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5 Secrets you should Teach your Child to Clean Up

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“You can learn many things from children, how much patience you have, for instance,” – Franklin P. Jones

children watering plants - teach your child to clean up

Here’s a question for you Mamma! Do you teach your child to clean up the mess & surroundings at home?

In this growing world of digitalization and fast moving technology, lot many of activities have been easier than before. One of such activity is keeping your home neat and clean. Right from the vacuum cleaner to your washer, & till your microfiber..! Every single corner of your house is being covered with such products.

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But nevertheless, there are some great Daadi-Naani nuskhe (parental grandmother-maternal grandmother) that could never be replaced with the technological changes. In fact, you should convey or teach your child to know those golden rules and make them understand that these tips and leanings are going to be with them forever. You should teach your child the importance of keeping the room clean and tidy.

Mommies! Your child must be at the age to learn & to play. But sideways, if you teach them how to clean and why cleaning is important, then it would give them a sense of responsibility along with personality development. Trust me dear, it’s the good time to teach them as it would, later, be less stressful for you too. This is the need of our new generation to know these old tactics.

teac h your child to clean the room

The point is that let them make the mess, but then, teach your child to clean up their mess by themselves. You could place some storage boxes in your kid room that will make their easier. Make use of mesh bags for dividing the storage of clean and dirty clothes. Plus, you could make them clean their teeth and their bed before going to sleep. Additionally, train your child to know about the amazing uses of toothpaste.

You know some great people said that ‘Teaching your kids to count is good enough, teaching them what counts is the BEST.’

teach your child to clean up


Follow these mommy’s expert tips about how to teach your child to clean up their mess in the simplest way.

1. Always Iron your Clothes Timely & keep them Tidy

As your child grew up, you must teach your child to Iron their clothes by themselves. Or just imagine if your child somehow didn’t have an ironed dress? I know that you are there to keep it ready on time, but how will your child learn to do their work by themselves? (Read: 5 Easy Cleaning Tips for Your Home )

You have to teach your child to clean up your clothes along with the importance of ironing their clothes to look smart & updated. Tell them that ironed clothes symbolize your characteristics and manners you have learned from your parents. Make them choose their clothes according to their fit and label. Teach them to dress themselves and clean up. Try your best in their childhood that they learn to deal with their clothes easily until the time they enter their college life.


2. Light bulbs should be kept Clean

Moving on to another step of improvising your child’s future, they must be aware of keeping the other household things cleaned up such as bulb or tube light. As you know that bulbs and tube lights are those essential materials of our house that usually remains unattended. In fact, these bulbs are very quick to attract dust towards them. Slowly and gradually you notice that the light coming from the bulb starts decreasing due to the dust particle getting deposited on the surface o the tube. So you must

Slowly and gradually you notice that the light coming from the bulb starts decreasing due to the dust particle getting deposited on the surface o the tube. So you must teach your child to clean up the bulb with a soft wet piece of cloth but make sure that the tube is cool and even the connection switch is OFF.

help your child to learn cleaning

3. Things & clothes should remain full of Fragrance

I recently heard about a nuclear family that has some amazing clean up magic in their house. Irrespective of whatever the scenario at their home, I always found a sweet odor or fragrance coming from their rooms. Finally, I conclude that this fragrance is one of the reason keeps them busy and dedicated towards their work.

Yes, friends! Believe it or not! A good fragrance always keeps you charged towards your work. This way, you can teach your child to clean up their clothes, towel & other belongings and even keep them fragmented all the day. (Read: 5 Smart ways to Redesign your Wardrobe in creative style)

For keeping them full of fragrance, put some dry flowers of lavender in an empty paper tea bag. Later, seal the packet and then iron the tea bag. Now, put this tea bag in a small cotton bag and finally, drop this bag in the dryer along with the bunch of other clothes. I bet you will love your outfits more than ever. This is going to give a positive energy and positive attitude towards life.

washing utensils - teach your child to cleanup

4. Put your Clothes for Washing, But Carefully!

Teach your child to check their clothes thoroughly before putting them for washing or to clean up. Sit with them and make them check all the pockets of their shirts and pants so that any pen, paper, tissue, or any other important slip does not get washed.

In addition to this, you must teach your child that they should never squeeze the woolen clothes after being washed. And that’s for sure that kids find a lot of excuses and reasons for doing their things themselves. But you should keep yourself ready to eliminate such obstacles and teach your child to clean up the happenings.

These all small-small things & activities that you teach your child in the day to day life will make them learn the basics of survival.

kids washing clothes - teach your child to clean up

5. White Vinegar is a great Cleansing Friend

Vinegar, also known as acetic acid, is a natural cleansing solution which is capable of cleaning almost everything. When we mix it up with the fraction of baking soda, then it results in removing various harsh spots from multiple places and items.

It would be more surprising to know that the only vinegar itself is able to remove dark spots from materials like freeze. Even you could clean up the windows, doors, and other such wooden stuff by making use of white vinegar. Moreover, your kids might draw sketch marks from markers on their hands. So you can teach your child to clean up their hands with vinegar.

This will result in a better formation of your kid and build them for a better and independent future.

vinegar used for cleaning

Rather, I would like to ask you that how do you encourage or teach your child to clean up? Please share your tips within the comments below, or you can join the important conversation on Twitter or Facebook.!

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