her along with multiple thoughts and quotes, that will strengthen your love relationships & boost them up to a higher level. These love quotes, sayings and various romantic ideas are scattered all over Ezyshine. (Read: Valentine Day Quotes & wallpapers)

valentines day gift ideas - mugs

It’s time to move on to expert ideas when you wish to give your partner Valentines day special gift. Although we have some evergreen gifts and suggestions too that most of you are completely aware of. For example – bunch of red roses or simply a long stem flower, sweet chocolates filled with love in taste buds, or a thoughtful Valentines day cards and greetings to your partner. It could also be a romantic holiday planning within the festive week of Valentine.

valentines day gift ideas - valentine heart jewellery

Although it’s true that everyone has something quite romantic ideas in their mind but what if we add a bit spice to your thought? The reason being that every now and then, it’s suggestible to consultant your friends & loved ones about what to present on such occasions. They might have some cool gift ideas that you may find more romantic one..!!

Considering us as your friend, we are here to drive you in the world of Valentines day gift ideas for her & just wish to get ‘Thank You’ message from your end if your princess declares it to be the best Valentine present ever.

valentine day unique gift ideas

Gift Ideas for her on this Valentine Week

Rose Day (7th Feb)

It signifies love along with beauty. So, your soul mate deserves a beautiful bunch of colorful roses, where red, yellow or white color roses have their individual meaning & significance.

red roses bouquet - valentine day gifts for her

Propose Day (8th Feb)

Although, you can take her out and present her some expensive gift like jewelry or celebration cake. But at the end, the best would be that you get down on your knees and present her a marriage proposal with a flower in your hand. Oh my god! That would be great one!

marriage proposal - valentine day

Chocolate Day (9th Feb)

A bunch of chocolates or luscious sweets mashed up with chocolate flavor is the best way out to present her a chocolaty gift. You can also present her some chocolate made alphabetical arrangements showcasing the 3 magical words “I LOVE YOU”. Man, you are gonna win the battle.

chocolate cupcake - chocolate day gifts

Teddy Day (10th Feb)

We all know that women find teddy bears quite cuddling & they even prefer to keep them close on their bed too. With this, you could prefer to gift her some teddy shaped cushion or may be some cartoon character pillow like Noddy. (My girl love that.. :P)

cute teddy bear couple -  valentine day gift ideas for her

Promise Day (11th Feb)

On this day of Valentines week, promise her something that she wishes from your end always. I think this would be the best present you could give her on this day.

promise day - i love you forever

Hug Day (12th Feb)

I tell you my friends that everyone, especially girls finds nothing better than a hug. It makes them feel safer and protected in your arms. After all, Jaadu ki Jhaapi is the perfect  thing make your girl comfortable.!

couple hugging - hug day- valentine day ideas

Kiss Day (13th Feb)

Every kiss has its meaning my friends. A kiss on her hands, her forehead, her cheeks, her eyes, and lastly on her lips…All these places have their own significance resembling your love, care, determination, honesty and submission.

couple kissing - happy kiss day - valentine week

Last but not the least.. the most important day – VALENTINE DAY

1. Ring

If you want to make your darling feel out of the world, then nothing is best than this valentine gift. Weather it can be a diamond ring, gold ring, or simple fancy artificial ring, it is the token of the love. It shows how long you want to carry your relation. So its the peerless day to enchant your dear with some special ring. If your budget is low, then you can go for pixel heart ring, or personalized rings with her & your name engraved on the ring, or with your imprinted feelings.

If you can afford, then go with heart shape diamond or gold rings or together forever rings to show what how much they mean to you.

customized rings

love rings for couples

2. Pendents

Guys.. Not yet decided what to gift your sweetheart? Every girl loves to adore herself with beautiful, elegant & cute pendents. Then, why to delay? Gift your barbie, a cute pendant, wrapped in your feelings. She’ll definitely gonna love it dude. But make sure you don’t give it in her hands. Ask her to close her eyes, & then put on the pendent around her neck. This is the out of the world moment for every girl. Your act will make her understand your feelings & how lucky she is to have you.

valentine day pendants

valentine day pendants for women

3. Surprise Romantic Dinner

Make this valentines day special for your sweetheart. Go creative & romantic on this love day, & plan out for the awesome dinner which she’ll remember forever. If there is not enough space in your home, then you can plan it on your terrace. Decorate your rooftop, & if you know cooking, then cook for her or order her favorite dishes. Play some romantic songs & enjoy the evening with your beautiful darling. ( Read: Romantic ideas for her)

Couple having dinner in a restaurant

4. Personalized Photo Frames – Valentines Day Special

Want to scatter the fragrance of your love moments spent together, then nothing is better than this valentines day gift for her. Make a big collage of your best love memories & get it framed in a beautiful photo frame. You can ask the designer to carve your feelings on the frame or can get the personalized frame with you & your beloved name. If you don’t want to give a big photo frame, then you can go for a bunch of photo frames showing all the golden moments & tying them with one other so that it can be hang on the wall.

valentine day gift ideas - personalized photo frames

love you personalized photo frames

personalized photo frame- valentine day gift ideas

 5. Sexy Outfits

Immerse your honey in the warm embrace of your love. If your relation is warm enough, then gifting her a pair of sexy lingerie or some sexy dress will be the good choice. Flare of romance will give a spark to your relation. Be naughty, spruce up the environment of the room & flow in the wave of love on this romantic valentine day.

valentines day gifts

valentine day gifts for her- sexy outfits

Happy Love Week Friends.. !!

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